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Blueprints for 
Fitness and 
Athletics Center 

CNot Pictured) 

. Spinning/aerobics/fencing 

(Not Picturedl 

New floor for volleyball 

;_ Wellness center 


Cardio and weight/fitness area 
J Locker rooms to include visitor/team meeting space 
Sports Medicine 


E' Physical Education department, coaches' and other administrative 

E Conference rooms 

C Snack bar with seating 

E Classroom 

K Computer/internet stations 

W: Athletics Hall of Fame 

K; Recreation area with big screen TV, pool table and ping pong table 

K Glass walls separating snack bar from suspended track 

E. Glass windows to view lower level racquetball courts 


E Three courts that can be used for tennis, volleyball or basketball 
(overhead view pictured) 

E Climbing wall 

B Racquetball courts 

W. Storage areas 

Blueprints will be posted for the Fitness and Athletics Center in their 
entirety at and 

One of Itle objectives of the magazine is to 
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Magazine reserves the tight to edit and. when 
necessary, revise oil material that it accepts for 
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2| (Magazine) 

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www.olumnae.sbc edu 

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Louise Swiecki Zingoro '80 

Director, Alumnae Association 

Managing Editor, Alumnae Magazine 
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Assistant Director, Tour Coordinator, 

Advisory Councils 
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Assistant Director. 

Homecoming Coordinator, Advisory 

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Reunion Program, AAR Program 
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Sweet Briar Alumnae Magazine Fall 2006 Vol. 77, No. 3 



INSIDE FRONT COVER: Blue Prints for Fitness and Athletics Center 




Playing it Forward 

Physical Fitness: A Sweet Briar Priority 

Recommendations of the Fitness and Athletics Committee 

Student Recruitment — The "Gym Effect" 

A Student's Perspective 

"Physical Education and the Thing..." 

McCrory "Steps up to the Plate" as Vice President for Development 

The Community Aspect of a New Facility: A Faculty Perspective 

Fitness Bug "Attacks" 

Wellness STEPS Forward 

Daisy Williams Gymnasium: A Source Of Pride At Sweet Briar College — In 

Sports Today 

Spotlight on SBC F^ead Coaches 

Riding at Sweet 



20 Spotlight 

23 Commencement 

28 2006 Outstanding Alumna Award: Martha Mansfield Clement '48 

3 1 Reunion Scropbook 

35 Lifetime Of Learning Alumnae Club Award 

37 Transitions 

39 Myth vs Reality 

40 Bulletin Board 

42 Recent Deaths 

43 Class Notes 

64 Calendar of Events; Letters 

INSIDE BACK COVER: "In the Sweet Briar Tradition" 

WRAPAROUND COVER: Rendering of New Fitness and Athletics Center 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine • www.alumnae.sbcedu 

Foil 2006 • 1 

pia^m^ it 


BEEN — and what a year we are 
looking forward to! As I write 
this, student-athletes are returning 
for serious practice before classes 
begin. We are ready to welcome 
the strongest first-year class in 
two decades. We're planning a 
terrific Homecoming Weekend to 
honor our Founders, to introduce 
alumnae to today's students and faculty, and to 
celebrate the successful conclusion of Our Campaign 
For Her World, the largest fund-raising campaign in 
Sweet Briar's history (and to date, the largest completed 
campaign of any undergraduate institution in Virginia 
or of any women's college outside the New England 
area). This fall we also commemorate the centennial of 
the opening of Sweet Briar College in September 1906. 

One other thing I'm personally excited about 
is this Alumnae Magazine's focus on wellness and 
physical fitness. From the very first. Sweet Briar 
women have deeply valued athletics. Physical well- 
being through sport and healthy competition was a 
key element in the brand-new college's commitment 
to the education of women. It remains so today. Sweet 
Briar students played the first women's intercollegiate 
competition in Virginia in 1919, and now look back on 
a full century of athletic tradition. Just this year, our 

2 • Fall 2006 

Riding Team went to IHSA Nationals in Harrisburg, 
PA, taking third place overall, and our Swim Team 
posted the highest team GPA in the nation for all teams, 
women and men, in all three NCAA divisions! 

Athletics were so important to our earliest 
students that they inaugurated our first fund- 
raising project themselves, to raise money for an 
athletics facility, opened in 1931 as Daisy Williams 
Gymnasium. As our Chairman of the Board notes, 
the gym was state-of-the-art when it was built, but is 
now embarrassingly inadequate. No wonder that our 
next major project on campus will be to update and 
expand our fitness and athletics facilities. As all of you 
know, physical fitness has become far more important 
to women than it was 100 years ago. Today's young 
woman knows that the care she takes of her body will 
pay dividends throughout her life, and will strengthen 
her ability to make a difference within her profession 
and her community. 

Happily, Our Campaign raised seed money to 
add a major new fitness and athletics center to Daisy 
Williams Gymnasium, and we will focus this year on 
completing funds for this project. We'd love to be able 
to break ground before another Homecoming rolls 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine • 


Physical Fitness: 

A Sweet Briar Priority 


Tlie Sweet Briar Promise to our students 

includes 1 ) global discovery through 

international study; 2) resume building 

internships; 3) research opportunities; 

4) customizable majors; 5) multidisciplinary 

advising teams; and 6) opportunities for student 


As a physician and athlete. 1 believe we 
owe it to the entire Sweet Briar community — 
students, faculty, administration and staff — to 
add a seventh Promise: 7) the ability to develop 
lifetime fitness habits and to pursue athletics in an up-to-date facility. 
With this seventh Promise comes a new opportunity for Sweet 
Briar: to design and construct a fitness and athletics center that 
will serve generations of students to come. With 24, 600 square 
feet of space. Sweet Briar's Daisy Williams Gymnasium was 
one of the best in the country... in 1931. Yet, except for the 
1977 addition of the Prothro Natatorium (13, 200 sq. ft) and an 
additional cardiovascular and strength training area (2,000 sq. ft), 
it remains in its original form. The average competitor facility 
is 1 5 years old, and, with almost 60,000 square feet, is twice the 
size of the Daisy Williams gym. Indeed, an informal survey 
of college sports information directors found Sweet Briar 
to have the smallest NCAA facility in the country and the 
oldest non-renovated building in the Old Dominion Athletic 
Conference (ODAC)! 

Our outdoor fields and riding facilities and of course our 3,200- 
acre campus set the stage for students to develop fitness habits which 
will last a lifetime. But, we simply must have an equivalent indoor 
facility in order to be able to attract scholar-athletes, most of whom 
have had better facilities in high school. And we must be able to send 
the message that physical fitness is a Sweet Briar priority. We cannot 
do this without a new fitness and athletics center. 

These are exciting times at Sweet Briar. Our successful capital 
campaign has allowed us to support scholarships, new programs and 
faculty, and to build Prothro Commons and renovate many campus 
buildings. Because of the campaign, we have raised 40% of the funds 
needed to construct and maintain the new facility. 

Please consider "stepping up to the plate" and contributing toward 
the needed additional funds. Do it for the future of the College and 
llie health of the Sweet Briar community. 

With 24, 60V acjfuwte feet o/ Apace, Sweet Siiiwt'i 
3)ai3ij. WMianw QifttutadUun utas ante of, the Beit iii the 
c&wUxi/..Mi 1931. y£t, eaxept /W the 1977 additiiui 
<4 the S'tathw. JVatatmUwi (13, 2CC iq. ft) aitd ait 
additiiuicd coHdiavaAcidwi and iVietigth ttaittiiig aiea 
(2,V0C iq,. ft), it 'iattaitii in iti atigutal fe>un. 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine • 

Of The Fitness And 
Athletics Committee 



The formal charge to the Fitness 
and Athletics Committee was 
to recommend the design of the 
interior space of the new field 
house, the transition building 
connecting the new field house 
to the gymnasium, and the 
renoNation of ihe Dais\ Williams 
Gymnasium. The new facilit) 
and renovated gymnasium 
will be a wellness center that 
encompasses the needs of our 
student body. Iacull\. stall', and 

Based on input received b\ 
the committee, plans I'oi- the new 
state-of-the-art faciliiv include 
two racquetball courts, an 
elevated running track, climbing 
wall, and multipurpose surface 
that can be used for either three 
basketball, volleyball or tennis 

courts or some combination 
of the three. The multipurpose 
surface is soft enough for 
sports, yet resilient enough to 
accommodate tables and chairs. 
The new facilit\ will provide 
"hang out" space, including a 
snack bar. sitting area, big screen 
TV. pool and ping pong tables, as 
well as computers to check 
e-mail. Office and classroom 
space will be added to support 
our wellness and athletic 
programs. .A dedicated hall 
o\' fame will be set aside 
to recognize the College's 
excellence in athletics. 

The old gymnasium will be 
leiunated to expand the cunent 
cardiovascular and w eight 
area. The training room will be 
expanded and the upper dance 
studio w ill become a dedicated 

Fall 2006 • 3 


Paul Davies, Vice President for 
Finance & Administration; Chair 
of the Committee 

Steve Bailey, Director of Physical 

Pom DeWeese, Professor, 
Modern Language & Literatures 

Jonathan Green, Dean of the 

Jessica Hopson '07 

Sally Old Kitchen 76, Member, 
SBC Board of Directors 

Kelly Kraft-Meyer, Assistant Dean 
of Co-Curricular Life 

Kelly Morrison, Athletic Director; 
Assistant Professor, Physical 

Paul Show, Chair, Physical 
Education & Athletics 

Laura Staman, Director, Outdoor 

Renee Tanner '07 

Jenn Wiley '06 

Committee members were 
selected after consultation with 
the Board of Directors' Buildings 
and Grounds Committee; 
Senior Staff; Faculty Senate; 
Co-Curricular Life; and the 
Physical Education & Athletics 
Department. Co-Curricular Life 
and Athletics recommended 
the three students, who had 
been involved with Student 
Government, Co-Curricular 
Life, Athletics, and numerous 
other committees and activities 
on campus, and were willing 
to seek input from their fellow 
students and to commit their time 
to the committee. 


Paul Davies, Chair of the Fitness 
and Athletics Committee 

exercise room. The locker 
rooms will be remodeled and 
the pool updated. The surface 
on the basketball court will be 
refurbished with a new surface 
for volleyball. The entire facility 
will be air-conditioned. 


During the February 2006 
Board of Directors meetings, 
the Building and Grounds 
Committee authorized the 
College to hire an architect 
and work with the Fitness and 
Athletics Committee to develop 
the basic needs and layout of the 
new facility and renovations of 
the current facility. The Buildings 
and Grounds Committee also 
authorized the College to make 
minimal improvements to the old 
gymnasium over the summer. 
These primarily included 
purchasing new cardiovascular 
and weight equipment and 
expanding into the space 
formerly occupied by Dance 
on the lower level. The Dance 
Department now occupies newly- 
renovated space in Babcock. 
By June 30 the committee 
had held two meetings to 
establish the basic needs. Several 
committee members visited 
other institutions, seeking ideas 
for our new facility. An RFP 
(request for proposal) was 
prepared to select the architect. 

Five firms submitted bids; 
after consultation with the 
Chairman of the Buildings and 
Grounds Committee, Craddock- 
Cunningham in Lynchburg was 
selected to work with the College 
and to prepare conceptional 
drawings to be finalized, 
reviewed, and approved by the 
Fitness and Athletics Committee, 
Senior Stafi^ and members 
of the Building and Grounds 
Committee. The final plans, cost 
and funding will be presented 
at the November 2006 meetings 
of the Board of Directors. Once 
Board approval is granted and 
the funding has been secured, 
the new facility and renovations 
of the gymnasium will be 
completed within 1 2 to 18 


The College currently is seeking 
funding for the new facility, 
which will include a SI million 
endowment to support the 
annual operations. Estimated 
construction and renovation cost 
is $9 million, for a total 
SIO million. 

As of June 30, 40% 
of the total cost hod 
been given or pledged 
for construction and 


First-Year Students (Class Of 


Average GPA (Grade Point 
Average): 3.4 

Median SAT 


States Represented: 

34, -I- US Virgin Islands, United 
Kingdom, Belgium, Sweden 

Virginia: 43% (82 Students) 

Other Top States: 
Texas ( 1 6) 
Maryland (9) 
Pennsylvania (8) 
South Carolina (8) 
Florida (6) 
North Carolina (6) 
Ohio (6) 
New Jersey (5) 
New York (5) 

11% (21 Students) 
Have SBC Family Connections 

37% Involved 
In Competitive Riding 

48% Played High School 
Varsity Sports 

Ken Huus 

Photo: Gretchen 
Tucker, Director 
of Admissions 

4 • Fall 2006 

student Recruitment — 
The "Gym Effect" 


As we come closer to the point of actually being able to break ground 
on an addition to the Daisy Williams Gymnasium, the excitement 
around campus is electric. While I haven't been here very long, I 
can't imagine any project that has been more anticipated or garnered 
greater interest from every constituency of our community (students, 
parents, alumnae, faculty, staff, and friends of the College) than this 
building project. And certainly those of us who talk with prospective 
students and their parents every day, and constantly hear about how- 
Sweet Briar's academic programs and facilities compare with those of 
other colleges around the country, are waiting with keen anticipation 
to see the plans for the physical structure of the building and how the 
internal space will be used to make a positive impact on the current 
student experience. 

There exists some strong statistical data from George Dehne (one 
of the leading gurus on trends in higher education and admissions, 
and the person who helped Sweet Briar during our Shape of the 
Future planning process), which suggests that prospective students 
use a different set of criteria to put colleges on their list ("investment 
benefits") than they use in making a decision on which college from 
that list to attend ("consumption benefits"). According to Mr. Dehne, 
"investment benefits" include things like the quality of the facilities, 
strong academic programs, and possibility of getting a good job after 
college. In recent years, the lack of an adequate gym most likely has 
prevented Sweet Briar from being on many students' lists. 

Simply constructing an addition to the gym will not 
double our applicant pool, but I do believe there are 
students out there who haven't considered Sweet Briar 
because we don't have a high-quality fitness and athletics 
center. Once the new building has been completed, and the 
existing gym renovated and updated, we are likely to see an 
increase in the number of inquirers and campus visitors, and 
those visitors will be particularly interested in learning how the 
new facility has improved the student experience and how they 
see themselves using the facility ("consumption benefits"). Just 
having the new building will not be enough; we also will need to 
provide the right kinds of student programming (social functions, 
"hang-ouf ' options, wellness activities) in that space, so students 
become excited about using it. 
^C As we move forward with construction and implementation, 
^^^ we will recognize the greatest impact on recruiting as we 
^^^^ stay cognizant of how current students use both the physical 
I^^H space and the options included to use that space. 1 belie\e the 
l^^r planning committee has been very thoughtful in its discussions 
f^ to this point, and 1 have every confidence that we are going to 
hit a "home run" with the enhanced facility. I'm excited to see this 
long-talked-about fitness and athletics center become a reality, and 
I'm especially thankful that we have an alumnae body committed 
to the College and willing to support our students and the future of 
Sweet Briar in this endeavor. 

A Student's Perspective 


My experience as a student-athlete at Sweet Briar was irreplaceable. 
I played both field hockey and lacrosse all four years, and I ne\ er 
missed a game. My coaches were amazing and 1 loved my teammates. 
Overall, being a Sweet Briar athlete w as a positix e experience with 
many wonderful memories, but it was far from perfect. 1 loved to 
play hard and 1 loved to w in. However, no matter hov\- hard 1 played 
it was often impossible to win. Our athletic programs are hurting. 
While many factors inlluence success, one crucial way to inipro\e the 
athletic programs and the experience of Sweet Briar student-athletes 
w ould be to renovate the existing athletic facility and build additional 
indoor tacilities. Better facilities would benefit all Sweet 
Briar athletes— not just varsity sports, but riders, dancers, 
and other workout buffs. 

The typical practice day during my athletic career began in 
the training room. Like most Sweet Briar athletes. 1 w as plagued 
w ith minor injuries; w ithout the training room I never would have 
been able to keep my body in working order. I had to get to the 
training room an hour before practice lo fight the pre-practice rush 
of student-athletes flooding the training room for rehab, tape, and 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine • 

Fall 2006 • 5 

heating pads. Because of the inadequate facilities, students had 
to swap heating pads, share tables, and take turns using the rehab 
equipment. The training room is too small, cramped, and time 
consuming. Increasing its size would save time for the already- 
stressed student-athletes and for the overworked athletic training 

Once practice time hits, student-athletes gradually make it 
down to the practice fields, often late from labs or from waiting 
in the training room. As the fall season grows close to the critical 
end, near tournament time, practices are gradually cut shorter due 
to diminishing light. Without lights on the field we lose valuable 
practice time that could propel our teams higher in the ODAC 
standings. Likewise, in the spring, the February practices can 
barely last more than an hour because we do not have lights on the 
field or an indoor facility to use. The limited practice time is not 
only challenging for the student-athletes, but also for the coaches 
who must do their best to cram as many skills and knowledge 
drills as possible into our heads. Coaches are fijrther challenged 
because all sports do not have assistant coaches; as a result, many 
student-athletes never reach their fiill potential because of the lack 
of individual attention. Sweet Briar rightfiilly prides itself on the 
low student-to-teacher ratio, which allows students to receive one- 
on-one attention, catalyzing academic growth at an accelerated 
rate; however, with a high athlete-to-coach ratio and limited 
practice time, athletes cannot fully grow and learn. 

Practice time is further compromised by the meager indoor 
facilities. I never played an indoor sport, but any time that it 
rained, depending on the season, each outdoor sport — field hockey, 
tennis, soccer, lacrosse, and Softball — had to fight over limited 
indoor facilities, which often were occupied already by volleyball 
and swimming. Without access to indoor facilities, valuable 
practices were constantly cancelled. It is impossible for an athletic 
program to compete with those of other schools if practice time 
continually is lost due to limited facilities. Furthermore, the 
indoor facilities are not air-conditioned so that athletes, especially 
volleyball players practicing during August, often suffer from heat 

While the athletic facilities were at one time impressive and 
state-of-the-art, they have become a mockery at other schools. 
Sweet Briar athletes are losing ground against the competition. 
The ability for Sweet Briar coaches to recruit and field teams is 
hindered because of the athletic facilities. Competitive student- 
athletes are deterred from Sweet Briar by our unappealing 
facilities, as our rival schools have impressive indoor/outdoor 
comple.xes that drive their successful athledc programs. As a 
passionate and extremely competitive former Sweet Briar student- 
athlete, I want to bring back the excellent athletic programs 
that once existed. I am positive that with new facilities. Sweet 
Briar sports will improve and once again rise to the top of our 
conference standings. New facilities and improved athletics 
will complement our impressive riding program and academic 
programs, finally making Sweet Briar College the well-rounded 
top-rated institution for HER world. 

Paul Shaw 


Physical Education 
and the Thing..." 


A new athletic/wellness facility 
would be of great benefit to the 
College, giving both Admissions 
and Athletics another tool 
to market our programs. On 
campus, o\ erall health of 
students and staff would be 
better ser\'ed. A quality wellness 
facility would provide additional 
space for social interaction. 
The facility would enable us 
to "house" bands, concerts, 
graduation and other College 
functions when needed; student 
retention would be enhanced. 

Less obvious is the aid 
it would provide to the 
instructional program in Physical 
Education. It is important that we 
have the ability and facilities to 
offer diverse quality programs. 
We are constantly reviewing our 
menu of course options. How do 
we evolve what we have to better 
ser\'e our community? What are 
the curtent trends in Physical 
Education and fitness? What do 
our constituents want and need? 

The new facility would 
give us more options: v/ith 
more options come better 

Strength training and other 

classes are filled to capacity; 
we would be able to address 
this with a larger workout area. 
Curtent resources don't allow us 
to deliver popular classes such as 
spinning, aerobics and racketball. 
This is all very important to both 
current and future students. As 
we grow our various programs, 
one could foresee the addition of 
a Physical Education certification 
component to complement our 
strong Education Department. 
The fijture is bright and we 
welcome the addition of this 
much-needed facility. 

6 • Fall 2006 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine • 

McCrory "Steps up to the Plate" as 
Vice President for Development 


On Jul\' 1 . 2006. Heidi Hansen McCron,' officially began her 
responsibilities as Vice President for Development replacing Ivana 
Pelnar-Zaiko, who retired from the position after successfijlly 
completing the largest capital campaign in Sweet Briar's history, 
raising over SI 10 million dollars. 

A cum laude graduate of Southern Methodist University. Heidi 
holds a Master of Arts in English from the Uni\ersity of North 
Carolina. Greensboro. Following graduation from college, she 
worked in public relations and marketing, then became Director of 
De\ eiopment at New England College. NH. She mo\ ed to UNC 
Greensboro as Director of De\'elopment for Academic Programs, 
1993-1997, and ser\ed as Director of De\ eiopment at Randolph- 
Macon Woman's College from 1997-2000, managing R-MWC"s 
de\ eiopment program and the early years of its S75 million campaign. 

Heidi joined the development staff at Sweet Briar in August 2000 
as Executive Director of Development. o\"erseeing the operations 
of annual giving, stewardship and research, and computer systems 
support, as \\ ell as assisting with major gifts in the campaign. In 2003 
she \\ as named Associate Vice President for Development. In addition 
to de\ eloping, recruiting and staffing the De\ eiopment Leadership 
Council, she has proxided support to the Friends of Art. and Friends 
of .Athletics. 

Heidi has enjoyed e\erv' minute of the last si.\ years that she has 
been at Sweet Briar and looks forward to continuing the momentum 
gained from the campaign as she takes on her new responsibilities 
as Vice President for Development. Heidi commends the College 
Board of Directors and the college administrators for supporting the 
Development Office as they "step up to the plate." She notes, "Often 
after a big campaign colleges cut back and slow down until the next 
campaign. Sweet Briar is doing the opposite and boldly moving 
forv\ ard in our philanthropy and fiand-raising." She believes the 
biggest priorities in the near future for the Development 
Office are to raise funds to renovate Williams Gymnasium 
and build a new fitness and athletics center; increase the 
endowment; and, grow the Annual Fund. 

Through Our Campaign For Her World about 40% of the total 
nccessan,' funding for the new faciiit},' was given or pledged. More 
support will be needed to co\er the costs of renovating the old gym. 
constructing the new fitness and athletics center, and developing an 
endowment for the operating expenses once the facility is completed. 

"JfU) pxaject uu££ leamaie with alumnae who. pttfiap» 
Aaven't fiecn cw inwxtved od Ceadexd in cdumnae givittg 
in tAe pait. Jt wi££ ^ appealing ta ^ungufi alunuiae, 
But alia ta cdi of. awe alutnnae, intetedted in iiviwdng. 
that owe fitne^ii and otMeticd p'iog'uinii utiil de an a pax 
ufHh the high quality of evefi^ othex aspect of. the 
Sweet Sitiwc eocp&aence." 

Having been a student-athlete herself Heidi clearly recognizes the 
need for this new facility and feels that alumnae also understand its 
importance: "This project will resonate whh alumnae who perhaps 
haven't been as involved as leaders in alumnae gi\ ing in the past. It 
will be appealing to younger alumnae, but also to all of our alumnae 
interested in insuring that our fitness and athletics programs will be 
on a par with the high quality of e\en,- other aspect of the Sweet Briar 
experience." In order to complete the fund-raising for the project the 
De\ eiopment Office will w ork w ith a steering committee comprised 
of alumnae, parents and friends, and with the Friends of ,\thletics. an 
invaluable resource. The volunteers will help raise fiinds by extending 
and strengthening the efforts of the De\ eiopment Office and making 
face-to-face contacts. "Our volunteers are passionate advocates and 
skilled solicitors for the College. They made the capital campaign an 
unprecedented success and they will be instrumental in the success of 
raising funds for the new facility." 

Heidi hopes all alumnae realize "e\ erj' gift makes a difference." 
Sweet Briar is certainly a special place, and has a uniqueness that 
Heidi can only define as "the Sweet Briar thing." She hopes that 
everv'One who \ alues and lox es the College will care enough to invest 
in it and help it grow stronger e\ en.' day. 

Heidi Hansen McCrory 

Sweet Brior College Alumnae Mogazine • 

Fall 2006 • 7 




of a New 



A Faculty 


Interviews with 

Dr. Pam DeWeese, 

Professor of Modern 

Language and 

Literatures and 

Dr. Jim Kirkwood, 

Professor of 






To examine the potential impact of the proposed 
new athletics complex on the Sweet Briar 
community, we posed questions to t\\o faculty 
members we thought were uniquely suited to 
talk on the subject. Professor of Spanish Pam 
DeWeese recently was named the faculty athletic 
representative and serves on the Fitness and 
Athletics Committee. She also uses the current gym 
regularly. Professor of Math Jim Kirkwood probably 
works out on the cardio and weight equipment at 
Williams Gym more than anyone else on campus. 
An avid proponent of fitness and athletics, he ser\'ed 
on a previous wellness committee and is a longtime 
supporter of SBC athletics. 

Q: What are your responsibilities as the 
College's faculty athletic representative? 
3'cun: I'm still learning because I just started, but 
I believe my role is to support student athletes in as 
many ways as possible. There is some sense among 
students that faculty are not always aware of their 
responsibilities when they're on varsity teams. 
They would like to have a faculty person who can 
be an advocate for them and advise them in certain 
situations about how to combine academics and 
athletics. So there'll be an advising component in 
that sense. 

Q: Describe the atmosphere in Williams 

^im: It's cramped and dark compared to other 
colleges. Several years ago, maybe eight now, 
Valdrie Walker, who was dean of co-curricular life, 
and I co-chaired a study on wellness and as part 
of that committee we toured several colleges. It 
was clear that most places had put a lot of effort 
into upgrading [their facilities] — not just for their 
varsity athletes but for the student body — and that 
they were using it as a recruiting tool. 

The facility at Hollins University would just 
knock your socks off. Randolph-Macon Woman's 
College was far superior to Sweet Briar's wellness 
and recreational facilities as well. 

Now I'm talking about the gym and not the 
athletic fields. [Sweet Briar's] athletic fields and 
tennis courts seem to be in good shape. 

Q: What does Williams Gym offer? 
^itn: I think the aerobic equipment and the weight 
equipment are good quality. You can dispute 
whether there's enough of it. From my experience 
the weights seem to be available immediately 
to almost anybody who wants to use them. The 
aerobic equipment is good but it's fairly heavily 

used and there are times of the day when you can 
e.xpect to wait to use it. 

Also, it would be really great if they could 
expand the hours the athletic facilities are open, 
especially on weekends. 

Q: What's the problem with the current 
gym and wellness facilities? 

3'cun: They're antiquated. They don't meet 
current standards for [NCAA] play in some sports. 
They're too small. The facility sends the message 
that we're not interested in student athletes and we 
definitely don't want to send that message. Our 
priority has been the academic program, as well it 
should be. But at the same time, now smdents see 
their participation in athletics as part of their total 
academic experience, as they should. This is 
a critical point for enrollment and retention issues. 
So we need to be moving quickly to do as much 
as we can within our budget to impro\e these 

Q: You are on the Fitness and Athletics 
Committee. What is its role? 

S'cun: Basically to figure out what uses we need 
for the new field house that we're hoping to build. 
To look at what other schools have done and see 
what fits for us and \\'hat doesn't. We're trying to 
be inclusive and see how much we can get for the 
money we have to spend that w ill speak to a lot 
of different constituencies and help bring people 
together on campus. 

We do need more informal spaces for everyone 
on campus to congregate and feel comfortable, 
and we have talked about that aspect particularly. 
It won't be exactly like a student union, but there 
should be flexibility of space, for example, to have 
a dance or concert there. There are flooring options 
a%ailable that would meet athletic needs as well as 
different types of events. 

Q: Besides attracting good students, are 
there other academic advantages? 
fPatn: If we do it thoughtftilly and creatively, 
we're going to provide a facility that will have 
many uses. We want to make it a welcoming 
space so that people are urged to think about how 
they might use it as an alternative to classroom or 
laboratory spaces, party spaces for co-curricular 
life, or events of different sorts. I see it as being a 
multifiinctional facility, and I think that this is the 
consensus of the gym committee as well. 

8 • Fall 2006 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine • 

Q: Who do you interoct with at the 
gym now? 

Jim: Students you see there; not so much staff and 
faculty. There's a few of the staff and faculty that use 
the gym. but if the new facility increases that group 
I think it would be good for health insurance. That 
sounds silly, but if you're in good health you spend 
less on health insurance than if you're not. 

Q: Why is it important for faculty, staff and 
students to have access to a gym? 

Jitn: Physical fitness and health. It's important to 
have these facilities available because people tend 
not to go off campus to try to have a physical fitness 
program. It's a tremendously important aspect of 
your life. I think physical fitness and mental wellness 
go hand in hand. 

It's also an opportunity to socialize. When you 
see students in the gym. it's different from when 
you see them in class and you get to know them in 
a different way. It's good academically. I think if a 
student knows a professor in that setting and if 
she has problems with her classes she's more 
likely to come by [the office] and get help. She 
gets to know you as a person. I think it promotes a 
relationship between the various groups on campus 
that's healthy. 

And 1 think that establishing a pattern of working 
out [in college] is important, because as you get 
older facilities tend lo be more remote. You are 
beginning something new in what might be a strange 
environment, workout partners are not as easy to 
tlnd, el cetera. These factors make it less likely that a 
person will begin a fitness program after leaving. 

Q: Plans call for a new field house, 
renovating Williams Gym and expanding 
the cordio and v/eight rooms. Hov/ will 
these improvements build community? 
S'cuti: Faculty, staff, their families, alumnae, 
students and prospective students become a part of 
our community whenever they are on campus. For 
students, the Sweet Briar campus becomes their 
home and provides them v/ith a sense of belonging, 
a sense of place. And the gym more and more, and 
athletic facilities in general, are the places where 
many constituencies come together. They are a part 
of our Homecoming events now as in the case of 
the games between current athletes and alumnae. 
Alumnae hold memories of participation in athletics 
very close to their hearts, and they're happy to 
see that it's important to current students as well. 
These sorts of activities build that holistic sense of 
community, where yes, everyone knows academics 

is Job No. 1 . but at the same time athletics helps feed 
and motivate spirit. 

Athletics, particularly if you aren't a great athlete, 
also has other benefits, for e.xample. reducing stress. 
You have to maintain your sense of humor in the 
gym. You're never looking your best. It's very 
humanizing. In the gym you're not representative of 
a role anymore. You're not just a student or just a 
faculty member. I think this is positixe for all of us 
because it makes us see and begin to understand the 
whole person. And that is what Sweet Briar is about 
— developing and \ aluing the whole person. 

Q: Upgrades may attract some new users, 
but will the investment benefit those who 
are not and likely never will be "gym rats"? 
Jiin: I think you can make the case that there are 
people who will use a nice facility who will not use 
an outdated one. [but] I don't think any facility will 
reach everyone. 

The other thing 1 would like to see happen is that 
this become kind of a hangout for the students. The 
juice bar is a great idea. I notice they ha\e proposed 
some computers (and a recreational area with TV 
and games lounge). If you're going over there just to 
hang out, that's good in itself: you've got a place to 
hang out besides just your dorm room where you're 
looking at television. It's just healthier to be out 
with other people, but it also might encourage you to 
exercise, which would be good for your health. 

Q: Will it really make a difference if the gym 
is old but has the basic stuff that you need 
versus being new and leading edge? 
'Jini: There's a difference between reality and 
perception. If you use good equipment you're 
probably going to get the same workout regardless, 
whether you're in a closet or you're in a bright place. 
I think a huge factor, though, in recruiting students 
is the appearance of the facility. It's also natural that 
more people would use a facility that has a pleasant 

Dr. Pam DeWeese 

"Gufi. ptitmit^ ha/5 (teen 
tike academic pto^Ham, 
as lueli it ihaidd 6te. 
Siut at the iome time, 
nmu itadettti iee thevc 
pofdicipatian in atfiietia 
at patt a/ theift total 
academic e^xpctience, 
Oi) tAe^ ifiauld. Jfu6 
ii a adticaC paint pi^ 
ewioMmeitt and tetentien 
biued. " 

Dr. Jim Kirkwood 

"When i/eu .iee stiidaity 
in the 9y«i, U'.i diffexctU 
ftctn uihcn yea .iee 
than itt c£aj.^ attd ymi 
get to hncmi than in a 
diffexait way^ Jt'.i gcLod 
acadanicaiCif. " 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine • w^wv.alumnae. 

Foil 2006 • 9 

Fitness Bug "Attacks" 

Sweet Briar College Faculty, Staff and 
Students Embark On Fitness Challenge 


It wasn't a nasty flu bug that made the winter of 2006 memorable at 
Sweet Briar College, but a fitness bug that swept through the 3,200- 
acre campus like a pandemic. Everywhere you looked during the 
month of February, people were walking, jogging, lifting weights, 
participating in all sorts of physical exercise — and enjoying it. 

It was all part of the Spring Break Challenge, a fitness competition 
organized by Sweet Briar's Physical Education Department. 
Originating with an idea from Lacrosse Coach/Physical Education 
Instmctor Missy Ackemian '87, the program ballooned into a campus- 
wide event attracting more than 120 faculty, staff and students. 

Missy's goal was to start a similar fitness program in the Amherst 
community but she needed a grant to make it happen. Thinking a 
pilot program might bolster her co-worker's grant proposal. Associate 
Professor of Physical Education Bonnie Kestner came up with the 
Spring Break Challenge. 

The idea was simple. After an initial fitness assessment and 
information session, participants would set goals, round up an 
accountability partner and embark on a five-week exercise program. 
Points would be awarded for exercise sessions completed — five 
points for each 30-minute session or intramural activity — with a 

program goal of ! 00 points. Those reaching the goal would receive a 
T-shirt and certificate. 

To help facilitate the program, Bonnie recruited Athletic 
Trainer Shelly Taylor and James McGhee from Co-Curricular 
Life. "Shelly was instrumental in all aspects of the planning, 
compiling educational materials, organizing and implementing the 
assessments and writing up and distributing assessment results," 
Bonnie said. "She was also an excellent resource person for 
questions about injuries and other exercise and health issues." 
James McGhee agreed to co-sponsor the event, helping with 
publicity and providing T-shirts and certificates. With plans in 
place, all they needed was a few willing souls. An invitation was 
sent out to the campus community via e-mail and the response 
was shocking — albeit pleasantly so. "We were thinking we 
might have approximately 30 participants, and we ended 
up v/ith 121 people registering," Bonnie said. 

For some, the Spring Break Challenge was just the catalyst needed 
to jump-start an exercise regimen. "This has been a gende kick in the 
gut," German Professor Ron Horwege said during week three of the 
program. "After getting lazy in the last several years, I am trying to 
get back into a more active lifestyle." To meet program requirements, 
Ron took up walking, weight lifting and riding a stationary bike that 
had been gathering dust in his basement. "I hope to increase my 

strength and stamina and get 
back to old habits of moving 
around, hiking, visiting the gym 
and swimming," he said. 
For others, the Spring 
Break Challenge made them 
accountable, rain or shine. "I did 
it to give myself an incentive 
to up my exercise regimen and 
make it consistent regardless of 
the weather or time constraints," 
Riding Program Director Shelby 
French said. "Just having to 
report in every week was the 
impetus that I needed." 

College Relations staffers. 
Media Assistant Jackie 
Dawson and Assistant Director, 
College Relations/Director of 
Publications Catherine Bost 
teamed up several times a week 
to walk a three-mile loop from 
their office. At times, when lunch 
seemed a more appealing option 
than trekking the dusty road to 
the stables and back, Jackie was 
glad to have her accountability 
buddy. "When I wanted to 
eat, Catherine reminded me that I needed to exercise and when she 
wanted to eat. I reminded her," she said. "Luckily we weren't usually 
hungry on the same day." 

Challenge organizers Shelly 
Taylor and Bonnie Kestner time 
participants in the 1 -mile >valk. 

Husband and wife, Jim and 
Catherine Bost, stretch out before 
a timed 1 -mile walk at the post- 
Challenge assessment. 

1 • Fall 2006 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine • 




Wellness STEPS Forward 


German professor Ron Horwege does the sil-ond-reoch test at the post- 
Challenge assessment. 

The Spring Break Challenge inadvertently benefited another 
event that took place this past spring in Amherst — the American 
Cancer Society Relay For Life. While walking one afternoon. Payroll 
Coordinator Cindy Sale and "Poweirs Posse" — named after posse 
member Registrar Debbie Powell — were inspired to do their part in 
the fight against cancer and signed up for the Relay. While walking 
together, the eight-woman Posse got some good-natured ribbing from 
co-workers. Some asked why they weren't running; others joked that 
they monopolized entire parking lots when they walked through en 
masse. "It's all worth it, though." Cindy said at the time. "We walk 
and talk at the same time and enjoy each other's company as we walk 
to make ourselves healthier." 

According to Bonnie Kestner. about half of the people who 
signed up for the Spring Break Challenge followed through with the 
program, a statistic she and Shelly Taylor found encouraging. They 
hope to make it an annual e\ ent, a sentiment echoed by Catherine 
Bost, Ron Honvege and other participants. 

"This has been one of the best programs offered at Sweet Briar," 
Catherine said. "There are a lot of people like myself that want to be 
healthier and in better physical shape, but they are not quite sure where 
to begin or how. The Challenge has pointed us in the right direction. 
Not only will we reap the benefits from being more physically fit, but 
the College will, too, through less downtime because of illness and 
injury. I hope this will become an annual e\ent." 

For Ron, the Illness wake-up call was a good thing, lie plans to 
keep exercising and to sign up for next year's Challenge. "I do feel 
better and that extra spring in the step is nice," he said. "I also hope 
llie gentle kick will take away some of the gut. 

Beginning with the class of 2010, 
First- Year students w ill have 
the opportunity to participate in 
a multi-faceted program called 
STEPS addressing wellness 
issues pertinent to college 
students. STEPS consists of 
five components which students 
will be encouraged to complete 
early in their first semester with 
the objective of improving their 
health status and preventing 
problems later in life. The 
components, which cortespond 
to the letters in the STEPS 
acronym, are: 

Sexual Assault/Sexual Health 

Time Management 

Eating and Exercise 

Psychological Health Issues 

Substance Abuse 

There will be a variety of options 
for completing the program, 
including speakers, discussion 
groups, an individual tutorial 
session on time management, 
online programs and independent 
study. Co-Curricular Life staff 
along with student leaders w ho 
are Sweet PEAS (peer health 
educators) and First- Year 
Assistants (FYAs) will laciliuiie 
most aspects of the program. 
Students will use a passport 
system to track their participation 
in each of the components. Those 
wishing to go a "step" further 
may participate in the Personal 
Exercise Program (PFP) opiion. 
in which ihe\ will design and 
participate in their own exercise 
program o\cr a five-week period. 
If they complete PEP in addition 
to the STEPS component, ihe> 
may receive Physical .Aeti\ ity 
course credit. 

STEPS was developed 
by Associate Professor and 
Wellness Consultant Bonnie 
Kestner in conjunction with 
the Wellness Task Force, the 
Co-Curricular Life Staff and 
Kelly Kraft-Meyer, Acting 
Dean of Co-Curricular Life. 
Bonnie says "We are excited 
uuuui ihis unique program 
because it is dynamic, 
flexible and tailored to the 
needs of Sweet Briar." 

All students will have the 
opportunity to participate in 
programs offered under the 
umbrella of the College's 
overall wellness program. 
B'Well. in which a \ariety of 
presentations w ill highlight 
wellness topics and awareness 
weeks throughout the year. Kelly 
explains, "This program truly 
fits the model of co-curricular 
life. It is the result of faculty, 
statTand students eoUaboratixely 
working to blend and coordinate 
the man\ individual wellness- 
foeused efTorls that exist, into 
one o\ erarching, far-reaching 
program. The possibility of a 
Health and Wellness facility 
is a w onderful bonus to the 

Bonnie Kestner 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine • 

Foil 2CX)6 • 1 1 

Daisy Williams Gymnasium: 

A Source Of Pride At Sweet Briar College— In 1931 


It was a proud day in June, 1 93 1 when the cornerstone was laid for 
the Daisy Williams Gymnasium. Particularly significant was the role 
students had played in raising the S82,000 for the construction of the 
new facility. The fiind-raising began with the senior play of 1923. 
when a plaque of the S\\'eet Briar seal was auctioned for SI 2, and 
continued under the enthusiastic leadership of Athletic Association 

Sports were serious business in the rural setting of the College. 
They provided the prescribed healthful exercise of the day, and w ere 
an integral part of the social life. Competition betsveen classes was 
spirited and intense. Athletic garb of the time was middy blouses over 
black wool bloomers; the venue was the low-ceilinged basement of 
Grammar Dormitory. A new facility was long overdue, a crisis that 
would repeat itself some 75 years later. 

Harriet Howell Rogers came to Sweet Briar in 1924. An energetic 
redhead, she carefiilly planned the new facility to reflect state-of- 
the-art athletic construction. Inclusion of a pool was part of the early 
plans for the gym, but the financial straits of the late "20s made 
it an unattainable luxury. Nonetheless, Williams Gymnasium was 
spectacular for its time, w ith polished hardwood floors, a dance 
studio, balcony seating, and a dressing room. Chinese lilacs were 
planted on either side of the main doors, their flowering in June timed 
to match the potential of a rainy-day graduation in the new gym. 

The gym remained \'irtualiy unchanged until the spring of 1976, 
when Charles and Elizabeth Perkins Prothro '39 donated funds for 
the construction of a natatorium to celebrate Sweet Briar's 75th 
anniversary. A gift of 5200,000 was earmarked for maintenance of 
the new facility and 5800,000 for building the pool. According to the 
Spring 1976 issue of the Alumnae Magazine, the project included 
"...partial renovation of the adjoining gymnasium. The present 
dressing room will be remodeled and a smaller room will be added 
for men. Plans have also been made to install hair dryers in the 
women's dressing room," 

President Harold B. Whiteman and Vice President/Treasurer Peter 
V. Daniel were heavily involved in the planning process. Peter was 
an intercollegiate diver at Dartmouth and would coach diving at 

Sweet Briar in the first years of the new swimming program: Harold 
Whiteman played football at Yale and was a shameless promoter of 
the role athletics played in the li\ es of students. 

Nearly 30 years ha^■e passed since that last reno\ation. In the 
interim, small but important changes ha\e been made. The Class 
of 1999 and MoUie Johnson Nelson '64 updated the fitness room 
and pro\ ided new cardio equipment se\ en years ago. The Goodman 
Foundation added new Cybex equipment and improvements to the 
weight room in 2002. Both facilities are jammed with students, 
facult}', and staff", and already are overcrowded, 

VViiiiams Gymnasium is now the smallest functioning 
gymnasium among NCAA schools. The quality of our athletic 
and wellness facilities, and our competitive program impact 
enrollment. Statistics on recent entering classes reflect student 
interest in athletics: 56% of incoming students have played a 
sport (not including riding) in high school, with 44% involved at 
the varsity level. Today's students come fi^om high schools and 
even middle schools with facilities that far surpass ours. They 
expect college to be better in all aspects — curriculum, professors, 
residential life, and athletic opportunities. 

According to the Women's Sports Foundation, "Title IX \\\\\ 
continue to produce generations of \\ omen who will pursue sport 
as well as fitness acti\ ities. This is propelled by two factors: 
( 1 ) a concern for women's health and (2) recognition that learning 
the lessons of sport contribute to being successful after graduation. 
A 2002 study by the Oppenheimer Foundation found that four out of 
five executive businesswomen (82%) played sports growing up, and 
the vast majority attributed their success to what they learned on the 
playing field. 

The plans for the new field house and renovations to the Daisy 
Williams Gymnasium reflect the College's recognition of the role of 
athletics and wellness in women"s li\ es. As we move into the final, 
and crucial, stages of fiind-raising, it is important that like those 
Sweet Briar students of the "20s, we all make a commitment to seeing 
state-of-the-art athletic facilities again be a source of pride at Sweet 
Briar College. 

A a*' 


12 • Fall 2006 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine • vAvw.alumnae, 

Sports Today 


In the early histor>' of women's 
intercollegiate sports, the 
standard w as set by women's 
colleges. Recognizing the role of 
exercise in the health of women, 
educators at women's colleges 
deliberately promoted athletics 
in the li\es of their students. 
E\en more significant, it w as the 
southern women's colleges that 
first engaged in intercollegiate 
athletics, taking sports beyond 
the restraints of pla\ days and 
intramurals. A field hockey 
match between Sweet Briar and 
Westhampton College (now 
the Uni\ersity of Richmond) in 
1919 was the first intercollegiate 
contest for women in Virginia. 
Sweet Briar won. by the w ay. 
Women's colleges continued 
successful competition for years. 

.As pressure increased in the 
early seventies for institutions 
to meet the equity mandates of 
Title IX, schools ha\ ing both 
men's and women's programs 
responded by increasing budgets. 
competitive opportunities, and 
staffing to achieve comparable 
status for their women's 
programs. The single-se.\ 
institutions, w ithout the impetus 
of meeting institutional gender 
equity guidelines, have in most 
cases lagged behind their coed 
peers. In contrast to their history 
in the early part of the 20th 
centur^'. the southern women's 
colleges, including Sweet Briar. 
have been particularly slow 
in matching the institutional 
commitment and budgetary 
support given to women's 
programs in coed institutions. 
Our northern counterparts. Smith. 
Mount llolvoke. and Welleslcv 
have made significant additions 
in facilities, budgets, and 
programs, w ith resulting success 
ill intercollegiate sports as well 

as campus-wide involvement in 

Each year our conference 
awards the Commissioner's Cup. 
based on point standings in all 
conference-sponsored sports 
for men. women, and overall. 
Significantly, the three women's 
colleges have ranked dead last 
in each of the past several years 
w hen ranked against the w omen's 
programs of the other conference 

Are we terrible? No. Sweet 
Briar smdent-athletes continue to 
be successful, both in and out of 
the classroom, but the impressive 
athletic achievements of the 
eighties occur w ith less regularity 

For Sw eet Briar to return to 
state and national prominence 
in athletics, success must be 
consistent. .As recruitment and 
retention of quality student- 
athletes improv es. team rosters 
will show more depth and 
numbers. Sweet Briar already 
boasts one of the top coaching 
staffs in the country. The 
improvement of athletic facilities 
will have a profound impact on 
the College's ability to attract top 
student-athletes. The ultimate 
goal is to elevate athletics 
at Sweet Briar to the level 
of the College's nationally- 
recognized academic 
program, improving the 
excellence of the total 
Sv«/eet Briar experience. 

U i« 

Beginning In 2000, seven SBC athletes have been named to the 
All-State Field Hockey Team and one, goalkeeper, Jenn Wiley '06, 
has been honored four times 

The tennis team posted Its strongest tournament record in years in 
the fall of 2001 and was undefeated in Division III dual match play 
In 2002, the College hosted the Division III Women's National 
Tennis Championships for the second time 

In 2002 the swimming team finished 9-1 and second in the ODAC 
Volleyball players Briana Beckham '04 and Anne Benham '04 
ranked in the top five nationally in two categories in 2003 
The fencing team won the 2004 state epee and sabre competitions 
and finished second as a team overall 

Lacrosse coach Missy Ackerman (Class of '87) was ODAC Lacrosse 
Coach of the Year in 2004 

First-year Nicole Snyder was the ODAC Swimming Rookie of the 
Year in 2005 and coach Jason Gollaher was Conference Coach of 
the Year 

The 2005 lacrosse team posted its best record (10-6) since 1988, 
defeated Lynchburg College for the first time since 1988 to get to 
the semifinals of the ODAC Championships, and Ellie Donahue '08 
was named Rookie of the Year 

Field hockey coach Jennifer Crispen was inducted into the field 
hockey coaches Hall of Fame in 2005 

Hockey goalkeeper Jenn Wiley '06 set conference and notional 
records for career saves, and was named Player of the Year in the 

In March 2006, President Muhlenfeld and Dean Green threw out 
the first pitches on Sweet Briar's new soflboll field 
Sophomore Krystol Ellis pitched the soflboll program's first no-hitter in 
the spring of 2006; she also hit the first home run 
The 2006 swim team was named a Division III Academic All- 
America Team by the College Swim Coaches Association for the 
fall season; their 3.46 team GPA ranked 4th among all Division III 
teams (See p. 1 5 for exciting July 2006 updatel) 
In the spring of 2006, the tennis team was awarded the conference 
Sportsmanship Award 

In the spring of 2006, the tennis courts were renovated, returning 
them to the standard that enables the College to host notional 

Jennifer Crispen 

Sweet Briar College Alumnoe Magazine • www.alumnoe. 

Foil 2006 • 13 

Spotlight on SBC Head Coaches 


Coach Beth Huus talks with 
team members 


Beth Huus coaches by teaching — 
often she works one-on-one with her 
student-athletes to help them improve 
individually and as a member of the 
team. "My goal is to develop the 
whole volleyball player by focusing 
on technique, tactics, strength and 
fitness, team unity, communication, 
and personal development." says 
Beth, who also coaches a USA 
Volleyball club team. 

Beth played collegiate 
volleyball at Gettysburg College, 
receiving first-team All-Centennial 
Conference honors and twice 
playing in the National Collegiate 
Athletic Association (NCAA) Division III National Championship 
Tournament. Since coming to Sweet Briar from Earlham College 
in 2004, she has used her playing experience to help rebuild the 
volleyball program. In her first season, she inherited a small 
team with one returning player and six first-year varsity 
athletes. In 2005, she filled the roster with 1 1 players and 
this season brought in 10 talented recruits. 

"We have created a competitive and fun environment of which 
players want to be a part," Beth says. Most importantly, as the 
squad size has increased, so has the number of players with strong 
volleyball backgrounds. This increase in the number of student- 
athletes who want to play college volleyball at Sweet Briar means 
Beth can choose who makes the roster, selecting student-athletes with 
strong volleyball skills and commitment to the team. 

"I look for players who understand the game of volleyball, are 
athletic, can adapt to our style of play, and will put the team first." 
she says. "Passion for the game is important, as are the abilities to 
prioritize responsibilities, set goals and contribute to team success." 
Team is a big part of volleyball and one of the strengths of Sweet 
Briar's team. While Beth's teams have been small in size, her student- 
athletes have not lacked commitment or work ethic. Her players have 
made a commitment to the team and have understood that each plays 
a pivotal role in the team's success. With as few as one e.xtra player 
on the bench, the team would be handicapped if a player missed 
practice, let alone a game. 

This team commitment led to the program's first win under Beth's 
coaching last season. In addition to picking up its first win, the team's 
level of play also increased last season, helping Sweet Briar compete 
with the top teams in the conference. 

Beth feels that making the commitment to be part of Sweet Briar 
volleyball has given her players "a real feeling of accomplishment. 

dedication, and team effort, as well as an understanding of what it 
takes to do each of those things well." 

The next step for the volleyball program is the completion of 
the new fitness and athletics center. The new facility will help Beth 
recruit more strong volleyball players to Sweet Briar and impro\e 
their skills once they are on campus. "We will be able to practice on 
two courts, allowing for greater repetition of skills, w hich is \ital to 
improvement in volleyball," she says. 


Hillary Kate London joined the 
coaching staff in August as the 
new smdents arri\ed on campus. 
She came to Sweet Briar College 
after sersing as the head coach 
at Salve Regina University in 
Rhode Island for the past two 
years. Prior to Salve Regina, she 
was an assistant and head coach 
in both sports at Vassar College. 
Her first day at Sweet Briar w as 
August 1.2006. 

"I am so excited to have a 
coach of Hillary's experience 
join our team and continue to 
build our Lacrosse program," 
says Sweet Briar Athletic 
Director Kelly Morrison. 
"Hillary has done an outstanding 
job de\ eloping the program 
at Salve Regina and she will 
continue to build the program at 

Hillary also will be assisting 
the Field Hockey program. In 
Uvo short years she was able 
to take Salve field hockey 
from a 5-1 1 record to a 14-4 
finish. Each year she has had 
a minimum of three players on 
the All-Conference team and 
consistently had 1 2 players 
selected for the NFHCA and 
IWLCA Academic Squads. 

Hillary is taking over an 
already successftil lacrosse 
program. Over the past few 

years the Lacrosse team has 
been on the rise, including 
a semi-final appearance in 
the Old Dominion Athletic 
Conference Championship. 
7n;s year vour vixens 
were named to the ODAC 
Women's Lacrosse All- 
Conference Team. 

She also brings a recreation, 
leadership and wellness 
component to the position. While 
at Salve Regina, Hillary was an 
instructor of new student seminar 
courses and created a recreation 
program to ser\ e the students, 
faculty, staff, and families of the 
campus community. 

Coach Hillary London 

14 • Fall 2006 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine • www.alumnae. 


Among his greatest Sweet Briar coaching moments, Jason Gallaher 
lists winning the Old Dominion Athletic Conference (ODAC) Coach 
of the Year award at the 2004-05 conference championship meet, and 
seeing one of his swimmers honored with conference Rookie of the 
Year honors at that same meet. 

A National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA) 
National Champion and Ail-American swimmer. Jason graduated 
from Faimiont State College in 1996 and received his master's degree 
from California University of Pennsylvania in 2003. Before bringing 
his talents to S\\ eet Briar, he coached a year at California U. as a 
graduate assistant and ser\ed as head assistant coach for the Tide 
Swim Team in Virginia Beach. VA. 

On the pool deck. Jason describes his coaching style as that of a 
teacher ""No matter what the swimmers" backgrounds might be. they 
can only get better if they better understand the sport. The more they 
understand about swimming, the better athletes they become." 

A great knowledge of swimming is something Jason hopes his 
swimmers take with them upon leaving Sweet Briar. In addition 
to swimming knowledge, he feels his swimmers leave with self- 
discipline and time management skills. Proof of this came during 
the Fall 2005 season when the team compiled the fourth best team 
GPA (Grade Point Average) among Division 111 women's swim 
teams to capture College Swim Coaches Association of America 
(CSCAA) Di\ ision 111 Women's Academic All-America honors. 
Wc learned in July that for the Spring 2006 semester, our swim 
team posted the highest GPA (3.76) of any team in the 
nation — women's or men's, in all three NCAA divisions 
C Icarly. the members of the Swim Team were spending hours in 
the librai'y and the laboratory as well as all those hours of practice 
in the Protliro Natatorium. 

Jason's student-athletes also leave Sweet Briar with lifelong 
friends. These friendships and his swimmers' total team support arc 
two attributes that set the Vixens apart from other swim programs in 
Jason's eyes. "They seem to care about one another as much as an\' 
team 1 ha\e coached." he says. 

As w illi most athletic programs. Jason has experienced the highs 
of winning and the lows ol'dclcal in his ihrce years on campus, but 
his teams ha\ e fmishcd each season u iih a w iiininL; record. Aside 

from the wins and losses, Jason has seen his swimmers make great 
individual time improvements o\ er the course of the season and at the 
conference championship meet. 

At the 2004-05 ODAC/Atlantic States Swimming Championships, 
at w hich Jason was honored. S\\ eet Briar fmished fourth \\ ith 
eight top-five finishes. The Vixens followed this past year with 16 
personal-best times. 

One obstacle his team has o\ ercome in order to put together back- 
to-back-to-back winning seasons is small squad size. In the dual-meet 
format, which Sweet Briar swims during the regular season, lack of 
team depth forces swimmers to enter the maximum number of events 
allowed. This cheats a small team out of points due to entering only 
two swimmers in a race when larger squads are able to enter three 

Small squad size should not be an issue in the upcoming season, 
as Jason has expanded his roster w ith exciting first-year swimmers 
and believes that, among other things, the new tltness and athletics 
center will help maintain his roster size in the fijture. "Though we 
w ill not get a new pool. 1 think the new facilities will attract more 
total students, which will help all of our programs." 


Since coming to Sweet Briar 
in 1977, Jennifer Crispen has 
been a constant on the field 
hockey sidelines. A fi\ e-time Old 
Dominion Athletic Conference 
(ODAC) Coach of the Year, she 
joined the National Field Hockey 
Coaches Association (NFHCA) 
200th Victory Club in 1994. 
Seven years later, she coached 
her 500th game, on her way to 
being inducted into the NFHCA 
Hall ofFamein2005. 

Her playing experience as 
a member of the U.S. field 
hockey team and her passion 
for coaching led to her chairing 
the U.S. Coaching Committee, 
responsible for the first U.S. 
Coaching Certification Program, 
and to sen ing as a member 
of the National Collegiate 
Athletic Association (NCAA) 
Di\ ision III National Field 
Hockey Committee and NCA.A 
Collegiate Rules Liaison. 

During her 29 years at the 
Collesie, Jennifer has coached 

everything from lacrosse to 
Softball to fencing, focusing 
solely on field hockey for the 
last 1 5 seasons. Among her 
seemingly endless memories 
as a Sweet Briar coach, are the 
1985. 1992 and 1995 hockey 
seasons and the 1985 lacrosse 
season — seasons in which her 
teams played in the ODAC 
Championship final, and pulled 
otTsome incredible \ictories to 
get there! 

.As a coach, Jennifer focuses 
on the indi\idual impro\enient 
of her sludcnl-athlelcs. positive 
reinforcement and team 
commitment: "Our program 
philosopliN emphasizes academic 
achicNcnient. with a focus on 
scheduling games and practices 
that are workable w ith the 
athletes' academic schedules." 

Despite this, the field 
hockey team has had difficulties 
retaining pla\ors for all four 
\ears of their college career. 
I low e\ cr. those who stay 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine • 

Fall 2006* 15 

committed grow, as both an 
athlete and a person, under 
Jennifer's guidance. "Athletes 
who choose to attend Sweet 
Briar are bright and committed, 
and when we can channel that 
commitment toward hockey, we 
see evident results," she says. 

Results come on and off 
the field as Jennifer's student- 
athletes gain "all the positive 
experiences and attributes we see 
in athletics." By participating in 
college field hockey, she feels 
her players come away with 
teamwork skills, leadership 
skills, a sense of personal 
achievement, the ability to accept 
challenges, and the confidence 
to push their abilities to the 
limit — skills they can also put to 
use off the field. 

Alumnae support goes a 
long way in helping keep the 
student-athletes committed to 
field hockey. Donations from 
Friends of Athletics have allowed 
field hockey to purchase team 
benches, new warm-ups and goal 
cages. On the road, alumnae 
have hosted after-game meals 
and events for the players and 
have played a significant role in 
identifying and recruiting strong 
student-athletes for Jennifer. 

In the immediate future, 
Jennifer hopes alumnae will play 
an important role in retention and 
recruiting by helping to fund the 
new fitness and athletics center. 
"The improvement of our athletic 
facilities is paramount, because it 
impacts current students as well 
as recruiting for the future," she 

Sweet Briar field 
hockey has made it to the 
postseason seven of the 
last eight seasons, exiting 
in the quarterfinal round 
of the ODAC tournament in 
2005. The last two seasons 
have seen five Vixens honored 
with All-Conference honors, 

Coach Jennifer Crispin 

several with Virginia Sports 
Information Directors (VaSID) 
honors, a conference Player of 
the Year and a national record 

Last fall, senior goalie Jenn 
Wiley (Williamsburg/Jamestown, 
VA) rewrote the conference 
career saves record, became the 
national career saves leader in 
Division III field hockey with 
1 042 saves, and was honored as 
ODAC Player of the Year by the 
conference coaches. 

Off the field, field hockey 
received Nadonal Academic 
Team honors from the NFHCA 
in 2003 and 2004 and had six 
players from the 2004 roster 
named to the NFHCA National 
Academic Squad. 



Over the past 20 years, Kelly Morrison has coached in a variety of ■ 
college settings, including coaching at the Division I, University 
of Iowa and the nationally-ranked Division III, Emory University. 
Always looking for a new challenge, she set her sights on building a 
nationally-competitive team from the ground up at a women's college. 

Kelly first visited Sweet Briar while coaching at Emory University 
and fell in love with the College. For Kelly, Sweet Briar had the 
complete package — the ability to offer a first-rate education for 
women, one of the top college outdoor tennis facilities, and an 
opportunity to be part of a community holistically committed to its 

What sets her coaching style apart from her peers is her focus on 
teamwork and motivation. "One of my main roles as a coach is to be 
a motivator and get the most out of every situation and keep everyone 
involved," she says. This can be challenging due to the individual ^ 
nature of the game. "Although tennis is an individual sport, at 
Sweet Briar, we focus on the team, not just the individual. It's about 
developing lifetime friendships, being involved, having fun, and 
being part of a game you can play for a lifetime." 

Kelly received her B.S. from Southwest Missouri State University 
and her master's degree from the University of Iowa before becoming 
a coach. As a coach, she is a five-time University Athletic Association 
(UAA) Conference Coach of the Year and an Intercollegiate Tennis 
Association (ITA) Coach of the Year finalist while at Emory. 

She also has served on several committees, including the National 
Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) Division HI Women's Tennis 
National Committee, Chair of the Old Dominion Athletic Conference 
(ODAC) Tennis Committee and ITA Division III Women's Ranking 

As tennis at Sweet Briar approaches its centennial on campus, 
donations this past year have helped resurface the 1 1 outdoor 
courts and construct three new courts behind the Daisy Williams 
Gymnasium. The campus's 14 courts now make up one of the nicest 
outdoor college tennis facilities in the country. 

But there is still much room for improvement, as Sweet Briar 
tennis lacks an indoor facility. 
"Two of the top teams in our 
area, Washington and Lee and 
Mary Washington, have indoor 
tennis facilities. Those facilities 
give them the competitive edge 
to be in the top-20 teams in the 
country," Kelly explains. 

A new fitness and 
athletics center v/ould allow 
tennis to move indoors 
when the Aveother is w^et 
or cold. With a season that 
stretches 21 weeks over the 
fall and spring, the ability 
to practice indoors would positively impact the program. 

The fitness and athletics center also would play a hand in bringing 
serious student-athletes to campus. To be competitive at the next level 
in one of the toughest tennis regions in the country, the team needs 

Coach Kelly Morrison with tennis 
team members 

1 6 • Fall 2006 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine • 

nationally-ranked junior tennis players. The recent renovations and 
additions to the outdoor tennis facilities and new tltness and athletics 
center will help recruit national-caliber tennis players to play at Sweet 

Despite lacking nationally-ranked players. Sweet Briar tennis 
remains one of the strongest women's college tennis teams in 
the area, routinely playing well at the Virginia Women's College 
Championship. In 2005, Sweet Briar finished first in doubles and 
second in sinijles with the team winning a total of 18 matches. 


Missy Ackerman 

A two-sport Ail-American at 
Sweet Briar, Missy Ackennan '87 
returned to her alma mater in the 
fall of 2002 as the head lacrosse 
coach and field hockey assistant 
coach. That spring (2003). she 
led the Vixens to a 5-9 and a 7-8 
mark, and Old Dominion Athletic 
Conference (ODAC) Coach of 
the Year honors the following 
spring. In just her third season 
at the helm of Vi.xen lacrosse. 
Missy's 2005 team returned 
to the final four of the ODAC 
tournament for the first time in 
recent years and compiled the 
program's best record since 1986 
(10 6). 

As a sludeiit-athlclc. she 
became the first Sweet Briar 
player to be named as the ODAC 
Conference Player of the ^'ear in 
both Held luK-ke\ and lacrosse 
w hen she receix ed Ihe honors her 
senior seasons. She graduated 
from Sweet Briar in 19S7 with a 
degree in history. 

Stops at Smith College, 
Earlham College and Randolph- 
Macon College helped Missy 
transition from player to coach 
before taking over the coaching 
position at Sweet Briar. And 
her transition has proved 
successful as she has collected 
seven Coach of the Year honors 
and has led her teams to two 
ODAC championships and two 
National Collegiate Athletic 
Association (NCAA) tournament 

Under her leadership 
and guidance. Sweet Briar 
lacrosse has returned to 
the ranks of contender. 
The 2005 campaign saw the 
program post its first winning 
season in years, defeating 
perennial post-season teams 
Lynchburg College and 
Roanoke College (Sweet Briar 
had not defeated Roanoke 
College in 18 years). 

The 2006 season was filled 
with late-goal losses and close 
games that did not go Sweet 
Briar's way, but despite her team 
missing the post-season, she feels 
she has built a strong foundation 
for the fiKurc. 

"llasing a team which wanls 
lo compete and be a threat is 
moiisaling lo me. Certainly 
beating Lynchburg and Roanoke 
in 2005 and e\en losing one-goal 
games this past season indicate 
that the lacrosse team is mo\ inu 

in the right direction," Missy 

Part of the successful 
turnaround is the mixture of 
student-athletes playing under 
Missy. "We have a mixture of 
backgrounds of our players," she 
says. "Some with the confidence 
of having played on strong teams, 
with solid athletes and some who 
revel in the role of the underdog." 

This summer, she stepped 
down from her Sweet Briar 
coaching positions to focus full- 

time on her other job as director 
of Merestead Sports Camps, 
which she purchased in 2004. 
Merestead. the oldest sports 
camps for girls in the U.S., offers 
field hockey and lacrosse camps 
throughout the summer at four 
different locations, including 
Sweet Briar, "f leave Sweet Briar 
knowing there are athletes w ho. 
this second, would step on a field 
and take on any opponent, or add 
five minutes to the clock to get 
the go-ahead goal," says Missy. 

Coach Paul Shaw 


There was a common sentiment Paul Shaw heard ft^om his 
competitor's coaches this past year. They routinely told him "I ha\e 
heard great things about Sweet Briar soccer" and "You are a program 
to watch in the fiiture." In a tough soccer conference, with sexeral 
nationally-ranked teams. Paul has taken great strides with Sweet 
Briar soccer. While his improvements have yet 
to produce a winning season, he has taken the 
Vixens from a 1-17 mark in 2001, his first year, 
to a 4-12-1 mark in 2005. 

What doesn't appear in the win-loss records 
is the improvement the program has made to 
become competitive with the better conference 
teams. Evidence of this came last fall when Sweet 
Briar battled Lynchburg College to a two-goal 
loss. The Lynchburg College Hornets went on to 
capture the conference championship and advance 
in the national tournament. 

During his four seasons. Paul has stri\ed to fill his roster w iili 
strong, committed soccer players and to help them become great 
players. "I belie\e in creating an en\ ironmenl that empow ers pla\ ers 
to develop," says Paul, who has 25 years of coaching experience at the 
youth, senior amateur and professional le\ els. 

He holds an A licensure from the U.S. Soccer Federation and is a 
graduate of the Canadian National Coaching Institute. Currently, he is 
also the head coach of the Virginia Youth State Soccer .-Association 
Olympic De\ elopment Program's (ODP) girls' team (ages 1 7 and under). 

.\s his first recruitment class approaches graduation. Paul feels he 
has buih a team of pla\ ers who put the team and academics first. "The 
plaxcrs lake pride in pulling on the uiiilbrm and respect what it means 
10 be a siiideni-aihlete." 

This commiimeni to team and academies are two strengths Paul 
hopes to continue (hrough recruiting team- and academic-minded 
athletes. Recruiting such pla\ers grows easier as the team improves. 

.As Sweet Briar soccer has progressed during Paul's tenure, so have 
the number and caliber of recruits coming to campus. "We are getting 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine • www.alumnae. 

Fall 2006* 17 

better soccer players and athletes 
every day." says Paul. This 
preseason, 24 student-athletes 
came back to campus to play 
soccer, an improvement over 1 6 
in 2005. 

Three Sweet Briar soccer 
players were honored in 2005 
with All-Conference honors and 
two Vixens, midfielder Whitney 
Shaffer '08 and goalie Kristen 
Johnson "09 led the conference 
in assists (9) and saves (175), 

The next step for the program 
is the expansion of alumnae 
relations and the completion 
of the new fitness and athletics 
center. Donations made by 
alumnae help the soccer team 
purchase items not allocated in 
its budget, like new spectator 
bleachers along the sidelines 
to bring the crowd closer to 
the players. Having alumnae 
at games and participating in 
alumnae games at Homecoming 
greatly impacts the students' 
sport experience. 

As for the new fitness and 
athletics center, its construction 
will give soccer, and all varsity 
teams, an appropriate facility for 
conditioning, and aid in team 
bonding because the additional 
space will allow for team 

The new facility will 
also aid Paul in recruiting 
and retaining quality student 
athletes and help level the 
playing field with other 
teams. When the SBC team 
uses its opponents" locker 
rooms and training rooms, 
the current disparity among 
facilities becomes all the 
more apparent to our athletes. 
"When we compare our 
college to other schools, 
we need to feel that we 
are competitive. One of the 
worst feelings an athlete 
can have is that she or he 
is not valued," says Paul 
about the new building. 

Coach Tony Campbell 


In a span of three seasons, Tony 
Campbell has taken Sweet Briar 
Softball from the club level to the 
varsity level. This past spring he 
moved the team one step closer 
to playing in the Old Dominion 
Athletic Conference (ODAC). 

With raising SBC softball to 
varsity and ultimately ODAC 
status, came the need for a 
Softball facility on campus. After 
playing the 2005 season at the 
Amherst County High School 
field, Tony and Assistant Coach 
Mike Jennings worked diligently 
to ensure the 2006 softball season 
would be played on campus. 

On March 22, 2006 friends, 
parents, faculty, staff and 
administrators filled the stands 
as President Betsy Muhlenfeld 
and Dean Jonathan Green threw 
out ceremonial first pitches, 
culminating countless hours of 
work by Tony, Mike and others 
to get the field completed. 

Despite the stresses of 
starting a program and building 
a field from the ground up, Tony 
has remained his fun-loving 
self and his demeanor has been 
contagious. "We smile a lot as a 
team, but we also work hard. My 

goal as a coach is to teach a team 
to be fundamentally sound,"" 
Tony says. 

Tony honed his own softball 
skills as a player by playing 
over 15 years of Class A and B 
softball. In 1985, his team was 
one of 1 6 at the Class A World 
Series in Omaha, NE. His move 
to the dugout began in Amherst"s 
Dixie Youth league and travel 
ball with the Class Action 
Scrappers out of Roanoke, VA, 
where Tony coached for 1 3 
years. He also served six seasons 
as the assistant coach for the 
Amherst County High School 
softball team before coming to 
the college realm. 

Bringing Sweet Briar up to 
the varsity and ODAC level has 
brought Tony challenges and 
opportunities. Filling the initial 
roster was hard because of a 
limited number of students on 
campus with playing experience 
and because he was recruiting 
against schools with proven 
softball track records. However, 
because softball was so new 
on Sweet Briar's campus, Tony 
could offer his players the chance 
to be part of the College's first 
team, and with small rosters, the 
chance to see a lot of playing 

"We are building something 
unique and exciting,"" Tony says. 
He filled a roster of 12 this past 
spring in Sweet Briar"s second 
full varsity season. "I need 
athletes who are strong and want 
to take our program to the top." 

The completion of dugouts 
and a scoreboard at the softball 
field, and the construction of 
a new fitness and athletics 
center will only help to attract 
more strong softball student- 
athletes to campus. "When a 
recruit sees that the school 
is stepping up to further 
athletics and help the well- 
being of non-athletes, it 
will be a drawing card 
for the school to increase 
enrollment and recruit the 
better athlete," Tony says. 

The near ftiture for Tony 
and Sweet Briar softball looks 
bright. With the leadership of 
key players from this past spring 
and the recruits coming for 2007, 
Vixen softball is well on its way 
to being a strong contender in the 

In Tony's first ODAC season, 
he saw his team pick up its first 
conference win and finish with a 
3-17 conference record. He also 
watched as the program's first 
home run was hit and the first 
no-hitter was pitched. 

While Tony has had some 
great moments as a Sweet Briar 
coach — being asked to start the 
softball program, the opening 
ceremonies this past spring, his 
team's first ODAC win — Tony"s 
greatest coaching moment 
remains when he hears "thank 
you" from one of his athletes for 
teaching her the game of softball. 

1 8 • Fall 2006 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine • 

Riding at Sweet Briar 


The Sweet Briar College Riding Program has had a truly exciting and 
successful year. Sweet Briar's Intercollegiate Horse Show Association 
(IHSA) team was the Champion of Region 1, and the Reserve 
Champion of Zone IV. The IHSA team made the most of its historic 
first trip to the Championship earning 18 points for third place in 
the overall Hunter Seat Team standings — just five points behind this 
year's national champions from Mount Holyoke College. 

Senior Jodie Weber capped off an achievement-filled riding career 
at Sweet Briar with several individual successes in the national finals, 
including a fourth place finish in the Cacchione Cup. Riders with the 
highest point totals accumulated over the season from each of the 
IHSA's 30 regions compete for the cup. Veteran Jodie Weber '06, 
also served as captain for the Affiliated National Riding Commission 
(ANRC) team, which included five 
riders new to this event. Chrissy Serio 
'06 finished in fifth place overall. 
Jodie Weber, Alison Sims "09 and 
Lauren Guyer '09 finished in the top 
15 individually and the team ended 
the competition in fourth place. 

The Riding Program courses serve 
approximately 150 students each 
tenn. While this number has been 
fairly constant for the past two years, 
the real growth in the program has 
been the number of students wanting 
to bring their horse to college with 
them. In 2004-2005, 28 privately- 
owned horses were boarded in Sweet 

Briar stables. The number of horses being boarded in 2006-2007 
jumped significantly to more than 40. 

Growth in the riding program clearly places greater demands 
on our current facilities. Luckily, Sweet Briar is able to respond to 
those demands due to the generosity of parents, fi-iends and alumnae 
supporters of this program. During the summer, nine additional stalls 
were added, as well as a second tack room and a shavings storage area 
to the new Hunter Barn complex. This addition allow ed us to make 
the entire Main Stable complex available for student owned horses and 
Sweet Briar team horses. 

Additionally, this summer a new roof was put over our round pen. 
so lluit we have another all-weather lunging and leaching area. This 
will be particularly helpful during the winter months when the indoor 
arena is full of lessons. The round pen will now be available for 
private horse owners to lunge their horses and for teaching assistants 
lo work with their Pre-Position students. 

Donations to the Riding Program are making it possible for us 
to replace the doors on the main stable complex and renovate the 
lla> Barn, as well as to llnish fencing our llnal pasture in the stable 
complex area. We also purchased a new 4500 scries C'he\ rolct 
"hauler" and a six-horse hcad-lo-liead Hawk horse trailer lo pull 
behind it. The Riding Program slalTand studcnls want lo thank ihe 
\ci~v' uencrous donors who have made all of these dreams a realilx. \ou 

mrm i ! i 





Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine • w^vw.alumnoe.sbcei 


Elizabeth Gold '08; Director of Riding Shelby French 

are helping us maintain the quality and reputation of this outstanding 

While the Riding Program is important to the life of many 
Sweet Briar students, and was a major factor in their choice 
to enroll, the riding program faculty and staff believe that the 
addition of a fitness and athletics center to the College is essential 
to our continued ability to attract and keep student riders at the 
College. Sweet Briar is known for the quality of its programs. 
Our current gymnasium is incongruent with our message 
of excellence. Prospective students, particularly riders, are so 
entranced by the beauty of the campus and the amenities that it 
offers that they can look past the lack of a quality gymnasium. 
However, once they are on-campus full-time students, this lack of 
an appropriate facility really has an impact on the quality of their 

To quote Elizabeth Gold '08, Daisy Award w inner for \ olunteer of 
the year: 

"While Sueel Briar offers its students many comfortable and 
impressive amenities enabling them lo excel academically, we are in great 
need of a g}'m and fitness center that exhibits these same high slandaixis 
and opporliinities allowing lis lo excel physically and emotionally. .-1 gym 
should consist of lilncss-rcUiled areas, such as the cardio and weight 
rooms, lull also should address the atmosphere of camaraderie that is 
preseni in the practice and obsernmce of sports games. Unfortunately, 
our current facility is lacking in the latter 

Also, the gym is located far from any convenient source of food and 
drink. Perhaps implementing a smaller-scale version of the Cafe would 
solve this pmblem and would he popular with students who have the 
majority of their cla.'ises in Guion or Bahcock. And I believe the gym 
should afford students a comfortable aiva to ivlax after work or practice. 
A laige mom with comfortable .•icating arrangements and a laige-.tciven 
television could .'iati.\fv this need, as well as pivvide an adequate space 
for hosting game parties and other festivities. 

I'llimatelv. impntving and expanding the ciirivnl Jacility would 
sii/tport ihe goal of encouraging .Sweet Briar wtmien lo engage in healthy 
physical and emotional lifestyles, which is the basis for ."mccess in life. " 

Foil 2006 • \ 9 

Anne Green Gilbert '69 

Brain-Compatible Dance Education 

Anne Green Gilbert has made a 
name for herself in the dance 
education community. A tireless 
advocate for dance education, 
she not only has taught dance for over 30 
years, she also has written three books 
about the topic, opened her own dance 
school entitled Creative Dance Center, and 
developed her own unique dance education 
style: Brain-Compatible Dance. 

Anne's extensive education career 
began in 1970 as a 3rd-grade teacher. 
Her philosophy was that movement is the 
key to learning, which she admits, oddly 
enough, was learned when she herself was 
a 3rd-grader. She states, "My kinesthetic 
intelligence flourished in a classroom — 
where movement was central to my 
teacher's cumculum. I remember a sort of 
paradise where everyone liked school that 
year, we all got along, and the knowledge 
imparted is still in my memory bank 40 
years later." Over the years, she gained 
knowledge and experience as a modem 
dance teacher at the University of Illinois 
at Chicago Circle and as an instructor at 
the University of Washington, where she 
couldn't find the appropriate textbook 
for a class so she simply wrote her own. 
Her book entitled Teaching the Three Rs 
through Movement, explored strategies for 
integrating movement into the classroom. 
It is now recognized as a landmark text, 
released by the National Dance Education 
Organization in 2002, 25 years after it 
was first published. Additionally, she has 
published Creative Dance for all Ages and 
Brain-Compatible Dance Education as well 
as two videos: Teaching Creative Dance 
and BrainDance. 

In 1981, Anne founded the Creative 
Dance Center (CDC). There, students of all 
ages from infancy to adulthood learn about 
Brain-Compatible Dance, a unique dance 
style which stimulates neurological and 
cognitive development while the artistic 
and aesthetic elements of dance are being 

learned. Each dance class begins with the 
BrainDance, a warm-up composed of eight 
fundamental movement patterns. These 
include breath, tactile stimulation, core- 
distal movement, head-tail movement, 
upper-lower body movement, body-side 
movement, cross-lateral movement, and 
vestibular stimulation. Research has 
shown that these patterns are crucial to the 
wiring of our central nei^vous system. The 
benefits for children and adults cycling 
through these patterns each week include 
reorganization of the neurological system 
for better focus, concentration and eye- 
tracking, increased blood and oxygen flow 
to the respiratory system and brain, and 
enhanced body strength and alignment. 
Anne also is the director of Kaleidoscope, a 
modem dance company of children eight- 
14 that perfonns throughout Washington 
State and tours internationally. 

Anne received her degree in English 
with a theatre minor from Sweet Briar 
in 1969. When reflecting on her time at 
Sweet Briar she states, "My Sweet Briar 
experience helped develop my lifelong 
passion as an educator and dancer. 
Although I transferred my sophomore 
year to the University of Wisconsin to 
expand my dance horizons, I retumed to 
Sweet Briar as a junior because I missed 
the unique experiences that a small liberal 
arts women's school offers. At SBC, even 
as an English major, I had the opportunity 
to choreograph dances, produce dance 
concerts, teach dance classes to my peers 
and work with children in an outreach 
program. As president of the Dance 
Club, I developed organizational and 
leadership skills. Nothing can compare 
to the breadth of a Sweet Briar education 
or to the opportunities available to any 
woman who wishes to take advantage 
of the possibilities. Besides dancing and 
acting in plays, my favorite memories 
include swimming in the lake, rolling 
down the dells, lengthy discussions in 
the donns with friends, falling asleep on 
the velvet couches in the library with my 
head buried in Chaucer, reading Greek and 

Anne Green Gilbert '69 

Latin texts, talking 
to very erudite and 
fascinating professors 
in class and at 
Friday Chautauqua's, 
dissecting frogs, 
visiting Daisy's grave, 
and flying around 
campus in my senior 
robe." Anne clearly 
took advantage of 
every possibility and 
created numerous 
opportunities for 
herself Her advice to 
current SBC students: 
"Carpe Diem.'' 

Anne eamed her Master's degree from 
National-Louis University. Cun"ently, she is 
an adjunct faculty member at Seattle Pacific 
University and Seattle University where 
she teaches courses on creative dance and 
using movement in the classroom and is 
an adjudicator for cultural enrichment and 
the Artist-in-Residence program for the 
Washington State Arts Commission and for 
arts education grants for the Seattle Arts 
Commission. She is a movement consultant 
for Kindermusik Intemational and an active 
member of the National Dance Association, 
National Dance Education Organization, 
and Dance and the Child Intemational. 
She is founder and past president of Dance 
Educators Association of Washington, 
an organization promoting quality dance 
education in all Washington State schools 
K-12 and has served on the board of the 
Washington Alliance for Health, Physical 
Education, Recreation and Dance and 
American Alliance for Health, Physical 
Education, Recreation and Dance-NW 
District. She is also the recipient of the 
prestigious American Alliance for Health, 
Physical Education, Recreation and Dance 
Honor Award and the 2005 NDA Scholar/ 
Artist Award. 

To leam more about Anne, check out 
the May 2006 issue of Dance Teacher or 
visit her Creative Dance Center Web site at 

20 • Fall 2006 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine • 


Larkin Barnett '76 

Functional Fitness: The Ultimate Fitness 
Program for Life on the Run 

One of Larkin Bamett's 
greatest influences, while at 
Sweet Briar was Eija Celli, 
Associate Professor of Dance 
Emerita. Reminiscing about her days at 
Sweet Briar. Larkin exclaims, "Eija was 
in large part responsible for my interest 
in dance. Her enthusiasm for dance 
was contagious and her vast knowledge 
provided the necessary foundation for my 
future movement education experiences 
in multiple environments." Recently. 
Larkin published her first book. Functional 
Fitness: The Ultimate Fitness Program 
for Life on the Run and it is clear that Eija 
also has a deep appreciation for Larkin's 
talents. On reviewing Larkin's book, she 
states, ""Functional Fitness is going to 
bring about a revolution. The quest for a 
strong and freely moving body is a long 
and challenging journey. Larkin has given 
us a clearly written guide on how to reach 
the destination. Her scientific breakdown 
of movement initiation and follow-through 
from the center of the body is ingenious." 

This book is taking the countiy by 
storm. Within a month of publication. 
Functional Fitness was officially adopted 
as the textbook for several universities" 
curriculum including the three campuses 
o\' Florida Atlantic University and 
recognized by many college libraries as the 
breakthrough guide to teaching the essential 
principles of movement. Larkin explains 
that the entire Functional Fitness program 
is "a blend of scientific fitness training and 
artistic dance expression using anatomy- 
based visual imagery. It is 
the result of choreography, 
teaching methods designed 
to meet specific populations 
and a personal desire 
to help others avoid the 
premature loss of a loved 
one. Functional Fitness 
jump-starts a person's fitness 
program and leads to more 
challenging movements and ■ 
the mini workouts, which 
can be inlesirated into uvm Larkin Barnett 

workouts or sports, help people manage 
daily stress." Larkin has not limited herself 
to print material, she also has developed 
an audio CD companion to her book with 
music by Steven Halpem. the leading 
musician of relaxation and wellness CDs. 
She also has not limited herself to adults, 
creating On a Lark: Creative Movement for 
Children a user-friendly book for parents, 
teachers, day-care workers and therapists 
to help sedentary children become more 

Ironically. Larkin's career in dance and 
movement education began as a random 
choice during her freshman year of college. 
She simply decided to take dance instead 
of canoeing to fulfill a physical education 
requirement so she didn't have to get 
cold. While her career may have begun 
by chance she does credit many of her 
family members for her continued interest 
in preventative health practices. One of 
her grandfathers was a pediatrician who 
discovered the cause of tick paralysis and 
the other grandfather was one of the first 
colon surgeons in the United States. She 
also had a grandmother who was a nurse, 
her father was a pediatrician specializing 
in the care of premature infants and her 
brother is a dermatologist. 

Larkin also believes that many of the 
skills she used to write her book were 
taught to her by the late Ralph Aiken, her 
English professor, who encouraged her to 
work hard to become a better writer. She 
remembers, "My papers were returned full 
of red ink. Nevertheless he pointed out 
that my ideas were good. UnfortunateK he 
had to go on a 'treasure hunt to uncoxer 
the gems.'" She still has the card Professor 
Aiken gave to her after her senior thesis 
dance concert, which 
^^^ read, "You danced 
^^ ^ffiH l')^^ ^ goddess — a 

well-organized, well- 
f, trained, hardworking 
-fl one — with beautiful 
results — thanks for 
in\iting mc." 

Larkin's impact on 
nunciiicnl education 
is not limited to her 
most recent book. 
'76 After graduating from 

Whatever it is that you are 
passionate about, go headlong 
into it. I believe the doors for a 
person to walk through — open 
easily — ignore the rest — they 
waste precious time." 


SBC with a B.A. in Dance and Drama she 
went on to earn a M.A. in Dance from 
Mills College in California, which she 
admits she had the confidence to pursue 
because of her experience studying abroad 
at the Uni\'ersity of Lappenranta. She 
has had varied and extensixe experience 
over the last 30 years teaching, lecturing, 
choreographing and performing for several 
organizations including Har\ard University, 
Radcliffe College. Longy School of 
Music, The Laban Bartenieft' Institute, The 
University of Lappenranta, Mills College, 
and the .lohnson and Johnson Coiporation. 
In addition she has been a mo\ ement 
therapist and fitness professional at Canyon 
Ranch Spa. She is a professor at Florida 
Atlantic Unix ersity in the Exercise Science 
and Health Promotions Department. She 
also holds a Pilates certification from 
International Polestar Education and is 
certified through All American, including 
Pilates for golf and is the Director of 
Pilates at Old Palm Golf Club— a li\e-in 
community de\ eloped by pro golfer Ra\ 

Larkin's ad\ ice for cun^ent SBC 
students: ""N'ou are luck\ to be a part of an 
educational experience like Sweet Briar. 
Whatex er it is that you are passionate 
about, go headlong into it. 1 believe the 
doors for a person to w alk through — open 
easily — ignore the rest — they waste 
precious time. You may be fortunate to 
haxe a professor like Eija Celli or Ralph 
Aiken who could \er\' xvell be setting you 
on a path to a rewarding future." Larkin 
encourages anyone w ho wants to leani 
more about her philosophy and how to 
incorporate fitness into e\ en the busiest 
schedule to check out her Web site at: 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine • www.alumnae. 

Foil 2006 • 21 


D'Andra Simmons '91 

Living the Ultimate Life 

D'Andra Simmons came to Sweet 
Briar in 1987 as a painfully 
shy 1 8-year-old girl too afraid 
to raise her hand during class 
to ask a question. She left confident, 
energetic, determined and ready to change 
the world — and changed the world she 
has. Her accomplishments range from co- 
authoring a book to writing, directing and 
producing a video as well as appearing on 
several network television shows including 
"Living the Life" on CBN, "Healthy 
Living" on DirecTV and Home Shopping 
Network all while successfully running a 
business and developing a product line. 

Many factors influenced D'Andra's <? 
transfonnation from introverted frosh to 
extroverted graduate including several of 
her experiences at Sweet Briar. Some of her 
most meaningful experiences include the 
traveling she was able to do as a student. 
During J-term, D'Andra studied with Dr. 
Reuben Miller in India, South America, 
and Eastem and Western Europe. She 
also was able to study in Paris during her 
junior year. She states, "I was extremely 
prepared for my year away because of the 
excellent language classes at SBC and the 
emphasis on immersing oneself in another 
culture." D'Andra also was touched by the 
influences of best friends and inspired by 
the passions of professors including Dr. 
John Goulde and Dr. Kenneth Grimm, who 
helped her struggle through her major — 
International Affairs. 

In addition to being inspired at Sweet 
Briar, D'andra was inspired by her mother 
and many close family members. As 
D'Andra was preparing for her first year 
at Sweet Briar, her mother was diagnosed 
with breast cancer and underwent 
a modified radical mastectomy and 
reconstraction surgery. After the surgery, 
her mother chose to fight the cancer, not 
through chemotherapy and radiation, but 
through holistic nutrition, herbology and 
altemative therapies. She now has been 
cancer free for 1 9 years. This scare, as well 
as the death of her maternal grandmother 
from pancreatic cancer, her maternal 
grandfather from prostate cancer and her 

D'Andra Simmons '91 

Always have the courage 
to stand up for what you 
believe in — personally or 


maternal great-grandmother from breast 
cancer, caused her to decide that her 
"mission, vision and passion would be to 
help women and men live healthy lives and 
fight the many diseases that are plaguing 
our society today." 

Continually striving to learn more about 
healthy living, D'Andra is working on her 
MS and Ph.D. in Naturopathy and Holistic 
Nufrition from Clayton College. Currently, 
she is Vice President of Marketing and 
Product Development for Uhimate Living 
International, Inc. and Dee Simmons Skin 
Care. The mission of the company is. "To 
provide the highest quality nutritional 
supplements and skin care products 
available on the market today, as well as 
to provide the most current infonnation 
on health and wellness issues to the 
consumer." Recently, D'Andra co-authored 
a book with her mother. Dee Simmons, 
entitled Natural Guide for Healthy Living. 

The book sfresses the importance of 
starting the battle early against degenerative 
disease and aging. It discusses the 
significance of being proactive in taking 

charge of your health. Topics covered 
include vitamins and foods that will build 
your immune system and give you a head 
start in preventing disease and illness, 
as well as the correct way to exercise, 
reduce weight and increase lean muscle 
mass. D'Andra announces that her next 
book with her mother will be focused on 
anti-aging. They also will be hosting a 
seven day Caribbean cruise in February 
2007 on the Holland America Cruise Line, 
Westerdam ship which will include a 90 
minute presentation each day on topics 
that are important to women and everyone 
who desires to live a healthy life, including 
nutrition, healthy-meal planning, disease 
prevention and altemative remedies for 
disease, natural skin care, anti-aging and 
staying fit at any age. 

When asked what advice she had for 
current SBC students she stated, "Always 
have the courage to stand up for what you 
believe in — personally or professionally. 
Choose to do at least one thing in your 
life that will make a positive difference 
in another person's life. You are here to 
serve others as well as yourself." D'Andra 
has made a difference in many people's 
lives through her role as Vice President of 
Ultimate Living. She also has influenced 
others through the informational/ industrial 
video she wrote, directed and produced 
entitled WJiy Yucca Mountain?, a movie 
about the proposed Yucca Mountain 
Repository in Nevada. She has also directed 
a documentary entitled. Remembrance 
Rising an educational/environmental piece 
based on the Lakota Sioux Indian Tribe, 
and a short film. Blood Moon. 

Clearly D'Andra's career keeps her very 
busy; however, she also enjoys spending 
time with her family and friends, tasting 
and studying wine, cooking, reading and 
volunteering. She reads voraciously and 
plans to write a novel in the fiiture, as well 
as to continue directing documentaries. 

22 • FcjII 2006 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine • 


m mm iium 


As the Class of 2006 graduated, a 100-year-mark was set: Sweet Briar's 
first students began their SBC careers, arriving on campus in 1906. 


"We have come to the end of our ceremony, and of your Sweet 
Briar years. This has been a festive week, a joyous time. But it is 
also a moment that bears real weight — a rite of passage martcing 
a time of countless choices. All spring you have grappled with 
decisions, many of which have not yet come into focus: there is 
the matter of where you will live, and how you will be able to 
afford to eat regularly, whether to pursue further study or to accept 
a job, and if so, which job; how to balance your short-term needs 
and fears with long-term aspirations. 

"Exactly how your future unfolds depends on decisions you 
must make now that speak not to career or locale but to your 
character. As a Sweet Briar woman, you have lived by an honor 
code. As you leave, you must decide how to translate our Honor 
Code into an honorable life, lived with the highest integrity. 
Decide now that under no circumstances will you deviate from 
what is honorable, honest and trustworthy, that you will do what is 
right even when it costs you dearly. Too few people in the world 
arc willing to do that. 

"You have pursued knowledge, learned to distinguish truth 
from attractive falsehoods. Faculty and staff, and your circle 
of friends, have insisted on forcing you to get to the bottom of 
things, to keep digging until you get the answer, to look clear- 
eyed at complicated issues. As you leave this beautiful campus, 
decide that a hallmark of your life will be to honor learning 
in all its forms; that when confronted with (.Icmagogucry. no 
matter how attracti\'e ov seductive, you will insist on truth; w hen 
confronted with mixed messages, you will insist on understanding; 
when confronted with easy oversimpHfications. you will insist 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine • www.alumnae, 

on acknowledging complexity. Decide that, before you leap to 
conclusions, you will do your homework, and fmd out the truth of 
the matter. 

"Above all, you have learned that Sweet Briar "s truest legac}' 
for you lies in the relationships you have formed. The wellspring 
of self-knowledge will always be what you learn from others; 
from those with whom you share values, and from those w hose 
backgrounds and experiences and religions and political leanings 
and opinions are different from yours. When you leave. Sweet 
Briar to move into a world where it is less easy and sometimes 
less safe to form such lasting relationships, decide that you will 
seek them out. The more you understand others, the more tul tilled 
your own life will be. 

"You have striven for excellence in and out of the classroom, 
and on the athletic field. >'oli lia\e learned to distinguish true 
achiexement from just "getting b>." Decide now that that same 
quest for excellence w ill mark your life. There are countless 
ways to li\"e a life. It is astonishingly eas\ to mo\c from hour to 
hour, day to day, \ear to year, all the while wilcllv busy — but not 
making much impact on those around \ou — let alone, the w ider 
world. Decide to li\c \our life intcnlionalK. finding wa\s to use 
your talents to make a positive dilfercnce in \our profession. \our 
community, your family. 

"Finally, at Sweet Briar. \ou ha\c defined \ourscl\es by _\our 
traditions, but you also ha\ e learned that traditions arc bom and 
die; they are not immutable. Decide now that you will always 
honor and \alue the past, but neither worship it nor repeat it. 
Decide these things, and \ou will both honor \our foundations and 
enrich the li\cs of those who come after _\ou. 

")()// hcloiii; lo ihc fuiwv. and you will have a significant hand 
in creating that futwe. Our expectations for you are veiy high. " 

Fall 2006 • 23 


Judith Martin, the syndicated columnist 

"Miss Manners," delivered the Commencement 

address, "The New Lady." 

All photos © David Abroms except as noted 

May 13th, one hundred andjorty-two 
graduates from 28 states, Morocco, Botswana, 
Jamaica and British Columbia received 
degrees (99 A.B., 29 B.S., 8 MAT, 6 M.Ed.). 


The Emilie Watts McVea Scholar 

The highest-ranking member of the Class 

of 2006. 

Stacy Kay Toiip. Martinsburg, WV 

The Presidential Medalist 

The Presidential Medal recognizes seniors 
who have a range of accomplishments 
comparable to those associated with 
candidates for Rhodes, Marshall, or 
Truman Scholarships. Awardees must 
have demonstrated exemplary intellectual 
Joanna Katherine Wood, Hopkinton. MA 

The Penelope Lane Czarra Award 

This award honors the senior who best 
combines scholastic achievement, student 
leadership, and effective contributions to 
the quality' of life at the College. 
Katherine Dobie, Lake Oswego, OR 
Renee Bernadette Modzelewski, Virginia 
Beach, VA 

The Connie M. Guion Award 

This is gi\ en to a senior for her excellence 

as a human being and as a member of the 


Guinevere Marie Reyes. Piano. TX 

The Walker Family Award 

This aw ard honors a senior with high 
scholastic standing who has a cheerful, 
positive disposition and shows w armth. 
generositx', and humility. 
Leigh Catherine Dairell, Chestertown, MD 

The Algernon Sydney Sullivan Award 

Established in 1925 by the New York 
Southern Society and perpetuated by the 
Algernon Sydney Sullivan Foundation in 
memor)' of Algernon Sydney Sullivan, 
this award recognizes one who pays 
careflil attention to everyday life, striving 
always to he kind and helpful to others. 
It is gi\en this year for the first time by 
Sweet Briar College. 
Michelle Leigh Badger, Plymouth. \4A 



Sister Meg Frier Stawasz '01; 
Jill Frier 

Olivia lingerer; sister Mary 
Ungerer '09 

Grandmother Martha Mansfield Clement '48; Aunt Sarah 
Clement '75; Mother Ellen Clement Mouri '80; Sarah Mouri 

24 • Foil 2006 

Sweef Briar College Alumnae Magazine • 


The Judith Molinar Elkins Prize 

The family of the late Professor Judith 
Elkins established a prize to recognize 
the outstanding achie\ements of a senior 
majoring in the mathematical, physical, or 
biological sciences, actively participating in 
the College community, and demonstrating 
the ideals and dedication to learning 
exemplified by the life of Professor Elkins. 
Cara C. Cheny, Chesapeake, VA 

The Lawrence G. Nelson Award for 
Excellence in English 

Colleen Elizabeth Karajfa. Staunton, VA 

The Leigh Woolverton Prize for 
Excellence in the Visual Arts 

hey Michelle Tabor. Chesapeake, VA 

The James Lewis Howe Av/ard 
in Chemistry 

Kimberly Anne Wilson. Aiistinbiirg. OH 

The Pauline Roberts Otis Award 
in French 

Courtney Patricia Matthews. Mahomet. IL 

The Delta Kappa Gamma Society 
International Outstanding Scholar 
Education Award 

Lindsey Greene Wydner Amherst. VA 

Alpha Lambda Delta Award 

Karliana Brooks Sakas. Springfield. ) A 

The W. H. Overly Award in Spanish 

Karliana Brooks Sakas. Springfield, VA 

The Juliet Halliburton Davis 
Environmental Studies Award 

Caren Joanna Meade. King George, VA 

The Juliet Halliburton Davis 
Environmental Science Award 

Kathleen Marie Wilson, Austinburg, OH 

The Lucile Barrow Turner Award 

Isabel Alice Moody. Alexandria, I A 

The German Embassy Book Prize 

Aw ard for an excellent academic record 
and significant contributions to the German 
program at Sweet Briar. 
Karliana Brooks Sakas. Springfield, VA 

The Goethe-lnstitut Buchpreis 

Aw ard to the outstanding student majoring 

in German or German Studies. 

Jessica SuseAnne Hershman. Leesburg, VA 

The Mathematical Sciences Award 

Jessica Ellen Mercier. Herndon. VA 

The Anne Gary Pannell Taylor Award 
in History 

Sarah Ann Hart. Raleigh. NC 

The Anne Gary Pannell Graduate 
Fellowship in History 

Karliana Brooks Sakas. Springfield, VA 

Professor of 
Classical Studies 
Eric Casey, 
Recipient of the 
2006 Excellence 
in Teaching 
AwarcJ from the 
Academic Affairs 

Associate Professor/Bibliographic Instructor 
and Reference Librarian Joe Malloy received 
the Shirley P. Reid Excellence in Service Award 
from the Student Government Association 

Caren Joanna Meade; Sister Cara Meade '01 

Aunt Wendy Weiler '71; Victoria Chappell; Cousin Caroline 
Kathleen '06 and Kimberly '06 Chappell '09 


Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine • v.-ww.alumnae. 

Foil 2006 • 25 


Master of Arts in Teaching 
(MAT) Graduates 

Front Row, l-r: Brandy 
Hall-Matson; Amy Bebco 
McCarty; Danielle Burton; 
Savannah Oxner 

Back Row, l-r: Lindsey 
Greene Wydner; Laura 
Brockman; Ginger Tripp; 
Samuel V. Wilkins 

^^^^^1 --A5C5fc-V KC ^^K 


I r* 

Turning Point Graduates, l-r: Marge Stiemly; 
LaVerne Paige; Melanie Campbell; Kerry 

M.ED, Graduates, l-r: Jason Clark; Stacey Hester; Rhonda Stinnett; 
Adrienne Arnold; Marge Hamilton; Donald Healy 

The George H. Lenz Excellence 
in Physics Av/ard 

Jeanette Ariel Kolonias. Lexington, MA 

The Kafhryn Haw Prize 
in Art History 

Sarah Ann Hart, Raleigh. NC 

Tye River Elementary 
"Big Sister" Award 

Stephanie Scherer, Natural Bridge, VA 
Tamra Kate Scott, Mayville, NY 
Amy Lee Walker Ciilpeper, VA 

American Association 
of University Women 

Lindsey Grace Wydner, Amherst, VA 
Melanie Hope Eanes Campbell, 
Amherst, VA 

The AAarcia Capron Award 
for Excellence in French 

Shanthi Sangeetha Ramesh, Richland, ML 

L'Alliance Francaise de Lynchburg 

Victoria Alexandra Chappell, 
Palm Beach, FL 

The Jessica Steinbrenner Molloy 
Award in Theater Arts 

Michele Ann Clute, Surprise AZ 

The Helen K. Mull Graduate 
Fellowship in Psychology 

Laura Elizabeth Pierce, Raleigh. NC 



Mother Helena Papis Rongel '65; Jane Rangel; Sister Victoria Rangel '04; Sister Christine 
Rangel '01 

Sneha Sharma >vith sisters Chhavi '00 and Shweta 
Sharma '01 

26 • Fall 2006 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine • 



Bonnie Caroline Bcaley, Liigoff, SC 
Cara C. Cheny, Chesapeake. VA 
Kelly Dawn Crist, Callaway, VA 
Suzanne Marie Hai-vey. Lexington, NC 
Colleen Elizabeth Karaffa, Staunton. VA 
Jeanette Ariel Kotonias. Lexington. MA 
Charts Nicole Lease-Trevathan. 

Warrenton. VA 
Margaret Elizabeth Loebe. Atlanta. GA 
Sarah Kate Martinez. Santa Barbara. CA 
Courtney Patricia Matthews, Mahomet. IL 
Jessica Ellen Mercier. Herndon. VA 
Lea Beatrice Pyne. Washington. VA 
Shanthi Sangeetha Ramesh, Richland. MI 
Karliana Brooks Sakas. Springfield. VA 
Kimberly Anne Wilson. Austinburg. OH 
Joanna Katherine Wood. Hopkinton, MA 


Joelle Marie Andrews. Greensboro. NC 
Jenna Lynn Annitage. Glenwood. MD 
Anel Avila. Phoenix. AZ 
Bonnie Caroline Baxley. Liigoff. SC 
Katherine Elizabeth Feiss. Helena. MT 
Angelica Helene Giiarino. Front Royal. VA 
Jennifer Rae Jones. Edmond, OK 
Julia Marie Lockwood, Spartanburg. SC 
Allison Elizabeth Mart ell. Chapel Hill. NC 
Maureen Kay McGuire. Lansing. MI 
Caren Joanna Meade. King Geoige, VA 
Lisa Marie Mollica. Lexington. VA 
Sara Ashley Ostrow. Raleigh. NC 
Jane Caroline Rangel. Riverside. CA 
Hollxlane Rilev. Gastonia. NC 

Kathryn Ann Robertson. Venice, FL 
Caville Stacey-Ann Stanbioy, 

Kingston. Jamaica 
Marguerite Massie Stiemly. Lowesville. VA 
Anne-Marie Walsh, Arlington. VA 
Kimberly Anne Wilson. Austinburg. OH 
Lisa Jean Wolff. Stillwater, MN 


Keriy Lee Mason Buxton. Gladstone. VA 
Cara C. Cheny, Chesapeake, VA 
Miriam Soon Choi, Oxnard, CA 
Kelly Dawn Crist. Callaway VA 
Katharine Hatton Dobie. Lake Oswego. OR 
Suzanne Marie Harvey, Lexington. NC 
Colleen Elizabeth Karaffa. Staunton, VA 
Jeanette Ariel Kotonias. Lexington. MA 
Charts Nicole Lease-Trevathan. 

Warrenton. VA 
Margaret Elizabeth Loebe, Atlanta. GA 
Sarah Kate Martinez, Santa Barbara. CA 
Courtney Patricia Matthews. Mahomet. IL 
Isobel Alice Moody. Alexandria. VA 
Laura Elizabeth Pierce, Raleigh. NC 
Lea Beatrice Pyne. Washington. VA 
Shanthi Sangeetha Ramesh. Richland. MI 
Cole Baldwin Shcmholtz. 

St. Simons Island. GA 
Sneha Sharma. Lobatse. Botswana 
Margaret Frances Shortlidge, 

West Grove. PA 
Julia Jane Stanley, Vancouver, 

British Columbia 
Olivia Davidson Ungerer, Lakewood. NY 
Joanna Katherine Wood, Hopkinton. MA 


Melanie Hope Eanes Campbell, Amherst, VA 
Jessica Ellen Mercier Herndon, VA 
Karliana Brooks Sakas, Springfield, VA 
Stacy Kay Toup, Martinsburg, WV 

CLASS OF 2006 

High Honors in 
Biochemistry/Molecular Biology 

Kimberly Anne Wilson, Austinburg. OH 

High Honors in 
Environmental Science 

Anel Avila. Phoenix. AZ 

High Honors in 
Environmental Science 

Kathleen Marie Wilson. Williamsburg. VA 

Honors Degree with High Honors in 
Interdisciplinary Studies 

Bonnie Caroline Baxley. Lugoff, SC 

Honors Degree with 
Honors in History 

Margaret Elizabeth Loebe. Atlanta, GA 

Honors Degree with 
Honors in Philosophy 

Joanna Katherine Wood. Hopkinton. ^fA 

The Page Family! Front row, far left, Barbara Rose Page TP '83; Anne Wise; Mother Anne Corrington 

4th from left: Margaret Page. 2nd row, 3rd from left; LaVerne Paige '04 Brown Wise '76 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine • 

Foil 2006 • 27 



Martha with family members, 

l-r: Dr. Richard Brown; Anne Clement '78; ^ 

Ellen Clement Mouri '80; David Clement; 

Sarah Clement '75; Sarah Mouri '06 

It is my great pleasure and privilege, as 
President of the Alumnae Association, 
to introduce Martha Mansfield Clement 
of the Class of 1948, recipient of the 
2006 Outstanding Alumna Award. This 
award, one of the highest that Sweet Briar 
College can bestow, was founded in 1968 
to recognize alumnae who have given 
outstanding service to the College in a 
volunteer capacity. 

We are delighted that Sarah '75, 
Anne '78, Ellen '80 and David Clement 
could be here to help celebrate Martha! 
There is also a brand new alumna, 
granddaughter Sarah Mouri, Class of '06. 
There are friends and classmates here as 
well. Will you please stand? 

"Outstanding" indeed — from her 
student days onward. A sociology major at 
Sweet Briar from Munfordville, Kentucky, 
Martha was an active member of the Glee 
Club, Choir, German Club, Boxwood 
Inn Committee, and the Committee on 
Lectures and Concerts. Secretary-Treasurer 
of the Sociology Club, she also was the 
Photographic Editor of the 1 947 Briar 

Martha has been a preeminent alumna 
since Graduation Day 1948 — and we know 
that she will not stop now. Her verve, 
vitality and "Never Say It Can't Be Done!" 
attitude won't allow it. A firm believer 
in education, she took graduate courses 
for teacher certification at George Mason 
University, UVA, and James Madison 
University. While living in the Washington, 
D.C. area, she was a teacher in area 
public and private schools for 13 years. 
Active in the D.C. Alumnae Club, she 
also served as National Bulb Co-Chair in 
the early years of the Bulb project 
and two terms on the Executive Board of 
the Sweet Briar Alumnae Association as 
National Chair of Alumnae/Admissions 
Representatives. In addition, she was a 
member of the National Council of the 
Teachers of English and a member of 
the Fairfax Education Association 
Advisory Board. 

Martha returned to the College as 
a member of the Development Office 
staff in 1978 and was named Director 
of Development in 1986, a position she 
held until 1989. During those years her 

accomplishments included completing the 
very Generations Campaign; 
beginning the Reunion Giving Program, 
now recognized as one of the nation's best; 
and reaching, the SI million mark in the 
Annual Fund. The leadership she provided 
these programs was critical; the College 
is indebted to her. She also was a member 
of the Council for the Advancement and 
Support of Education (CASE). 

While here, she was President of the 
Amherst Alumnae Club; a member of the 
Vestry and a Lay Eucharistic Reader for 
her church (Ascension Episcopal Church); 
delegate to the Episcopal Diocesan Council 
of Southwest Virginia; member of the 
Amherst County Parks and Recreation 
Board and the Amherst Humane Society. 

In May 1989, Martha left SBC to join 
Mark Whittaker, Vice President for College 
Relations (former SBC Vice President of 
Development), at Stetson University in 
Florida in a consultative position. During 
her time there, she served both on the 
DeLand campus and as Acting Director of 
Alumni and Development on the campus at 
Stetson's College of Law in St. Petersburg. 

28 • Fall 2006 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine ' 


In 1992, she returned to Sweet Briar 
to act as Interim Director of Development 
from February to October until the new- 
vice president and director were in place, 
helping the College in its transition 
of development leadership, giving her 
thoughtful wisdom, her humor, grace 
and countless hours of her time in order 
to assure a successful transition. Do you 
begin to appreciate the fact that whenever 
Sweet Briar has needed her, she has gladly 
answered the call? 

She said that she left Sweet Briar 
for D.C. in 1993 to enjoy retirement, 
but promptly took a job as part-time 
development consultant at the National 
Cathedral College of Preachers and later 
at The Campagna Center in Alexandria, 
VA. Also in "retirement," being interested 
in computers and particularly the Internet, 
she ser\'ed as a teacher's aide for a senior 
citizen computer class and still substitutes 
at the intermediate and high school level at 
a pri\ate school near her home. 

In 2000, Martha served on the 
Centennial Awards Committee to select 
the outstanding members of the Sweet 
Briar community during the College's first 
hundred years. Her interest currently is 
researching her KY ancestors through the 
Mt. Vernon Genealogical Society. 

Not one to neglect her classmates, she 
has served as class Fund Agent, Boxwood 
Circle solicitor and in 1997-98 was 
Reunion Gifts Co-Chair for 1948's 50th 
Reunion, helping to raise a class gift of 
S2S5.925 the largest unrestricted 50th 
Reunion Gift on record! 

Martha once said, "Sweet Briar has 
always been a high priority for me! I am 
w ho I am from this experience." She has 
demonstrated her commitment to the future 
cifthe College as a member of The SiKer 
Rose Society and as a member of The 
Williams Associates, having named Sweet 
Briar in her will. 

Ill' I hank you. Martha. ..for your 
steadfast enduring loyally and care. ..past, 
present, ongoing. 

We are so proud of you! 

Martha Clement accepts award 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine • 

Martha Clement Accepts the 2006 
Outstanding Alumna Award 

I will never be able to adequately thank all 
the people who made this award possible 
today. That help and support began many 
years ago. 

When 1 first came to Sweet Briar, we 
did not have Admissions weekends: there 
was no gas; there were no tires for campus 
visits. // was war time. I arrived at the 
Sweet Briar station in September 1944, 
a country bumpkin from Munfordville, 
KY. My dear classmate, Caroline Rankin 
Mapother for 40-plus years afterwards 
never let me forget that / always added "80 
miles south of Louisville on 31 W." 

Our class bonded together early. We 
had the bus from Lynchburg come in to the 
Quad to ride us into town. We had no cars; 
no dates the first two years: and actually 
admitted in one of our class songs: "When 
you come dow n to Sweet Briar in your 
Army uniform, you'll ha\e all the women 
hanging out of the dorm." 

We entertained ourselves with step 
singing, smoking on the arcades (it was an 
honor violation to smoke inside) or playing 
bridge in the Student Government Office 
in Gray. As I lived in Randolph for three 
years, we loved it when Helen MacMahon, 
our faculty representative, invited us into 


1 968 SBC's first graduates, Class of 
1910: Anne Cumnock Miller* ; 
Eugenia Griffin Burnett*; Louise 
Hooper Ewell*; Frances Murreil 
Rickards*; Annie Powell fHodges* 

1969 Edna Lee Gilchrist '26* 

1 970 Gladys Wester Horton '30 

1971 Mary Huntington Harrison '30* 

1972 Phoebe Rowe Peters '31 * 

1973 Edith Durrell Marshall '21* 

1974 Florence Freeman Fowler '19* and 
Helen H. McMahon '23* 

1975 Elizabeth Prescott Bolch '28* 

1976 Juliet Halliburton Burnett Davis '35 

1977 Martha von Briesen '31 * and 
Jacquelyn Strickland Dwelle '35* 

1978 Dorothy Nicholson Tate '38* 

1979 Martha Lou Lemmon Stohlman '34 

1980 Dale Hutter Harris '53 

1981 Ann Marshall Whitley '47 

1982 Preston Hodges Hill '49 

1983 Mary Elizabeth Doucett Neill '41 

1984 Nancy Dowd Burton '46* and 
Jane Roseberry Ewald Tolleson '52 

1985 Julia Sadler de Coligny '34* 

1 986 Adelaide Boze Glascock '40 and 
Sarah Adorns Bush '43* 

1987 Julia Gray Saunders Michoux '39 

1988 Evelyn Dillord Grones '45* 

1 989 Anne Noyes Awtrey Lewis '43 and 
Catharine Fitzgerald Booker '47* 

1 990 Margaret Sheffield Martin '48 

1991 Sara Shallenberger Brown '32 

1 992 Catherine Barnett Brown '49 

1993 Ann Samford Upchurch '48* 

1 994 Clare Newman Blanchard '60 and 
Mildred Newman Thayer '6 1 

1 995 Helen Murchison Lane '46 and 
Adeline Jones Voorhees '46 

1 996 Alice Gary Farmer Brown '59 

1997 Julia Mills Jocobsen '45 

1 998 Elizabeth Trueheart Honls '49 

1 999 Allison Stemmons Simon '63 

2000 Sore Finnegon Lycett '61 

2001 Nonnette McBurney Crowdus 'S7 

2002 Elizabeth Bond Wood '34* and 
Ann Morrison Reams '42 

2003 Ethel Ogden Burwell '58 

2004 Elizabeth Smith White '59 

2005 Normo Potteson Mills '60 

2006 Martha Mansfield Clement '48 


Foil 2006 • 29 


her apartment for coffee and offered us an 
ash tray so we could smoke inside and not 
out in the cold. 

Like many of you sitting here today, 
I found the time passed too quickly. I 
attended my granddaughter's graduation 
at Sweet Briar just two weeks ago and 
the story line of each student speech was 
how much they had loved their four years 
here together. By the time I had learned 
how to study and take exams; it was time 
for us to go, too. However, I did have one 
secret weapon in my physical makeup. . .1 
remember names and faces... and I never 
go anywhere that I don't run into someone 
I know and naturally, I start a conversation 
with them. For years it embarrassed my 
children. But it was no surprise for my 
friends when I reported that as I walked 
along the streets of Paris in the early '60s, I 
ran into two of my Sweet Briar classmates, 
Betty Johnson and Kitty Doolin. 

I'd like to be a student today, and 
explore the many opportunities that are 
available. But I have no regrets about my 
life to date. 1 enjoyed being an Arniy wife, 
a teacher, the mother of five children, 
the grandmother of seven; and a score 
of very good friends. I didn't complain 
about moving every three years. For me, it 
was an adventure "for the bumpkin from 
Munfordville ...80 miles south of Louisville 
on 31 W 

I truly am a lucky lady and I thank you 
for this honor today. My widowed mother 
and two brothers wished a happy college 
experience for me and my time at Sweet 
Briar exceeded all their wishes. My passion 
for Sweet Briar has never dimmed. I shall 
try to uphold the reputation of "outstanding 
alumna." Just find me another volunteer job 
and I'll be happy to do it. 

Thank you, Linda, Louise, President 
Muhlenfeld and the good people I worked 
with in Alumnae, Development, PR, and 

Martha surrounded by '48 classmates who came to honor her 

BE UNSOLVED that the Board of the Sweet Briar College Alumnoe Association, assembled 
on April 29, 2006, acknowledges with gratitude the extraordinary record of devoted service 
of our 2006 Outstanding Alumna, Martha Mansfield Clement, Class of 1948. She has beer 
a preeminent alumna since Graduation. 

While living in Washington, she was active in the D.C. Alumnae Club; served as Nationc 
Bulb Co-Choir, and for two terms on the Alumnae Association's Executive Board as National 
Chair of Alumnae/ Admissions Representatives. 

In 1978, she joined the Development staff, and from 1986-1989 was Director of 
Development. During this time, the successful Generations Campaign was completed; the 
Reunion Giving Program, recognized as one of the nation's best, was launched; the Annual 
Fund reached the 1 million $ mark. 

In 1 992, she returned as Interim Director of Development for four months while a new via 
president and director were sought. Her wisdom, humor, grace and countless hours spent 
assured a successful transition in Development leadership. And in 2002, Martha served on 
the Centennial Awards Committee to select the outstanding members of the SBC community 
during the College's first 100 years. 

She also has served her class, as Fund Agent, Boxwood Circle Solicitor, and Reunion Gif 
Co-Chair for 1948's 50th Reunion, raising $285,925, the largest unrestricted 50th Reunion 
Gift on record! 

And she has shown total commitment to Sweet Briar's future by membership in The Silver 
Rose Society and The Williams Associates, naming Sweet Briar in her will. 

The Board of the Alumnae Association wishes to express deepest appreciation to Martha. 
They do so by way of this Resolution to be recorded in the official Minutes and to be 
transmitted to her.. 

30 • Fall 2006 

Linda DeVogt '86 

President, Sweet Briar College Alumnae Association 

Louise Swiecki Zingoro '80 

Director, Sweet Briar College Alumnae Association 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine • www.alumnae.sbc.eau 


^85 1 


Julia MiWs Jacobsen '45 was here in high spirits for her 61^'. 

Edith Vongehr Bridges-Cone '41 and husband David Cone drove from 
California to celebrate Edith's 65^" 


Mary Beth Hamlin '76, Notional 
Reunion Giving Chair, gave hearty 
congratulations and thanks for 
their love and loyalty to everyone 
in every Reunion class from the 
5*" to the 50*" and beyond for 
on incredible fund-raising effort 
this year. Total for Reunion giving 
to the Annual Fund: $637,265, 
including gifts from the classes of 
1926-2001. Participation Rote: 
GIFTS from 2006 Reunion classes: 
$1,688,324. WOW! 

Five 1946 classmates enjoyed a 
wonderful 60*". 

Front, l-r: Jean love Albert; Bea 
Dingv/ell Loos; Anne Hill Edwards. 
Back, l-r: Helen Murchison Lane; 
Adeline Jones Voorhees 

Class of 1951: 12 alumnae, 3 
husbands gathered for Friday night's 
"official " Photo of 'Si's 55*" 

Janet Bromon Dingle '51 and 
husband Laurence joined the '51 
revelers Saturday 

Photos © David Abiams except as noted 

Each class made three announcements at Convocation: 

Reunion Gift to the Annual Fund (RG); 

Class Participation: (PART); 

Five Year Total Giving (to all funds): TG 

Sweet Briar Coliege Alumnae Magazine • v/ww.alumnae. 

Foil 2006 • 31 


Directed by Ruth Phillips 

Hollowell, 1956 took the stage 

to entertain everyone with four 

songs from their Senior Show. 

And they won the PARTICIPATION 



with 76%! 

Class of 1956: The 50'*^ Was A Success! 1956 came back strong with 
39 alumnae, 1 1 husbands, 1 son to enjoy a special dinner in their 
honor Friday night, beginning their Reunion festivities. RG: $72,458; 
TG: $150,543 

The Class of 1961 positively o 
did themselves at their 45*", ■ 

AWARD for the largest Reunion 
Gift, $1 18,190. PART: 63%; 
TG: $572, 409. Were they 
thrilled? You bet! 

1961 's Mary Cosby Rinehort 
(right) missed the class photo, 
but roving photographer Dave 
Abrams found her later. 

The Class of 1966 orchestrated their fortieth with fun and flare. And 
classmate Reverend Kenan Co/ton Kelsey officiated at the beautiful Sunday 
morning Service of Remembrance in the Memorial Chapel. RG: $41,968; 
PART: 40%; TG: $279,086. 

32 • Fall 2006 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine • www.alumnae. 


The Class of 197Ts SS^^" gathered 
31 alumnae, 3 husbands. 
Classmate Miriam Wasbabaugh 
Meglan coordinated the music 
for the Sunday Service of 
Remembrance, writing much of 
it herself, serving as organist, 
and leading the Alumnae Choir 
of more than 25 participants. 
And 1971 won the CENTENNIAL 
AWARD, recognizing the Reunion 
class with the largest total giving 
to all funds of the College, 
including Friends programs, 
scholarship funds, planned gifts. 
Annual Fund, and Our Campaign 
For Her World during the 5 years 
since it's last reunion: $2,635,546. 
2006 RG: $81,230; PART: 49%. 
(Note the Centennial Award in the 
class photo!) 

The Class of 1981 had a marvelous time at the Boothouse for their 25"^ 
Reunion Picnic — and for the rest of the weekend! — with 32 alumnae, 
14 husbands/guests, 16 children. They relived some of their college 
days with a unique Convocation rendition of "Give Me Just o Little More 
Time" by Chairman of the Board — the band they graciously sponsored 
to play during Saturday's cocktail dinner buffet. RG: $50,751; PART: 
48%; TG: $504,400. 

1976 came on young and vigorous for the 30*", with 18 alum- 
nae, 8 husbands and 2 children in attendance. Classmate Marsha 
Taylor Horton 2nd row, 3rd from left, held the Sunday Service 
of Remembrance audience captive v^ith her solo, "Great is Thy 
Faithfulness." RG: $92,870; PART: 40%; TG: $854,802. 

! ! 

L-r, Reverend Kenan Colton Kelsey '66 and organist/coordinator 
Miriam Washabaugh Meglan '71 following Service of Remembrance 
Reunion Sunday 

The Class of 1986: Intermittent evening showers didn't dampen the Class 
of 1986's spirits as they began their 20*" Reunion Celebration Picnic at The 
Form House; 43 alumnae, 10 husbands, 28 children (!) had a fantastic rime. 
CLASS Gin IN A 20TH REUNION: 560,698, surpassing the old record of 
$48,174. Part: 40%; TG: 1 15,186. 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine • 

Fall 2006 • 33 



The Class of 1991 celebrated the IS'*^ with elan; 26 alumnae, 14 
husbands, 1 children v/ere everywhere on campus. At Reunion 
Convocation, they won the PARTICIPATION AWARD FOR REUNION 
Their Reunion Gift vtras given in memory of classmate Arleigh Davis. 
RG: $7,655; TG: $1,516,191. 

The Class of 2001 v/as warmly v/elcomed back to campus with a Friday 
evening Cocktail party at the Deanery in honor of their first "official" 
Reunion. Arriving from 1 1 states and Belize (!), 21 alumnae, 12 
husbands/friends made the most of the S*" Reunion celebration. 
RG: $5,002; PART: 15%;TG: $31,563. 

The Class of 1996 mustered 28 alumnae, 14 husbands/friends, 
4 children for a happy lOt" Reunion weekend. RG: $13,325; PART: 
28%; TG: $30,463. They "let the good times roll!" 

Reunion is for everyone in the family! 


Ivana Pelnor-Zoiko received 
v/arm thanks from the Reunion 
Convocation audience as she 
prepared to leave her post 
as SBC's Vice President for 

Tennis, anyone? 

34 • Fall 2006 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine • 

Lifetime of Learning 
Alumnae Club Award 


According to Clay P. Bedford, "You con teach 
a student a lesson for a day; but if you can 
teach him to learn by creating curiosity, he 
will continue the learning process as long 
as he lives." Sweet Briar College clearly 
inspires its graduates to be curious and 
continue learning for a lifetime. 
Liz Homoki Titus '94, former Alumnae Board Academic 
Outreach Committee Chair, and the Academic Outreach 
Committee created the Lifetime of Learning Alumnae Club 
Competition in 2006 to celebrate those Alumnae Clubs who 
live by Clay's philosophy. Each year, the Academic Outreach 
Committee will recognize the Sweet Briar Alumnae Club that 
most exhibits lifelong learning through its events, and will 
award the designation of Honorable Mention to two additional 

Alumnae Clubs. Any Alumnae Club who has hosted an 
event with an academic aspect is eligible to win and the 
criteria is based on the number of academic/lifelong learning 
events each club offers, the size of each club, and the 
involvement of Sweet Briar College faculty in each club's events 
OS well OS the academic component of the event (museum tours, 
lectures, etc.). 

It quickly became apparent to the Academic Outreach 
Committee that it was going to be impossible to declare one 
winner in this the inaugural year of the award. Three Alumnae 
Clubs clearly stood out for having long-standing, amazingly 
v/ell-developed programs. Therefore, the Lifetime of Learning 
award goes to Vero Beach (Humanities Lecture Series), Atlanta 
(Living Room Learning) and Denver (College For A Day). 

Vero Beach Humanities Lecture 

For many years the Vero 
Beach Museum of Art 
and College Alumni 
Associations across the 
countrs' have helped to provide 
the Vero Beach community 
with a wide variety of lectures 
concerning issues in the arts 
and humanities by some of the 
country's tmest schools and 
educators. Alumnae of Vero 
Beach have participated in this 
program since 1995 and most 
recently hosted Sweet Briar 
College professor and Director of 
the College Museum. Christian 
Carr who provided a lecture on 
Francophiiia in the Gilded Age. 
Past speakers ha\e included 
President Betsy Muhlenfeld, Pam 
DeWeese, John Gregory Brown. 
Barbara Pern,. Rebecca Massie 
Lane. Bill Kershner. Dave Orvos, 
Eric Casey. Jonathan Green and 

Jeff Key. The event consists of 
a lecture provided by a Sweet 
Briar professor on a specific 
theme picked by the museum 
followed by a special cocktail 
reception for alumnae to interact 
w ith the guest speaker (next year 
the lectures will be earlier in 
the morning so there will be a 
cocktail reception the preceding 
night and lunch following the 
lecture). Betty Slanly Cates '63. 
who has been involved with this 
program from the beginning, 
feels this is a wonderful event 
for the community and a great 
v\ av for Sweet Briar to gel 
exposure in the area, especially 
for prospective students and 
guidance counselors. Erin Rogers 
"08 attended the humanities 
lecture as a prospective student 
and was thrilled with the 
opportunity to meet a SBC 

professor. Betty admits feeling a 
huge sense of pride when one of 
her fi-iends comes up to her after 
an SBC professor has spoken and 
comments on how outstanding 
the professor was. She also 
feels alumnae enjoy attending 
the events in order to connect 
with Sv\ eet Briar through 
updates prov ided by the faculty 
members. She feels lucky to 
have had so many alumnae in the 
area interested in this program 
over the years including former 
Chairmen of the Board: Victor 
Hcnningsen. Walter Brown, and 
Rccd Petersnievcr This event 
also has the potential to be a 
great recniiting event because 
prospective students don't need 
to travel all the way to Sweet 
Briar to meet SBC faculty. They 
can hear a SBC professor lecture 
right in their own backyard. 

A big Congratulations 
goes out to all the 
Alumnae Clubs who hosted 
acadcmieally focused 

Amherst/Nelson Co. 

Hampton Roads 
New Jersey 
New Yoric City 
New York Stote 

Veto Beach 
Woshington, D.C. 

(Ncxl year (he award rrcipicnts will 
refer Ixicfc to (he orij^nal /oroial 
uilli one uinricr and t«o honorabk 
mentions — onci: a club has won an 
award they aie not cli.giWf lo win 
a^ain (or five vfui'sl 


Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine • www.alumnae.5bc.eclu 

Foil 2006 • 35 

Atlanta — Living Room Learning 

Washington D.C. 
Alumnae Club Scholarship 

The Alumnae Club of 
Washington D.C. provides 
three scholarships for current 
Sweet Briar Students: 
1 .) Washington D.C. 
Endowed Scholarship, 
which is based strictly on 
merit and is to go to a 
freshman — renewable for 
four years 2.) The Vivienne 
Barkalow Hornbeck 
Scholarship Fund and 
3.) The Harriet Evans 
Wyckoff Scholarship. For 
the past two years, the 
D.C. Club has sponsored 
numerous events and held 
two annual dinners/silent 
auctions to raise money 
for these scholarships. In 
2005 the club raised, 
$5,000 and in 2006 
they raised $8,000 for 
the D.C. alumnae fund, 
which is the largest amount 
raised by an Alumnae 
Club in recent years. Janet 
WhitehursI Binder 75, D.C. 
Club President states, "The 
success [of these events] has 
been due to the enthusiastic 
and generous support of 
the D.C. Club Alumnae. 
We would like to challenge 
other Alumnae Clubs to do 
the same." 

For the past 38 years many 
Atlanta Sweet Briar 
alumnae's living rooms 
have been filled with lively 
lectures and discussions from 
college faculty during the months 
of January and February because 
of the vision Anne Sheffield 
Hale '54 had during an Alumnae 
Council back in the mid- '60s. 
Anne had learned about a 
similar program being run by the 
Cleveland, OH Alumnae Club. 
Once she returned to Atlanta with 
the help of Sue Burnett Da\is '32, 
Nancy Hall Green '64, Margaret 
Davison Block '54, Betsy 
Meade Hastings '56, Harriet 
Houston Shaffer '64 and Newell 
Biyan Tozzer '55 Living Room 
Learning was created. The 
program is designed for those 
who seek university-level lectures 
without academic credit. Anne 
explains, "The original intent 
was to schedule the Living Room 
Learning lectures at hours that 
young mothers of nursery or 
kindergarten age children could 
attend. It would be possible to 
drive a car group before and 

after the lectures." Living Room 
Learning is eight-weeks long and 
held every Wednesday morning 
from 10:00 a.m.-12:00 (noon) 
during the months of January 
and February. A professor from 
a surrounding University or 
College, such as Georgia State 
University, Emory University and 
Agnes Scott College, provides 
a lecture series on a designated 
topic. Most recently. Living 
Room Learning was hosted in 
the homes of Caroline Crumley 
Newton Smith '92 and Anne 
Sheffield YidiXt '54 and Professor 
Tom McHaney from Georgia 
State University lectured on 
William Faulkner. Over the 
years topics have encompassed 
a variety of subjects — literature, 
art history, American foreign 
policy, theology, social change, 
business ethics, and public 
health. Anne notes, "Most of 
our subscribers now are well 
past the young mother stage, 
in their sixties, seventies and 
eighties." She considers the 
reason for this may be that those 
alumnae who started years aao 

Denver — Co lege For A Day 

College For A Day has 
been providing the greater 
Denver Community with a 
forum for in-depth lectures 
and stimulating discussion for 
nearly 40 years. Professors from 
a consortium of different colleges 
including such schools as Sweet 
Briar College, Wellesley, Smith, 
Mount Holyoke, Skidmore. 
Bryn Mawr and Connecticut 
College present interesting and 
memorable lectures that make 
for a day of lively learning and 
spirited discussion. A professor 
from Sweet Briar College 
participates in this event every 
three years. Most recently, the 

Denver Aliminae Club hosted 
Eric Casey, assistant professor 
of Classical studies, who spoke 
to more than 300 people about 
Greek philosophical ideas of 
style and their influence on the 
development of moral character 
diuing a lecture entitled, "From 
Cosmos to Cosmetics: Ancient 
Styles of Order and Adornment" 
and in 2003 Dean Jonathan 
Green spoke on "The Aesthetic 
of Perception." When Sweet 
Briar facult)' is represented at 
College For A Day the Den\er 
Alumnae Club also sponsors a 
cocktail reception for all alumnae 
and prospective students in the 

as young mothers ha\ e become 
"addicted" and don't want to 
stop or perhaps the bright, young 
alumnae that are now graduating 
from Sweet Briar are entering the 
professional world. 

Newell Tozzer notes 
that the program has been 
overwhelmingly successfiil 
and admits to receiving hand- 
delivered registration forms 
from participants in order to 
ensure their spot in this first- 
come, first-served basis. The 
program is designed for 50 
participants with priority given 
to Sweet Briar alumnae (who 
make up about 50% of the 
participants). Alumnae from 
five other institutions in the 
area also ha\e participated. 
Agnes Scott alumnae liked the 
program so well they not only 
have participated but also created 
their own Li\ing Room Learning 
program that meets on a different 
day. Newell beheves people of all 
ages enjoy this program so much 
because it "is a wonderftil way 
to stimulate the brain dtiring the 
gloomy winter months." 

area. Many Denver alumnae have 
been in\olved with this e\ent 
including Judy Wilson Grant "66. 
Jane Merkle Borden "65 and Ann 
Lindquist '92. Club President and 
College For A Day committee 
member. Lesley Byers Bush '94, 
belie\"es that having an academic 
focus to an alumnae event gives 
purpose to the event and pro\ides 
for a large turnout. She also 
believes College For A Day is 
an excellent recruitment tool for 
prospecti\e smdents and parents 
w ho acmally get to meet a faculty 
member who might be teaching 
them in the fiiture. 

36 • Fall 2006 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine • 


Departure of Chaplain Guy Brewer 

Dr. Gun- Brewer left 
the Sweet Briar 
communit>' after 
Commencement in 
May 2006 to accept a faculty 
position as Associate Professor 
at Anderson University School 
of Theology in Anderson, IN — a 
fulfillment of a long-term dream 
that he might, at some point. 
share his pastoral expertise with 
ministers in training. 

Guy and his wife Rena 
came to Sweet Briar in August 
2001 from Jackson\ ille, FL, 
where he had been sening as 
pastor of a United Methodist 
church. He brought to Sweet 
Briar a lively intellect, extensive 
experience both in traditional 
church settings and as a college 
chaplain, and boundless energy 
and enthusiasm. He had been 
here only a month \\ hen the 
tragic events of September 1 1 . 
2001 plunged the campus — and 
the nation — into shock. Guy 
immediately provided a voice 
of calm and comfort for 
students, staff and facultj' alike. 
Throughout his time at Sweet 
Briar, that same care and concern 
came to be \ alued by hundreds 
of students to whom ""Chap" 
was a teacher, confidant and 
friend — roles he sen ed for many 
members of our faculty and staff 
as well. He had been here only 
a year when he was honored by 
our students with the Shirley 
P. Reid Award for Outstanding 
Service by a staff" member. 

Guy Brewer's legacy to Sweet 
Briar is not only the kindness 
and good counsel he shared 
with so many members of our 
community, but also the extent to 
which he sened as mentor and 
coach, engaging students in the 
work of the Chaplain's Office. 

and in leadership development. 
His Sweet Spirits, a group 
of young women who work 
together to develop programming 
in support of students' spiritual 
and character development, has 
included some of Sv\eet Briar's 
most distinguished students. In 
recent years, a first-year group, 
the Fresh Spirits, was formed 
as well, with support Irom 
the Chaplain's Office. Guy's 
leadership with the Ethics Bowl 
team, and his involvement 
and encouragement of service 
learning were hallmarks of his 
time at Sweet Briar, as was his 
"Open Door" approach and his 
sensitivity to and welcoming of 
students of all faith traditions. 

Chaplain Guy Brewer at 
Commencement 2006 

We wish Guy and Rena the 
very best in the ne.xt chapter of 
their lives. 

The Reverend Adam White: 
Interim Chaplain 

I \v 

everend Adam White, who knows 
the Sweet Brior community well, 
serve as Interim Chaplain for 
§ the 2006-2007 academic year. He has 
^ participated in a number of activities 
I on campus over the last several years, 
'^ and has built many relationships with 
faculty, staff, and students as pastor of 
the Emmanuel United Methodist Church 
in Amherst from 2000-2005. His wife 
Angela was one of the first four graduates 
of SBC's Master of Arts in Teacfiing 
program in May 2005 and she sang 
with the Sweet Tones. Their six-year-old daughter, Hannafi, attended 
the Campus Preschool. 

Adam comes to us from Mount Morioh United Methodist Church 
in Charlottesville, VA, where he serves os Pastor. He earned his 
AAaster of Arts in Religion in 2004 from Eastern AAennonile Seminory 
(concentrating in Hebrew Bible): his Master of Divinity summo cum 
laude from Drew University Theological School in 1998; and his 
Bachelor of Science from Eastern Mennonite University in 1995. 

We ore delighted to welcome Adam, Angela, and Hannah back 
to Sweet Briar. 

Reverend Adam 
White at Openining 
Convocation 2006 

The Sweet Briar 
College Board Of 

^ New Members 

Leigfi C. Darrell '06 
Chestertown, MD 
Sweet Briar College B.A. 

Jo Ann Soderquisf Kramer '64 

Master's Degree 

Essex Junction, VT 

Sweet Briar College, B.A., 

UVA School of Engineering, 

Master's Degree, Aerospace 

Engineering, 1967 

Director, Naval Defense System 

Programs, General Dynamics 


Karen Gill Meyer '63 

Scottsdole, AZ 

Sweet Briar College, B.A. 

Diane Dale Reiling '73 
Mercer Island, WA 
Sweet Briar College, B.A. 
John L. Scott Real Estate 

Retired from the Sweet 
Briar College Board of 
Directors. July 1,2006 

Julia Schmifz '03 
Birmingham, AL 

Sandra A. Taylor '74 

(Executive Commitlee| 
Richmond, VA 

Mildred ("Bee") Newman 
Thayer '61 

Whitefield, NJ 

Jane Tatman Walker '60 

(Vice Chairman] 
Indionapolis, IN 


Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine • 

Foil 2006 • 37 


Ivana Pelnar-Zaiko Leaves 
Development Post 

Dr. Ivana Pelnar-Zaiko stepped down from her role as 
Vice President for Development at the end of June 
2006, as Our Campaign For Her World drew to 
a very successful close. Beginning July 1st, Ivana 
served for several months as a part-time consultant to the 
Development Office, remaining on campus and focusing on 
campaign analysis, reporting, and the September Campaign 
Celebration Weekend (Homecoming 2006). 

Ivana joined Sweet Briar's senior staff in September 1999. 
In short order, she launched the largest capital campaign in 
Sweet Briar's history with a goal nearly triple that of our most 
recent campaign. Along the way, this effort won recognition 
for Sweet Briar in fund-raising circles, including a Council for 
Advancement and Support of 
Education (CASE) Region 111 

Ivana and her husband Ed 
(a retired research chemist 
who occasionally served 
as Adjunct Professor of 
Chemistry at SBC) were an 
interesting and important part 
of the campus community 
for seven years, mainstays 
at diimers in Prothro and at 
nearly every cultural event — 
reflecting their love of music, 
literature, and theatre. They 
regularly opened their campus 
home. Red Top, to faculty, 

staff, and alumnae for good conversation spiced with delicious 
Central European delicacies. And last spring, the graduating 
class named Ivana an Honorary Member of the Class of 2006! 

We wish her well in her next venture, as she joins the 
international consulting fum in philanthropic management, 
Grenzebach Glier Europe, in 2007. The parent firm, 
Grenzebach Glier & Associates, Inc., served as Sweet Briar's 
consulting firm during Our Campaign For Her World, through 
its Senior Executive Vice President and Managing Director 
Kathleen A. Kavanagh '74. 

We thank Ivana, whose legacy to Sweet Briar is the strong, 
professional development operation she insisted on and built — 
a legacy that will benefit the College for generations. 



Ivana Pelnar-Zaiko 

New Alumnae 
Association Board 
Members, July 1, 2006 

Gwendolyn Hickey Babcock '95 

Part-time Youth Ministries Support 
Specialist, Bethany United 
Methodist Church 
Dallastown, PA 
Young Alumnae Giving Co-Chair 

Michelle Badger '06 

Assistant Director of Annual Giving, 
Development, Sweet Briar College 
Sweet Briar, VA 

Sarah Betz Bucciero '97 

Teacher, Gold Hill Middle School 
Davidson, NC 
Region IV Chcir 

Elizabeth "Betsy" Peorson Griffin '62 

Executive Director, Museum of 

Printing History 

Houston, TX 

National Reunion Giving Chair 

Julie Hildebrand '96 
Region III Chair 

Mary "Mollis" Nelson Johnson '64 


Lookout Mountain, TN 

Annual Fund Chair 

Diane Dale Reiling '73 

Residential Specialist, John L. Scott 

Real Estate 

Mercer Island, WA 

Alumnae Nominated Member of 

the Board of Directors 

Eugenia "Genie" Stark '95 

Associate Attorney, Gibson, Dunn & 
Critcher LLP 
Jackson, MS 
Region VIII Chair 

Alison Stockdale '00 

Securit/ Specialist, Department of 

the Interior 

Woodbridge,' VA 

Young Alumnae Giving Co-Chair 

Elvira McMillan Tate '65 


Atlanta, GA 

Boxwood Circle Giving Chair 

CeCelia Valentine '95 

Assistant Public Defender, Pima 
County Public Defender 
Tucson, AZ 
Academic Outreach Chair 

Retired From The 
Alumnae Association 
Board, June 30, 2006 

Ethel Ogden Burwell '58 

Grosse Pointe Farms, Ml 

Lee Foley Dolan '96 
Richmond, VA 

Kimberley McGraw Euston '92 

Marietta, GA 

Judy Wilson Grant '66 
Littleton, CO 

Mary Betfi Hamlin 76 

Winnetka, IL 

Elizabeth Dunck Hayes '95 

Charlotte, NC 

Robin Rodger Heller '76 
Grosse Pointe Farms, Ml 

Anne Robling Percival '88 
Richmond, VA 

Ann Bruce Faircloth Porter '86 

Auburn, AL 

Victoria Rangel '04 

Riverside, CA 

Liz Homofe/'-Titus '94 

Bethesdo, MD 

38 • Fall 2006 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine • 


In this third article in a 

series addressing alumnae 

misconceptions about giving, 

Mollie Johnson Nelson '64 

encourages alumnae to join 

in the fun and volunteer, 

and Nannette McBurney 

Crowdus '57 answers 

planned giving questions. 

Mollie Johnson Nelson 

Crowdus '57 

The myth 


• "I love Sweet Briar and want to be 
involved, but I don"t know what I can do." 

• "I don't have a lot of extra time to 
volunteer and I don't remember all of my 

The reality 


Recently, a survey showed that Sweet Briar 
alumnae want to be in\ol\'ed with the College, 
and a great way to participate is to become 
an Annual Fund volunteer. A big part of the 
success of the Annual Fund is due to the 
wonderful volunteers who contact classmates 
and keep them connected to Sweet Briar 
and to each other. In 2006, the Annual Fund 
surpassed its goal and set a new record with 
giving totaling over S2 million. More than 
250 dedicated volunteers made this amazing 
achievement possible. 

Volunteering keeps you connected with 
what is happening on campus. It is also a great 
way to be in\ol\ed in making a significant 
difference to SBC and promotes reconnecting 
with classmates and getting to know them 
better. No prior experience is needed and 
the process is well organized and the time 
commitment limited. Volunteers are assigned 
only six to eight classmates to call and all the 
preparation is done for you, with plenty of 
support from the Annual Fund staff 

The best reason of all to \olunicer: IT'S 
FUN! We ha\e the proof — .Annual Fund 
volunteers feel so good about their experience 
that most return to Nohmteer again. The 2007 
volunteer leaders are excited about making a 
difference for Sweet Briar and working w iih 
alumnae from every class year, so join in the 
fun and volunteer today. 

The myth 


• "I'm still young — I don't need to worry- 
about planned giving." 

• "I plan on giving to the College, but I don't 
want to tell them about that yet — things 
might change." 

The reality 


Planned gi\ ing is an important w a)" to help 
ensure the continued financial security of the 
College for future generations. It is never too 
soon to begin to think about planned giving. 
As well as being easier and less stressful, early 
planning helps map out a sound strategy to 
ensure personal financial security for your 
future. The Development Office has materials 
available to help you consider planned gi\ing 
options and the staff is always a\ailable to 
answer questions and share information. 

E\eryone needs an up-to-date will. The 
next lime you re\ ise yours, consider adding a 
gift to Sweet Briar. If \ou ha\e made pro\ ision 
for Sweet Briar in \our estate planning, it 
is important to notify the College of >our 
intentions. No one knows what the future 
will bring and estate plans are not w rilten 
in stone. You can always make changes in 
your intentions, but letting the College know 
your plans now allows the College to plan 
better for the future. Become a member of the 
Williams .Associates by including Sweet Briar 
in your estate plans and lea\c your mark on 
generations of young women to come. 

To participate or to learn more, contact the 
Annual Fund staff at or 
call toll-free at 1 .888.846.5722. 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine • 

Fall 2006 • 39 


Palaces & Deserts; A New Year's 
Celebration in Morocco 

December 27, 2006-January 5, 

Village Life along the Waterways 
of Holland and Belgium 
May 4-1 2, 2007 

Village Life along the 
Dalmatian Coast 

May 29-June 6, 2007 

Village Life in the Dordogne 
August 2-10, 2007 

A President's Trip: Argentina, 

Chile, and Patagonia 

October 19-November 2, 2007 

Contact Melissa Coffey '9S. Tour 
Coordinator, Alumnae Office, for 
details: 800-381-6131: 434-381-6243: 



The newest feature of Banner Self Service is the ability to pull alumnae lists by class, state, 
club area, major and occupation! Go to ^rw^ and click to the right 
on one of the Banner Self Service links. 

Banner Self Service is a password-protected and secure Web site for alumnae of Sweet 
Briar College. Among other features, it has on online alumnae directory, called Find a 
Classmate. Using your usernome and password, you can log in at any time to update your 
personal information, search for contact information on alumnae friends and now, pull your 
own alumnae lists at any time! Contact the Alumnae Office at if you need 
help using the service. 

Back-to-School Events 
Were A Success! 

During the months of July and August, 28 
Alumnae Clubs hosted Back-to-School 
Events. While the events differed from 
dinners at a local establishment in tov/n, to 
dessert receptions and pitch-in picnics, the purpose 
was the same: to honor new and returning Sweet 
Briar students from their areas. Special thanks go 
to those individuals who planned and/or hosted 
an event. They include: Jane Hemenway Sullivan 
'78; Jeannine Daws Harris '80; Claire Purnell '81 ; 
Kerri Rowlings Burtner '97; Jennifer Crosslond '86; 
Lee Dolan '96; Katrina Bills '97; Linda DeVogt 
'86; Martha Holland '74; Megan Glover '99; Ann 
MacDono/c/ Carter '97; Down Martin '01; Sarah 
Betz Bucciero '97; Melanie Chriscoe '97; Elizabeth 
Baker 'GO, Denva Jackson '05; Kelly lacobelli '87; 
Camille Yow '55; Rushton Collaghon '86; Meredith 
Tillery '99; Kristy Judson Fetzer '77; Robin Juliana 
'97; Jessica Hiveley '97; Ethel Ogden Burwell '58; 
Dallas Steering Comm; Kit Newman Detering '76; 

Diane Dale Reiiing '73; Lesley Byers Bush '94; 
Mar/ Beth Miller Orson '86; Kate Dobie '06; Penn 
Willets Fullerton '66; Donna Prommas Duchow '86; 
and Robin Behm '79. Thank you again for helping 
to moke these events so successful. 

The Student Relations Committee 
Wonts to Get to Know You! 

The Student Relations Committee (SRC) is a 
small group of students who work towards 
enhancing communicofion and interaction 
between alumnae and current students. 
They have been very active this fall in strengthening 
this relationship through their large presence at 
Homecoming, hosting senior dinners at The Farm 
House, and spotlighting alumnae in the Voice, the 
student newspaper. To learn more about SRC check 
out their Web site at: vw(/ 
student_relations. They are excited to continue to 
meet alumnae this spring through their work with the 
Alumnae Office and their involvement in Advisory 
Councils and Spring Board. 

Homecoming 2006: -^ ', 
^ ' Women Who Go Out ^F ' 
i And Make A Difference Z 

n Look for complete coverage of Homecoming Weekend, 
W^ September 21-24, 2006 and the Campaign Celebration in the 
Winter Alumnae Magazine! 

40 • Fall 2006 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine • 



For more than 25 years, 
Sweet Briar College 
has provided quality 
^ residential, dining and 
instmctional facilities for 
academic and athletic 
summer programs. 

The Colleges gated campus, as well 
as its 3,250 acres of rolling fields and 
woodland traib, make it an ideal setting 
for summer camps and retreats. This past 
summer Sweet Briar hosted a variety of 
summer programs during the months of 
June, July and August including the Van 
Der Meer Tennis Camps, Prince William 
County Gift Art Program, Total Physical 
Response and Stor)'telling German 
Workshop, Merestead Sports Camp, Old 
Dominion Region Pony Club C3 and Up 
Prep Camp, Blue Ridge Soccer Academy, 
Difficult Run Pony Club, GIVA Soccer 
School, Virginia Sexual and Domestic 
Violence Action Alliance Annual Spring 
Retreat, and Alexander Technique: 
The 27th Annual Summer Residential 

For comfort and safety all of the 
College's residence halls are equipped 
with air conditioning, a water sprinkler 
system, and smoke alarms. In addition, 
Sweet Briar has consistently been 
recognized as one of the top colleges in 
the country' for the quality and selection 
of its meals. A variety of main entrees 
and side dishes arc offered with freshly 
baked pastries in the morning, and a 
large salad and sandwich bar for lunch 
and dinner 

Ijyou would like more information 
about Summer Programs at Sweet 
Biiar check out our Web site at: http:// If vou 
arc interested in organizing a summer 
program contact Nancv Herr at or (434) 381-6341. e-mail: 
Toll free phone: 800-381-6106 Fax: 434-381-6437 


^^^ At Swd Briar College 

1 0,000 square feet of conference space 
State-of-tfie-art audio-visual technology 
Wireless internet access 
Comfortably furnished lounges 
36 spacious rooms and 2 King Suites 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine • 

foil 2006 • 41 

recent deaths 


Alice Babbitt 

Mrs. Alice B. Hockley 

January 8, 2005 

Adeline Beeson 

Miss Adeline R. Beeson 

Dote unknown 


Virginia Chaffee 

Mrs. William M. Gwynn 

July 24, 2006 


Josephine Reid 

Mrs. C. Stephen Stubbs III 

July 1 7, 2006 


Mary Connoday 

Mrs. William A. Gore, Jr. 



Roberta Drone 

Mrs. Walter Ewing Jones 

May 21, 2006 


Elizabeth Kiniry 

Mrs. Robert D. Thomas 

April 10, 2006 


Jessie Davis 

Mrs. Robert L. Hall 

May 4, 2006 


Jane Gregory 

Dr. Jane G. Marrow 

June 30, 2006 


Lois Lear 

Mrs. Wendell R. Stoops 

May 27, 2006 


Alverta Hill 

Mrs. Samuel T. Thompson 

August 25, 2005 


Ruth Hemphill 
Mrs. John F. DeBuys 
July 5, 2006 


Eugenia Burnett 

Mrs. Herman A. Affel, Jr. 

June 28, 2006 

Helen Sanford 

Miss Helen J. Sanford 

June 1 2, 2006 


Muriel Grymes 

Mrs. Alexander Blumenthol 

May 10, 2006 

Nancy Littlefield 
Mrs. Daniel Stearns 
July 1 , 2006 

Dorothy Long 

Mrs. Robert B. Cousins III 

August 21, 2006 

Harriette Morris 
Mrs. Robert F. Holler 
May 16, 2006 


Dole Bogert 

Mrs. Dole B. Baldwin 

June 1 6, 2006 

Ann Gladney 

Mrs. William P. Gibson 

May 20, 2006 

Irene McDonnell 
Irene McDonnell Hill 
December 21, 2005 

Harriet Whitehurst 
Mrs. Frank Brownett 
July 1 8, 2006 


Thula Ruth Carroll 
Mrs. Edward A. Gibson 
August 9, 2006 

Margaret Sibley 
Mrs. R. B. Lewis 
August 7, 2006 


Caroline Fischer 

Mrs. Horace W. McKim III 

July 5, 2006- 


Dorothy Barney 

Mrs. Maurice J. Hoover, Jr. 

July 25, 2006 


Julio O'Neal 

Mrs. Prescott W. Gould 

June 24, 2006 


Sarah Bivins 

Miss Sarah A. Bivins 

July 16, 2006 


Joyce Fackiner 
Mrs. Joyce Bliss 
June 14, 2006 


Sarah Brothers 

Mrs. William T Oliver 

August 8, 2006 


Ann Anderson 

Mrs. George C. Stuckey 

April 19, 2006 


Joan Niles 

Mrs. James Tonsey 

August 5, 2006 


Laura Ives 

Dr. Laura G. Broun 

May 7, 2006 


Teresa Lioy 

Mrs. Clark Faulkner, Jr. 

August 8, 2006 


Elizabeth Brooke Hardin 
Mrs. Bruce R Randall 
July 14, 2006 


Mary-Byrd Schroeder 
Mrs. John A. Broun 
July 4, 2006 

If you wish to write to a member 
of the family of someone recently 
deceased, please contact the 
Alumnae Office for name and 

42 • Fall 2006 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Mogozine • 




Sara Callison Jamison 
2741 N Salisbury St No 3316 
West Lafayette, IN 47906-1431 


Martha Lou Lemmon Stohlman 
Pennswood Village D-212 
1382 Newtown-Langhorne Rd 
Newtown, PA 18940-2401 


Juliet Halliburton Davis 
2673 Belcher Mountain Rd 
Meadows of Dan, VA 24120-9801 


Katharine Nlles Parker 
22 Ashland St 
Boston, MA 02122 


Frances Fleming Bailey Brooke 
405 Jackson Avenue 
Lexington, VA 24450-1905 


Julia Gray Saunders Michaux 
Richmond, VA 23227 

Ruth Mealand Schwartz 
2242 Langley Circle 
Orlando, FL 32835 

Marion Phinizy Jones of Pasadena, 
CA flew east to attend her grandniece's 
wedding, also tfie daughter of her 
sister Logan Phinizy Johns '36. While 
there in Richmond, Logan gave Marion 
a luncheon party, inviting some area 
classmates, such as Emory Gill 
Williams. Carrington "Carmie" 
Lancaster Pasco and Adelaide "Polly" 
Boze Glascock. They had a grand time 

Margaret Dowel! Kearney has just 
moved to Vero Beach, FL to be closer to 
one of her sons. 

Jane Bush Long has very recently 
returned home to Augusta, GA from a trip 
to London and Paris. 



Ann Morrison Reams 
771 Bon Air Circle 
Lynchburg, VA 24503 

^iea-ncoi^iiOOZ: '?/(a^ IS -3.0, 3.007 

How good to hear from Alice William 
Glover. She writes, "I have remarried at 
age 84. My 3'" husband, after losing my 
first 2. He is Herndor Inge, Jr, a lawyer 
In Mobile, still practicing. We are taking a 
trip to Europe on the Queen Mary at the 
end of Apr., our delayed honeymoon, i still 
spend summers in LInville, NC where I 
have a house." 

All of us mourn the deaths of our 
classmates, recently GeeGee Moomaw 
Hall Ginny Cummings Davis Ruth 
Jacquot Tempest Eugenia Burnett 
Affel and most recently, our beloved 
Helen Sanford, who was such a special 
spark for all our class. 


Send your news to the Class Secretary listed with your class. If your class 
has no class secretary listed, please send news to the Alumnae Office, 
Sweet Briar, VA 24595 (E-mail: . Classmates want to hear 
from you! 

Secretaries may submit notes for every issue of the magazine. Please see 
that your Class Secretary receives your news before the deadlines below: 


Winter '07 
Spring/Summer '07 


November 1 , 2006 
April 1 , 2007 

Class Secretaries are volunteers elected by their class and are responsible 
for the accuracy of the class notes. 

Make sure the Alumnae Office has your correct e-mail address! 
Please send e-mail addresses to: 


Catherine S. Parker Silverman 
Monroe Village Apt E 1 1 8 
1 Bainberg Dr 
Monroe Township, NJ 08831 


Mrs. Pierpont B. Buck 
Alice Lancaster 
Covenant Hill Farm 
9357 Covenant Hill Lane 
Marshall, VA 201 15-9701 


Julia Mills Jacobsen 
4416 Edmunds St NW 
Washington, DC 20007-1117 

Mary Haskins King 
501 Kimberly Drive 
Greensboro, NC 27408-5021 

At Reunion we elected Jim Harlman, 
Jodie Morgan's husband. Class 

Mary Haskins King volunteered to 
write to those of you without e-mail and 
I will handle the other half by e-mail. I 
encourage those of you who avoid e-mail 
to try it. Mary has done the hard job 

because my writing deteriorates after 2 
or 3 lines. 

Julia Mills Jacobsen: I have had a 
couple of stupid falls resulting in a torn 
rotor cuff and months of physical therapy 
I can walk without a walker now but, let's 
face It, my golfing days are over. However, 
I have been able to get to Capitol Hill to 
visit the DE Senators and Congressmen 
lobbying for Home Health Care and Beach 
Restoration. I am still on the Board of 
the Med Star Visiting Nurse Foundation, 
and I live on the beach VERY close to the 
ocean in DE. In case the sea level rises, I 
still have the Washington house. I am at 
the Beach all summer and my doors are 
always open. I do see Harriet Wilcox 
Gearhart and David at the beach and 
tried to get them to come to Reunion. They 
never give up and are always cheerful. I 
have a family from the Philippines living 
with me, so I can stay in my house(s). I 
could never move my "stuff "—still have 
my blue books from highschool. 

Wyline Chapman Sayler: She 
loves e-mail and reports that 2 of their 
4 boys still live in St. Petersburg at least 
for the present, Henry has AMD and no 
longer drives but he rides his bicycle 20 
miles every Saturday and goes to the 
gym by bike or with a friend during the 
week. Wyline still plays tennis 3 times 
a week and Is busy with interesting 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine • 

Fall 2006 • 43 

volunteer activities. Henry and Wyline 
were instrumental in having The First 
Methodist Church open a columbarium. 
She still does meals on wheels and the 
Salvation Army One-Stop Center where 
the homeless are provided with lockers 
and mail boxes. Dale Sayler Morgan 
visited Wyline and Henry for a week in 
Mar Hilda Hude Chapin and Wyline 
talk often. 

Mary Haskins King: She and her 2 
daughters (Telle & Nancy) went to TN for 
a h.s. reunion at GPS-Chattanooga and 
Hilda Hude Chapin had them for dinner 
Friday night. They were planning to see 
Sarah Temple Moore. Mary's daughter 
e-mailed me volunteering to help get this 
together Thank you! 

Amanda Parsley Worth: It's hard to 
put 63 years on a post card, but thanks 
for askingi I'm still in Raleigh, still reading 
and cooking and knitting and walking. 
No more tennis — hip replacement — but 
some yard work. All 3 children live here, 
2 grandchildren at Appalachian, 1 in h.s. 
George died in 1 991 , which was the end 
of 42 years of great fun and satisfaction, 
but there are lots of friends and family 
close by and plenty of things to do 
and to look forward to. I miss our trips 
to Greensboro, but keep up with Ann 

Mildred Carothers Healy: Bill and 
I are doing well. Our real claim to fame 
is our 9 great-grandchildren. They are all 
just wonderful of course. "Mil" is another 
GPS grad and wishes she could be at the 
reunion at GPS. 

Hedy Edwards Davenport: All well 
here — Hedy just got back from FL where 
she winters in Ponte Vedra. The Mountain 
is beautiful and she was expecting 30 
children and grandchildren for Easter 
dinner "T'was great seeing you and the 
old timers at Reunion in '05. 1 thought we 
had held up pretty well." (ed note: I have 
some fun pictures from Reunion last year 
including one of Hedy If I learn how to e- 
mail them I will send them.) 

Dale Bogert Baldwin: Dale moved 
to Aiken, SC In Apr. '05 from Hilton Head 
— 10 Yz years in Santa Fe, NM before 
that. Her son Craig is in Aiken with her 
Her daughter, Delice, is back in KY as 
of May '05. 4 grandchildren; Jody is 
in medical school in the Caribbean, 
Hunter is in college in GA. Craig Jr 
mentors troubled teens in the state of 
WA and Elizabeth works in a college in 
FL, marrying in KY in June. Dale will see 
Joan Stover Kemper in June in Chicago 
at their 65''" h.s. reunion. 

Cappy Price Bass: Not much 
news of the Bass family They went 

to Delray early Oct. '05 and had the 
dubious experience of living through 
their 1=' hurricane "Wilma". "Flew back 
to Louisville for 3 weeks where we had 
power, telephone and gasoline (which 
Delray didn't!) Returned to Louisville in 
Mar for spring, and the next day we had 
snow. Exiting! We've stopped traveling, 
which we miss. But age has made the 
reason. No new grandchildren. It's hard 
to believe we will celebrate our 60°" 
anniversary in Sept. Sorry we missed our 
SBC 55^ 

Edie Page Gill Breakell: "You are 
wonderful to keep us together Wish we 
could do Reunion again! It was so much 
fun!! Let's strive for the next one!! On 
Nov 12, '05 my youngest son, James 
was remarried to a darling girl. It was a 
big, beautiful wedding and fortunately I 
made it up and down the aisle. James' 
older daughter, Courtney (11) was maid- 
of-honor and JB, James' son, was best 
man. What a happy time. Kristin is so 
beautiful and wonderful." 

Sarah Temple Moore: Sarah's 
husband, Tom, died in Jan. after a brief 
illness. They were planning to celebrate 
their 60'" anniversary with Bill and 
Mildred Carothers Healy in the fall. But 
she cherishes the wonderful years they 
had together All their 5 sons and wives, 
8 grandchildren were here for a glorious 
celebration of his life. Sarah is keeping 
busy with the art gallery now at her home 
and getting back to her easel. 

Leila Barnes Cheatham: Same 3 
attentive children, same 8 exceptional 
grandchildren. Annie married Rogers in 
'04. Leila V is an independent traveler 
Gilliam, son #2, has just left to return 
to Wilson, WY. He carries on the Textile 
tradition. MKT week on NY 1888 mills. 
Henry inherits financial expertise. Leila 
III comes when I have eye surgery and 
when I am off to Ash Wednesday and fun 
with friends, she returns to her mountain 
in Brevard, NC ASAR I hope all is well 
with you and all of 1945. 

Elizabeth Zulick Reuter: Age is 
catching up! My writing is terrible plus 
a Labor of Love, we are both doing well 
with a few physical problems here and 
there no skiing anymore but we dwell 
on the positive! Our great joys are the 
children and grandchildren, 5 in college, 
2 graduating this year. We also have two 
pretty great-grands; ages 3 and 4. 

Elene Essary Gill: "I am getting 
along quite well with Parkinson's. My 
nurses give me good care, my 4 children 
and 8 grandchildren come to see me 
quite often. My room overlooks our 
garden with all of my flowers. I enjoy 

reading about SBC and how well it is 
doing; my husband is a great joy to me. 
Best wishes to my classmates of '45". 

Maria Tucker Bell: "I'm still hanging 
in there and still in my house in Staunton. 
In '05, 1 was thrilled to welcome a great- 
grandson. Tucker in Richmond and a 
great-granddaughter in Charlotte, Grade. 
Also one granddaughter in law school at 
W. and L. all growing up too fast. Love 
having grandson — Thomas Bell III still 
here in Staunton. Hope all is well with 
you. Sad to have lost my sister" 

Frances "Pani" Mattoon Luckett: 
She is still working hard in therapy as 
she recovered from the stroke she had 
in '00 she hopes to one day make a trip 
back to SBC. She is active and eager for 
a fun outing. The Louisville orchestra is 
one of her favorites and so is trying new 

Elaine Krause Anderson: is moving 
to a retirement apartment in the fall, still in 
sun city west, playing golf twice a week — 
1 8 holes. Her son is still a missionary in 
Kenya. Her daughter lives in Scottsdale, 
AZ. She has 2 great-grandchildren. 

Joyce Livermore Foust: "My news 
is pretty much a repeat. We're still able 
to enjoy our rest of 2 months away from 
the cold each winter in AL on the gulf 
coast, then 2 months in Ann Arbor near 
family and old friends, then 6 months of 
our northern Ml lake home: then back for 
holidays in AL before we go south again. 
Our real news is that our granddaughter is 
to be married to a super guy in Aug. and 
wearing my wedding gown, 60 years later! 

Mia Hecht Owens: Mia lost her 
husband, Neil last Nov She says life is 
pretty lonely; however she is planning a 
trip to Europe on Aug. 1 4*" with her 23- 
year-old granddaughter They plan to go 
to Salzburg for the music festival and on 
to northern Italy 

Mary Kathryn Fry Hemphill: "I am 
well despite and because of some joint 
replacements. My activities still include 
church choir-attending concerts. Meeting 
for lunch with h.s. friends, but chiefly 
enjoying my children and grandchildren 
— and my sister Ruth Deston '54. Thank 
you for holding '45ers together." 

Mary Symes Anderson: "Forty 
years ago, in 1 966, we came over 
independence pass. Caravanned through 
Aspen and proceeded to Woody Creek, 
8 miles on down the road, bag and 
baggage, all 5 children in the car. Angles 
driving in the passenger seat with the 
family silver on my lap this year we are 
celebrating the anniversary of our move." 

Esther Cunningham Shay: As 
you know I live in Blue Hill, ME at parker 

ridge — a retirement community. I'm 
active on the board here; still spend the 
summer at our house on the ocean at oak 
point in Trenton, ME. I have just acquired 
a great-granddaughter who unfortunately 
for us lives in CA. Bob died 7 years ago 
but we had a wonderful life together — my 
3 sons and families all live on the east 
coast, so that is great — best to you." 

Ellen Gray Wilson: My husband and 
I live in a retirement community here and 
stay fairly occupied — we have 3 children 
and 5 grandchildren in WA. I'm still 
interested in hearing about SBC. My 1=" 
roommate there was Edith Farr Elliott 
and 2™ roommate was Betty Lou Girts. 
I don't know if "Boo" is still living. Edith 
died some time ago. My main job here is 
interviewing newcomers and introducing 
them to the community. My husband and 
1 are in good health and enjoy hiking the 
area. We get outside everyday I love to 
think of the beauty at SBC. 

Frances Estes Seibels: "I'm son^ 
that I am very poor at keeping up with 
classmates. Buzz and I are very lucky 
to still be able to attend graduations, 
weddings etc. of our grandchildren and 
travel a bit, summer in Canada as we 
have done for 50 years. Always love to 
hear about friends from Sweet Briar but 
never do anything about it. Tfiank you for 
trying to keep us in touch." 

Antoinette LeBris Maynard: She 
like many of us has had a few physical 
problems and is still limping. "However 
I try to see the children who seem to be 
scattered from one end of the country to 
the other I now live near Carol and family 
near Erie, PA. I just spent a few weeks 
with Libby in Eureka, CA. I will join Carol 
and Joe who are going to Amer U. to 
see their daughter Claire, and will spend 
a couple of weeks with son, Philip in 
McLean, VA at the Ashby bidg. 

Anne "Dickie" Dickson Waldrop: 
Anne lives happily in Salem, VA with her 
husband of 18 months, Luke Waldrop. 
She brought him to Reunion last year 
They have 9 children, 19 grandchildren 
and 2 greats. "Dickie" as always brings 
fun and joy to everyone especially at 
Reunion. "There are several birthdays 
every month and it is difficult to keep 
up, but we are managing. We went to 
Belgium last Feb. to a wedding. Luke 
and family kept a foreign student her 
senior year in h.s. here in Salem. They 
have been very close through the years 
and her daughter got mamed. We spent , 
the night in a castle where the reception ( 
was and it was quite an experience. Tlien ' 
we did some traveling in France. We are 
going back again in Aug. as the son is 

44 • Fall 2006 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine • 

getting married and they want us to come 
back for tils wedding, so we will go. Who 
knows where we'll end up this time! We 
manage to get to Virginia Beach now and 
then, but we live here most of the time. 
Reunion was great. Loved seeing you and 
everybody Luke had a good time, too." 
Ann Gladney Gibson's daughter 
keeps in touch with me via e-mail. Ann 
Kiecke writes mother tussled with a vine 
on the fence whilst enjoying the beautiful 
weather on Super Bowl Sunday and the 
vine won when it snapped, sending her 
to the pavement. After a long wait at the 
ER, she finally learned she had a broken 
hip and had to have it replaced. After 3 
weeks of hospital hospitality, she is finally 
at home and getting around just fine but 
slowly with a walker, ahead of schedule, 
according to the therapist who oversees 
her exercises several times a week. 
Next week we get back on the chemo 
schedule. So far, this year has been 
another "annus horribilis." 


Mary Vandeventer Saunders 

955 Harpersvllle Rd 

Newport News, VA 23601 -1 085 


Linda McKoy Stewart 

18 Osprey Lane, Rumson, NJ 



■ /.cu, ,6-^0, aoo7 

"As you prepare to bloom/do you 
compare yourself/ to the shy crocus/ 
that first life/ breaking through winter's/ 
debns? Or do you envy/ the dancing 
limbs/ and blowsy blossoms of the peony/ 
as it pirouettes/ in the breeze?/ Your 
eariy buds pinched back,/ in summer 
only green leaves compete/ with the 
ever blooming/ marigolds, zinnias,/ and 
petunias. Now that autumn/ is here, do 
you fret/ that frost will/ interrupt your 

"Late Chrysanthemums" is one of 69 
poems that appear in a collection entitled 
She Done What She Could, by Katharine 
Weislger Osborne, published in '02 by 
the Pure Heart Press of Charlotte, NC. It 
would be hard to find a more delightful 
hour or two of thoughtful reading than 
can be had with this charming collection. 
In '04 Katharine followed up with a 200- 
page book of essays, A Heap of Sun & 
Shadow unier the same imprint. To order 
either of Katharine's books and/or to 

have an interesting browse, go to www. . It's an imaginative, 
thoroughly original Web site. For 15 
years Katharine has been a columnist for 
the Salisbury Post. Judging from the 2 
above-mentioned books, it's evident that 
the Salisbury Post \s fortunate to claim 
her among its contributors. 

From Issaquah, WA, Margaret 
Dawson Hellyer also reports that 
an agent has accepted her newly 
completed novel. The Persimmon Tree 
and is circulating the manuscript in 
"the mysterious world of publishing." 
That interval between acceptance by 
an agent and a YES from a publisher 
is undoubtedly the most exciting; most 
nerve wracking chunk of time a writer will 
ever endure. Stay tuned and with luck our 
next class bulletin will can7 glad news of 
its forthcoming pub. date- 
News of Maria Tucker Bowerfind's 
funeral amves from Joan McCoy 
Edmunds, courtesy of Mary Stuart 
McGuire Gilliam. I^aria died Jan. 16, 
06 and as Stu reminds us, "a Yankee 
wedding can't hold a candle to a good 
VA funeral." The church, says Stu, was 
packed with family and friends and the 
service was followed by a glorious feast 
of celebration. There were scads of 
grandchildren, tears of course but also 
plenty of laughter as loving memories of 
Maria's remarkable life was exchanged 
by young and old alike. Also attending the 
service was Liz Ripley Davis, who, also 
according to Stu. "looks well and happy" 

Wenllian Jenkins Stallings 
in Moorestown, NJ continues her 
enthusiastic research in genealogy 
but still finds plenty of time to spend 
with her granddaughter, Victoria (1 4). 
One daughter, a special education 
teacher lives nearby and Pam, another 
daughter, recently moved to Springfield, 
IL where her husband is pastor of the 
First Presbyterian Church. Rumor has 
it that she was in the UK for Sulgrave 
Day; celebrated at the manor house that 
was the home of George Washington's 
ancestors. It's a grand occasion with 
maypole dancing, parades, speeches 
and, if luck holds out, plenty of English 

From Carol Blanton McCord in 
Cockeysville, MD comes word that she 
still travels regularly to New England to 
visit 2 sons and a daughter and still has 
a 2'" home in New London, NH. It's a lot 
of driving which doesn't faze Carol and 
she extends an invitation to all to visit 
her either in MD or NH. Carol's diligence 
that served our class so long and so 
well as class secretary is much missed. 

especially at this time of year when the 
call goes forth to send in your news. 

My own news is spectacularty 
uninteresting. I get into NYC quite often. 
Saw Alan Bennett's The History Boys and 
loved it. Went on a press trip to Malaysia 
in May and loved that too. In May '05 1 
had a complete knee replacement and 
after 6 months or so I was quite pain free 
in a knee that was quirky all the way back 
to when I was playing left wing under 
Miss Appleby's gimlet eye at SBC. This 
time around each of us who has e-mail 
was asked whether we should or should 
not abolish the Electoral College. The 
retums were divided evenly 50/50 so I 
guess we better not expect any dramatic 
changes in the near future! 

Finally, a reminder that the Alumnae 
Office has finally moved into the 21st 
century with a Web site by which we 
can track down a classmate, get her 
address, telephone and e-mail. Go to Click on Banner 
Self Service. It requires a bit of juggling 
getting up and running with it, but once 
established with your entry name and 
password, it does indeed work very well. 
Each of us was sent a mailing in Jan. '06 
describing the Web site. 


Mrs. David P. McCallie 
Maddin Lupton McCallie 
1508 Edgewood Circle 
Chattanooga, IN 37405-2435 


Catherine "Bunny" Barnett Brown 

4 Pippins Way 

Convent Station, NJ, 07961 

From the midst of settling into a new 
home and working to improve use of my 
2 new knees, your class secretary has 
gathered some notes for the fall issue of 
the Alumnae Magazine. 

Walter and I have been trying to 
get rid of many things we either can't 
accommodate or shouldn't keep, which 
I know many of you are also doing. Our 
new townhouse (see address, above) is in 
The Moore Estate, which is where Bishop 
Paul Moore grew up; we have quite a tew 
old friends here, which is pleasant. Our 
children insisted upon moving us from the 
old house to the new one while we were 
in FL, but there is still a lot left for us to 

do and I don't know where anything is! 

Walter was honored recently at 
Princeton, being made an honorary 
member of the class of 1 946 during their 
60th reunion. This was the class of his 
late twin brother Chariie, so now Walter 
can hang a tiger banner alongside his 
SBC one.. .and a Yale bulldog, too, of 

Don and Mary Fran Ballard Brown 
were on campus last spring for Reunion 
and enjoyed a special tour of Sweet 
Briar House guided by President Betsy 
Muhlenfeld and husband Larry. 

Larry Lawrence Simmons and 
Charles are taking a 2'" AK cajise this 
summer, since their 1^ one was a solid 
week of rain. They are excited that their 
granddaughter has a play titled "Strings,' 
to be produced Off Broadway in Dec. 

Another class grandchild hitting 
the big time is Tom Hagan, Alice Trout 
Hagan's eldest, who has just signed with 
the Pittsburgh Pirates. Alice has enjoyed 
watching him play in Charlottesville, and 
on one occasion met a cousin of Dot 
Rouse Bottom's who recalled attending 
May Day on campus when Dot was our 

Sally Melcher Jarvis had a 
cheerful note from Beth Jansma Gorier 
explaining that she really has the normal 
quota of legs, though she has in actual 
fact had a total of 5 hips! It's nice to 
hear her spirit after losing Kaspar several 
months ago, 

Mary Louis Stevens Webb also 
sadly lost dear Rutledge last spring, and 
a month or so later gained a daughter- 
in-law as young Rutledge was married. 
Stevie is living in Bishop Gadsden 
Retirement Village, along with Goodie 
Geer DiRaddo and several other 
Charieston friends and Briarites. 

Alice Dulaney Sheridan is still 
working at All South Realty in FL. She 
went to the Spoleto/Charieston festival 
and plans to visit her sister in Florence 
during the summer She was especially 
saddened by the death of her former 
roommate, Nell Boushall Steed after 
a fall. 

I had a wonderful chat with Pat 
Brown Boyer the other day (June) and 
heard about her new and T-' grandson. 
Nicolas Robert Boyer, who attended the 
graduation of his mother, Pat's daughter- 
in-law. from the Kellogg Executive School 
of Business at Northwestern U. as Pat 
looked on proudly Earlier last spring, Pat 
enjoyed a tour of Austria and the Czech 

Gene and Preston Hodges Hill 
manage to enjoy lite in Denver and 

Sweef Briar College Alumnae Magazine • 

Foil 2006 • iS 

Aspen despite Gene's ongoing chemo 
tlierapy and Preston's propensity to slip 
occasionally on the icy patches. 

They may have a visit during the 
summer from Yorke and Ann Henderson 
Bannard, who were planning an auto trip 
to visit several friends during the summer. 
Ann was recently the subject of news 
coverage in Tucson when she exhibited a 
number of her art works, this time giant 
bugs made from PVC pipe. They are 
amazing and the photos of tiny Ann with 
these huge bugs are charming. If you use 
a computer, go to Arizona Daily Sfarand 
search for "Conduit Creatures" in their 

Kitty Hart Belew's daughter was 
married last winter, and she tells me she 
and Mag Towers Talman went to SBC 
recently for a lecture and enjoyed staying 
in the Garden Cottage. Mag is living at 
Westminster Canterbury in Richmond, 
along with Carolyn Casey Lindemann 
and Libby Trueheart Harris. 

Judy Baldwin Waxter called from 
WV where she and Bill were enjoying a 
stay at their mountain hideaway. They 
continue to work on environmental 
issues, now primarily the widespread use 
of insecticides. 

June Eager Finney is about 
to complete her project of painting 
portraits of all of her grandchildren, now 
just one to go. These will certainly be 
family treasures. June's grandchildren 
are working their way through various 
colleges and she enjoyed graduation at 
UVA this spring, a nostalgic journey. 



Patricia Halloran Salvadori 
9 N. Stratford Road 
Arlington Heiglits, IL 60004-6521 


Mary C. Emery Barnhill 
2 Borquine Way 
Bluffton, SC 29909-6557 


Mrs. William E. Katz 
Martha Legg Katz 
11 Sunset Rd 
Weston, MA 02493-1623 

ci^ - , , ,- ^- ■ -. ., 

Isabel Grayson Parish 

685 Diamond Head Drive South 

Pinehurst, NO 28374 


Constance Bruce Watts Krucke 
7352 Toogoodoo Road 
Yonges Island, SC 29449-6006 


Kathryn Beard 
1074 Zanzibar Lane 
Plymouth, MN 55447 

A quick note for the fall issue! Our Apr. 
mini-reunion was a great success. 5 of us 
met in Charlotte, NC for a long weekend. 
Didi Stoddard. Fritz Merriman Naylor. 
Ginger Chamblin Greene. Amanda 
McThenia lodice and I stayed at the 
Ramada Inn and enjoyed a very special 
reunion with Dr Sidney Freeman. It had 
been 55 years since we had seen him 
and he had scarcely changed a bit. We 
were grayer than he! We met his lovely 
wife, ate at his favorite restaurant and 
were shown his beautiful city. We were 
all very glad we had come! Watch for 
the post card enclosure in the winter 
Alumnae Magazine and send me your 


Martha "Macie" Clay Nichols 
3928 Old Brownsboro Road 
Louisville, KY 40207 

Meredith Smyth Grider 
1307 Killiney Place 
Louisville, KY 40207 

IVIacie and Meredith have left SBC 
behind and are reflecting, on our way to 
Louisville, about the beautiful campus 
and wonderful 50'" Reunion we enjoyed 
over the Memorial Day weekend. This 
was a special one for those of us who 
represented the "spirit of 56" as we 
renewed friendships and blended the 
old memories with the new surrounding 
of the campus. It has changed since 

our day; lovely new buildings and areas 
different than we knew for meals, classes 
and the essentials such as the post office 
and the bookstore. There are changes 
every place and there seem to be few 
restrictions. But that is just the tip of the 
iceberg. . . Nancy St. Clair Tall summed 
it up for the gathered assembly with her 
remarks which are quoted below. Sweet 
Briar put on a wonderful party and the 
weather was perfect which meant the 
campus looked and felt beautiful. At 
the convocation President Muhlenfeld 
and several professors discussed the 
curriculum changes and the expansion 
of areas of study which now allows 
for the freedom and responsibility of 
designing a course of study as well as 
openness between faculty and students. 
Lots of new and exciting programs that 
are enhanced by the new buildings and 
it was an amazing experience to see 
it all. At the convocation the Reunion 
classes announced the results of their 
fund raising efforts and we were the 
stars. Out class raised $72,458 under 
the leadership of Barbara Clinton and 
her hard working committee. And we 
sang songs from out senior play which 
had been directed by Ruth Phillips and 
written by Nancy St. Clair and Ella 
Prince Trimmer with music by Julie 
Jackson. These songs were from "The 
Virgins of Menace" with an updated verse 
written by Nancy to fill in the 50 years 
since. Those of you who could not attend 
would have been proud of their efforts on 
stage in '06. We had fun! 

Excerpt from our Senior Play: "Most 
of you can't imagine what it was like/ 
Before the Pill or any readily available 
contraceptive. Before Equal Pay for Equal 
Work/ Before something like NOW and 
ERA was as ridiculous an idea as a real 
man on the moon/ Before anyone came 
out of the closet, much less a bishop 
of the Episcopal Church/ Before your 
father glowed with pride if you spoke 
of graduate school, medical or law 
school/ Before you ever heard the four- 
letter words some children use on the 
playground. Ih addition, here's what it 
was like, "Nice girls were good giris 
from prudence or fear at least as often 
as from virtue/ The glass ceiling was also 
a glass door through which only nurses, 
teachers, and secretaries entered/ The 
unmarried were old maids at 23 and 
pitiable at 30/ Most fathers, given a 
choice, would rather have a MRS that an 
AB for his SB tuition." 

It was in this culture that Ella Prince 
Trimmer wrote the book, and Julia 
Jackson, with Anne Greer, wrote the 

music for our senior show. "The Virgins 
of Menace," based loosely on "The 
Merchant of Venice" (think Kiss me, Kate), 
spoofed us all, recognizing that we were 
as smart as our brothers and boyfriends 
with as rigorous an education — often 
a better one. Anne went on to 5 piano 
recitals and concerts. We dedicate this 
reprise to Prince, who in a very full 
life received an MA at Yale, became a 
well known scholar of American art, 
particularly that of the South, and turned 
down a request to head the history of art 
department here in order to bring up her 
daughters full-time, and Julie, whose 
untimely death left us her wit, her talent, 
and her unfulfilled potential. 

Sadly, we must also report, Joyce 
Fackiner Bliss passed away on June 
14th. Julie Bliss Chan, her daughter, 
shared with us that Joyce debated about 
making the long trip this past May from 
NJ to attend her 50th Reunion and 
decided to come! Julie was so relieved 
that she came to campus and that 
she got to see her Sweet Briar friends 
before she passed away. Julie's contact 
information is: Julie Bliss Chan, 3 Deer 
Hill Road, Chester, NJ 07930/ 908-879- 
3825 if you would like to contact her 


Carol Young McMurtry 
10 WoodstoneSq 
Austin, TX 78703 

^^o^^uc-t^ aoo7: 7?7a^ 18-a.o, a.oo7 1 


Jane Shipman Kuntz 
222 Irving Ave 
Dayton, OH 45409-2405 


Mary Ballou Handy Ballentine 
6317 Three ChoptRd 
Richmond, VA 23226-3134 


Lura Coleman Wampler 
Little Place Farm 
1406 Thomas Rd 
Wayne, PA 19087-1318 

46 • Fall 2006 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine • 



Bette Mutchins Sharland 
1724 Aberdeen Circle 
Crofton,IVlD 21114-1618 

1 members of the Class of 1 961 
assembled at tfie pavillion by the pool 
at Brad and Bee Newman Thayer's 
farm, Kenmore, Saturday afternoon, May 
27. Winifred Storey Davis began by 
saluting the 4 co-chairmen of the class 
tundraising committee, Mary Cosby 
Rinehart, Willia Fales Ecl<enburg 
iVIary Denny Scott Wray and Cellia 
Williams Dunn. Our class far exceeded 
its goal by giving $1 1 5,000., and had 
63% participation. 

There was a discussion about 
increasing communication within the 
class by getting e-mail addresses for 
more classmates. Saying that the class 
needs someone with a sense of humor, 
Winifred nominated Louise Cobb 
Boggs to be our president for the next 
5 years. Everyone was glad when she 
accepted. Bette Hutchins Sharland 
will continue to need classmates' help in 
getting together class notes and sharing 
news. The 5 tundraising chairs agreed 
to continue their good work for our 50" 
Reunion gift. 

Celia Williams Dunn recommended 
the Friends of Art as a worthy 
organization. Funds given to these 
Friends are usually used for acquisitions, 
particularly contemporary women artists' 
worl< on paper. If art is donated, it carries 
no strings as to the College's use of it. 
Celia also mentioned that the Anne Gary 
Pannell Gallery needs to be fitted with 
climate control. She added that the new 
"arts barn" is an interesting and fun place 
to visit on campus. A notable effort to 
maintain and beautify the campus is on- 
going, using low-maintenance plants. 

Lool<ing ahead to our 50" ReUnion 
and our class's skit during Convocation, 
Winifred mentioned that Catherine 
Caldwell Cabaniss had contributed a lot 
to our Senior Show. Louise demonstrated 
a fine recall of some of the songs from 
that triumph. 

Meeting adjourned. 

Those present included Winifred 
Storey Davis. Louise Cobb Boggs 
Willia Fales Eckerberg Jane Garst 
Lewis Judy Greer Schultz Bette 
Hutchins Sharland Bee Newman 
Thayer Mary Denny Scott Wray 
Margaret Storey Wasson, and Celia 
Williams Dunn Excused were Babs 
Childrey Fowler, on her way back to her 

3 Calvins, and Mary Cosby Rinehart. 

who was making the longest drive 
of the afternoon at the Alumnae Golf 

At the morning Convocation, 
President Muhlenfeld described current 
programs of the College, and assured us 
that Sweet Briar's Master of Education 
program has graduated 3 men, one 
wearing "long hair and a skirt (kilt)". Our 
Class was presented an award for having 
made the largest ReUnion Gift Ever at 
a 45" Reunion (as we did at our 25th 
Reunion). The "Virgins of Menace", the 
Class of '56, were out in force, and the 
class of '46 was presented. 

Mary Denny called our attention 
to Molly Haskell Sarris' regular 
commentary before the Turner Classic 
Movies, which Judy got on a hospitality 
room television. Staff had festooned 
the pool table (!) in our hospitality room 
with crepe paper. At the Saturday dinner, 
we pushed 2 tables together outside, 
and enjoyed great food and informal 
conversation through a lovely spring 
evening. A Sunday highlight was the 
comparison of knee surgery scars by 3 of 
us who continue to step lively 


Parry Ellice Adam 
33 Pleasant Run Rd. 
Flemington, N.J. 08822 
Momadi © 


.>,.f<; -is-zo. a.007 

Bettye Thomas Chambers and 

Al returned to DC after 2 Vi years in 
England where they saw many SBC 
alumnae passing through. Their stay 
overlapped with that of Adele Vogel 
Harrell and Parker who lived there for 
much of the same time. Bettye 's favorite 
"club affiliation" is the Movie Group in 
Lynchburg where she regularly sees 
Jocelyn Palmer Connors and Mina 
Walker Wood, as well as Betty Forsyth 
Harris '60 and wodd-famous author 
Jessica Bemis Ward '63. 

Beverly Smith Bragg Jeans. "After 
8-H years of widowhood, I remarried. His 
name is John Jeans and he had also 
lost his spouse Pat, one of my closest 
friends, to cancer. He and I had also been 
co-teaching an adult Sunday school class 
together. Sally Bumbaugh was the 1 ' 
person to know about our engagement 
which was to be announced to a group of 
friends at a house party in South Carolina. 
Ann Henry Lake was the first one to call 

after our announcement. 1 had given Sally 
my permission to tell her. 

Last year in Baja I had become 
interested in whales, and this Jan. 
John joined me for a whale watching 
Elderhostel in Maui. In Mar. we visited 
(on the phone) in Houston Scotty Brice 
Griffey (and in person) in Corpus the 
Mitchell Wommacks (Barbara Ballard) and 
in route to John's place at South Padre 
Island. We had a terrific visit with Pres 
and Jan Oneal Gould in early Apr (a visit 
we have usually had every spring when 
she returned to AL on business) & this is 
the reason for my note at this time. Jan 
died of a massive stroke on June 23. Just 
a few months before her arteries had 
checked out fine. I am devastated. Our 2 
families go back 4 generations. In order 
to collect all of her family from England 
and Australia, the memorial service will 
not be held until Aug. 22. John and I 
honeymooned in Central Europe. We are 
both music lovers — and he knows music 
— so Vienna, Prague, Budapest and 
particularly Salzburg in Mozart's 250th 
anniversary year — made sense. No other 
big trips this year, but a series of small 
ones. He loves to travel tool! 

Eleanor "Sue" Smith Benisch has 
returned to Ithaca after many years in 
NYC and is enjoying a real estate career. 
She would love to hear from anyone in 
that area. Her phone is 607-257-7537. 

I will be peppering you with 
information and ideas for our own 
Reunion next year If you have any 
comments now, please speak up. All input 
is most welcome. 

News from the home front: our 
daughter Aubrey '89 and Jim had a 
baby boy on June 1 3 to join Eva (4 Yi) in 
Duxbury MA. 

Virginia "Ginger" Borah 
Slaughter; "I moved to Highlands, 
NO over 4 years ago and am having 
a wonderful, fruitful time here in this 
lovely mountain community. Serving on 
the town's Planning Board, chairing the 
board's free health clinic we launched 
6 months ago, working with a steering 
committee to develop a park downtown, 
and singing with the Presbyterian choir. 
Life is full and I love it! 


Allie Stemmons Simon 
3701 Guadalajara Court 
Irving, Texas 75063 

Wedding bells seem a good way to start! 
Judy Johnson Varn Hays writes that 
in Feb., '06, after 5 years as a fairly 
content widow, she married Spurgeon 
Hays who swept her off her feet in a 9 
month courtship! Spurgeon is a retired 
Episcopal priest. They are living in Atlanta 
where all 4 children and 6 grandchildren 
are located, and spend time in north GA 
at their lake house. Judy says "Life is 
good!" Mary Lou Morton Seilheimer 
says now that both children are married 
her special interests are gardening, the 
Boys and Girls Club of Orange (VA) and 
the Garden Club of VA for which she has 
just become Chairman of the Restoration 
Committee, a big 2 year commitment. 
Karen Gill Meyer reports that since 
she and Jim love what they do at Smith 
Barney they have decided not to retire but 
took on a partner, a former classmate of 
their son's. Karen's big news is that she 
will be going on the Sweet Briar Board of 
Directors in July Carol Crowley Karm 
didn't last long in retirement — she has 
launched her own business, Carol Karm 
Communications, creating marketing, 
public relations, corporate communication 
and Web content material — and says 
she wishes she'd done it a long time 
ago Ann Funkhouser Strite-Kurz 
e-mailed from her son's house in San 
Jose, CA where she was visiting before 
doing a west coast teaching tour in 
needlework. Afterward Bill will join her for 
some leisure time on the Russian River 
and in San Francisco. Ann is working on 
her 5'" self-published needlework book. 
Katharine Haskell Subramanlan has 
completed training to become a Habitat 
Steward through the National Wildlife 
Federation, learning how to create 
wildlife-friendly places using native plants 
as much as possible. Her yard has been 
certified as a Wildlife Habitat and she 
says one of her joys is finding the critters 
who take refuge there. Katherine also 
travels and sings with the Norristown 

Lots of travel! Jane Goodridge 
and George loved transiting the Panama 
Canal on Seaboum last Feb. and met 
some friends of Ginger and Ed Mitchell 
on board. Jane said seeing the Canal was 
an amazing experience and recommends 
David McCullough's The Path Between 
the Sea to deepen appreciation of it Ann 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine • w>ww,alumnae. 

Fall 2006 • 47 

Knickerbocker McCulloch reports 
that '06 has a Middle Eastern flavor 
for her. After she completed her 2nd 
semester, 2nd year Hebrew, Bill took her 
to a Middle Eastern country where they 
taught English with a Non-Governmental 
Agency. Barby Rockefeller Bartlett and 
John were fortunate to travel to China 
with a small group led by Dr. William Wu 
in Jan. They saw parts of the country 
most people do not have an opportunity 
to see. Barby says, "What an amazing 
study in contrasts. What an amazing 
country!" Barby and John have 2 marned 
sons and 3 grandchildren, all in the DC 
area. Julia Arnold Morey and Russ 
will leave their new home in Lewes, DE, 
this summer to travel to Nova Scotia, 
take 2 granddaughters to Williamsburg, 
and go to the Outer Banks in Aug. and 
to Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons in 
Sept. Betty Stanly Gates will be taking 
another Mediterranean cruise on Sea 
Cloud 11 \n Sept. then has rented Valerie 
Elbrick's apartment in Paris for a week. 
Betty saw Gini Joachim Baldwin in 
May when she was in Vero Beach visiting 
her mother and they had lunch with 
Nancy Galdwell Briggs. 

Prue Gay Stuhr sends "family 
news" — she and Ed have welcomed 
twin grandsons and Prue says "I 
thought that Infant care would remain 
one of life's mysteries to me but I have 
experienced it!" Ed's eldest daughter, 
Heidi, was married in May. Prue also 
enjoys training their Dalmatian, Cole, 
to be a "good companion at home." 
Maxine Tichenor Green, having 
finished work on her Georgian house 
in London, has taken up piano playing 
again. She stays busy with charity 
committees and fund raising events and 
was anticipating a 'musical evening' 
at her home, a benefit for one of the 
charities. Lynn Carol Blau and Jeffrey 
enjoy the company of their daughter, 
Alexandra, and her husband in NY and 
travel frequently to Las Vegas to see 
daughter Elizabeth, her husband Kim, and 
their only grandson, Cole. Lea Osborne 
Angell's daughter, Jessica, completed 
her M.A. in Literature at Harvard and 2 
months later married Sean Moore, an 
English professor at the U. of NH. Oldest 
daughter Jennifer is the mother of 3, son 
Jake has entered the family business 
and youngest daughter Sarah is in the 
sailing industry In Newport, Rl. Lea says 
she and Jack talk about retirement but 
have come to no conclusions although 
they are enlarging their summer house 
and planning to spend more time there. 
Barbara Sullivan Wanamaker isn't 

thinking of retirement — she likes selling 
real estate too much — but says it is scary 
to think of signing up for Medicare and 
deciding when to take Social Security. 
Her son Dave is now a real estate agent 
In NY daughter Amy Is the mother of 2 
with a 3'" expected in Nov., and youngest 
daughter, Laura, married her French chef 
last summer and Is living in Forest Hills. 

Beach reunions are popular! Marta 
Sweet Colangelo had a great long 
weekend at Sandeding, NC, with Susan 
Terjen Bernard and Betsy Flanders 
Spencer. Sue Jones Cansler and 
Chuck completed their move to St. 
Simon's Island In Dec. and hosted Ginger 
Gates Mitchell, Lyn Clark Pegg and 
Laura Lee Brown Wilson in May. Lots 
of talk about the restorations Laura Lee 
and Steve are doing in Louisville and 
Ginger and Ed's "extraordinary" trip to 
southern Africa last winter with Cecil 
Collins Scanlan and her husband Betty 
McDonald McCutchen and Joe enjoy 
their 6 grandchildren who are spread 
from Atlanta to Raleigh and are spending 
more time at Sea Island now that the 
renovations there are completed. 

I had a fun visit with Sallie Yon 
Williams in Apr She joined my sister- 
in-law, Jean, and me In Richmond where 
we were visiting family. Since then Sallie 
has been to Seville, Spain, to plan the 
Sept. wedding of her son Courtney and 
his bride-to-be, Nazli, and has spent 
time with her older son, Whit, and his 
3-1- year-old-daughter Allegra in MD. 
She goes to Verbier, Switzerland, to 
the music festival, In July then back to 
Spain for the wedding! The same time 
we were in Richmond so were Keitt 
Matheson Wood and Frank who were 
visiting Lucy Boyd Lemon Edmunds 
and Hugh for Garden Week. We didn't 
even know we were in the same place, 
worse luck! Keitt and Frank also enjoyed 
seeing Anne Carter Brothers and John 
at Hilton Head during the Vanderbilt 
Orthopedic Meeting. I will catch up with 
the Woods in July when they travel to CA 
with their daughter, Helen, celebrating 
her 40th birthday, then return by way of 
Snowmass, CO, to check out our new 
house Lee Kucewicz Parham and 
John just returned from their nephew's 
wedding in Colorado Springs and are 
planning a trip to Chatauqua In western 
NY then Lee will spend some time In 
Quebec in Aug., immersing herself in 
French before school starts. She will 
again be teaching 7th and 8th grade 
French at GPS which she loves. Jean and 
I followed up our Richmond visit with a 
short stay in Lynchburg with Lisa Wood 

Hancock and Pete. Lisa gave one of her 
fabulous dinner parties Including Jocelyn 
Palmer Connors '62 and Tom (former 
Vice President of Administration at SBC) 
and Ken White with whom I served on 
the Sweet Briar Board. There were lots 
of good stories that night! Heinz and I 
are off on July 1 , complete with cat and 
dog, to spend the rest of the summer in 
Snowmass and continue fixing up the 
new house. Anybody in the neighborhood 
Is welcome! 



Virginia "Ginny" DeBuys 
H16 Shirley Lane 
Lawrenceville, NJ 08648 

Anne Litle Poulet, Director of The Frick 
Collection in NYC, was recently elected 
to the distinguished membership of the 
American Academy of Arts & Sciences, 
Cambridge, MA in recognition of her 
achievements as a scholar and museum 
professional. Anne Is one of 1 75 new 
Fellows and 20 new Foreign Honorary 
Members. Those elected include 2 former 
Presidents of the United States; the Chief 
Justice of the United States; a Nobel 
laureate; winners of the Pulitzer Prize 
in poetry, drama, music. Investigative 
reporting, and non-fiction; a former US 
poet laureate; and a member of the 
French Senate. Founded in 1 780 by 
John Adams, James Bowdoln, John 
Hancock and other scholar-patriots, the 
Academy has elected as Fellows and 
Foreign Honorary Members the finest 
minds and most Influential leaders 
from each generation. Including George 
Washington and Ben Franklin in the 
eighteenth century, Daniel Webster and 
Ralph Waldo Emerson In the nineteenth, 
and Albert Einstein and Winston Churchill 
in the twentieth. The current membership 
includes more than 1 70 Nobel laureates 
and 50 Pulitzer Prize winners. An 
independent policy research center, 
the Academy undertakes studies of 
complex and emerging problems. Current 
Academy research focuses on science 
and global security; social policy; the 
humanities and culture; and education. 
For the complete announcement and 
information on the Academy, go to http:// 
Congratulations, Anne! 

Sally Hubbard 
52 Sherwood Trail 
SewaneeTN 37375-2166 

Judy Howe Behn is celebrating the birth 
of her 1 =' grandchild, Alexander Dietrich 
Behn, to son Mark and his wife Liz on Apr 
1 5'" (handy date to remember). Luckily 
they live only an hour and a half away 
so they get together often. Bob and Judy 
had a fabulous trip to Scotland where 
they took a walking tour around the small 
islands off the western coast including 
Mull, Kerrera, lona, and Staffa islands. 
Their wondertui guides were also singers 
who regaled them with Scottish music 
in the evenings. They're still enjoying 

Eugenia Dickey Caldwell writes 
from San Francisco that she completed 
a 5-week benchmark for a customer, 
with 1 2-hour days the norm. She and 
Peter are looking forward to their annual 
birding trip to Mt. Lassen with the 
Audubon Society. They walked in the 
Bay to Breakers 1 2K as always: nudity 
was down, drunk 20-somethings were 
up, and the costumes were better than 
ever Mardi Gras, San Francisco style. 
Weekends include birding, the wonderful 
SF Ballet, good local theatre, and a great 
exhibit for the Earthquake Centennial 

MimI Vogt Macht is doing 
well In Hood River Both sons are 
married — Madison in '04 and Madow 
In '05. MImi skis, rides her bike, hikes, 
teaches German and SAT prep, and does 
freelance editing. She had a wonderful 
visit with beloved roommate Beth in May 

Libba Hanger Luther regrets 
missing our 40"" Reunion and is looking 
forward to the 45'^ She and Steve are 
enjoying Winter Springs, FL. Two of her 
3 children are married; Christina has 3 
little boys and is expecting a 4'" in the fall. 
Christina and Tommy love Larchmont, NY 
Steve and his wife Severine are practicing 
law In Orlando; and Elizabeth is In real 
estate in Atlanta. Aline, Elvira, Alice, and 
Libba enjoyed a mini-suitemate reunion 
in May. 

Beth Hunt has changed her e-mail 
to so delete 
your aol record for her. 

Brooke Patterson Koehler is in 
San Diego, enjoying her re-married life 
immensely. Her travels with Dan are 
only limited by their aging dog, who 
has a full range of maladies but perks 
up and jumps 3 feet In the air if one 

48 • Fall 2006 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine • 

mentions or spells "w a I k." Highlights 
of the past year include 2 trips to India, 
where Brooke's younger son Andrew is 
teaching. They traveled for 21 days with 
aTCS Expeditions group by private jet 
from London and back, and all over India. 
Andrew protested at the Taj Mahal — why 
should foreigners pay an admission fee 
of $1 7 when locals pay 1 7 cents? They 
celebrated his 30* birthday in the Thar 
Desert with a sunset camel ride and 
stadight dinner 

Juliet Young Hancock reports 2 
weddings and a college graduation. Her 
youngest, Pam, graduated from Ohio U. 
in June and will move to Germany where 
her husband (West Point, '05) has been 
assigned. Juliet and husband Roger 
are truly empty-nested and moved to a 
Chicago suburb last summer after his 
entire department of several hundred 
was laid off by Kodak. Roger is now in a 
cancer research project at the U. of IL. 
Juliet is a volunteer ESL tutor, and helps 
low-income seniors prepare their taxes; 
she monitors the diets of a diabetic cat 
and an allergic pooch. Juliet's daughter 
and her husband moved from Cleveland 
to Houston last year and live in The 

Katharine Weinrich van Gee! will 
continue her tax work, but Is approaching 
a new stage of life when her husband Tyll 
retires at the end of '06 after 34 years of 
teaching at the U. of Rochester 

IVIary Pederson Kyger announces 
the arrival of her 4'" grandchild/1''' 
granddaughter, Kate. Her son Ross served 
in Iraq, completed his Marine service 
in May, and will receive his degree in 
Business in Dec, 

Saralyn McAfee Smith started 
volunteering at church 3 mornings/week 
when her granddaughter Sierra started 
kindergarten; she also made and hosts 
the church Web site. Her husband Hamp 
is enjoying semi-retirement, and fills 
in for a Special Education Co-op as a 
Speech Pathologist. After cataract surgery 
Saralyn can see 20/20 without glasses 
and is ecstatic. Last fall she and Hamp 
took their 1=' vacation without kids or 
grandkids in more than 20 years — a fall 
foliage drive through WY, MT ND, SD, MN, 
Wl and Ml. 

Helen Scribner Euston is pleased 
that Molly Sutherland Gwinn joined her 
on the SBC Friends of Art board; Molly 
is "virtually unchanged except for a few 
gray hairs but many fewer than mine." 

Chades and I had a tour of Laura 
Haskell Phinizy's beautifully enlarged 
and remodeled home — such a kitchen — 
2 dishwashers! — in Apr. on the way 

to my 45" h.s. reunion in Charleston. 
Daughters Louise and Laura with 
husband Keith joined them in Charleston 
for a family wedding in May Daughter 
Laura is expecting "Twinkles" as Keith 
calls them around Nov. 1 3"". Marion has 
2 sons: Wesley (1) is walking; Stewart 
turned 3 in May. 

Marianne Micros's book of poems. 
Seventeen Trees, was published In 
June. Congratulations, Marianne. A 
well-rounded life: teaching belly dancing, 
English literature, and creative writing. 

After Betsy Benoit Hoover finished 
her 3-year-term on the Vestry at St. 
John's Episcopal Cathedral in Denver, 
she and her husband moved to smaller 
St. Andrews. It seems that all aspects 
of her life revolve around non-profit 
organizations. She is very busy on the 
Board of Hep C Connection as they 
negotiate a critical point in our history, 
and her very interesting career as a 
psychotherapist continues with Samaritan 
Counseling Center (soon to be called 
Centus). Betsy's daughter had a 2"" baby 
daughter in Nov., '05 (the 1=' was born In 
July, '04). She loves being a grandmother 
and hopes Melinda and 
Eric will move from Iowa City to Denver. 
Eric has a gourmet chocolate business 
( — 
yum! — and is looking for a window in 
his business activity when he can move. 
Step-daughter Sandy Is pregnant, due 
In Oct., '06. She lives in London, even 
further away. Betsy sees Jane Merkle 
Borden frequently. 

Betty Boswell Athey's new e-mail 
is Betty is still a Unit Dir 
at the Kansas Neurological Institute. Her 
husband is in private practice In Topeka 
specializing in forensic and neurological 
psychology. She plans to retire In a 
couple of years, but thinks Bob will 
probably work till he drops! 

And I have decided to give my all 
one more time next Sept. to the 1 75-mile 
Lone Star Ride Fighting AIDS, in this 
25'" anniversary year of the epidemic. 
I've been looking for a bicycle ride/AIDS 
benefit in the southeast since I moved 
back a year ago and hope to join 
one In Raleigh in '07. Since '96, I've 
crewed 8 rides and ridden 4. Each has 
been an Inexpressible adventure and 
serendlpitously toughened up my body 
as Mrs. Moehlenkamp's modern dance 
classes did In the 1 960s. 


The Rev. Keenan Colton Kelsey 
101 Hawthorne Avenue 
Larkspur, CA 94939-1305 


Diane Dalton 

1 01 4 N Aster St Apt 43 

Milwaukee, Wl 53202 

i\£i<.ti<:cit. c2cV/^: .Viizy /(H-ciO, liOO/ 


Lynne Gardner Detmer 
148 Jefferson's Hundred 
Williamsburg, VA 23185 

Thanks to all of you who responded 
to my e-mail requesting news! NOW! 
Everyone please, please, please send 
me your e-mail address, even if you 
think I already have it! Many of you have 
changed addresses since I last entered 
the information. If you did not get my 
request for news in June '06, then I do 
not have your current listing! Those of you 
who do not use e-mail, please send me 
Christmas letters or something which I 
can use to keep us all up to date! 

Barbara Baur Dunlap: 'We have 3 
of our 5 kids happily married and as Mrs. 
Bennett says in Pride and Prejudice the 
other 2 "foddering on the brink!" Three 
'adorable grandchildren' (2 words that 
just go together) we love having over 
And, Chariie and I are having fun taking 
some trips, shagging golf balls in every 
direction, and doing charity work. In the 
not so fun category, we are busy praying 
for our son Boots in Afghanistan who 
has had 4 buddies killed in the last few 
weeks. His dariing wife Kirsten is living 
with our youngest daughter Molly while 
he is gone for a year We head to Telluride 
to get out of the Scottsdale heat for a 
couple of months of summer. Love to all, 

Andrea Beerman Sonfield: "My life 
sounds so boring on paper that I hesitate 
to reply! I'm just happy that my husband 
Is "healthy" after lots of physical attacks 
through the years and that the rest of 
my family is in good shape too. We own 
a furniture business in Hilton Head and 
enjoy working in a resort atmosphere. 
Call if you come to Hilton Head! Pat 
Mountrey lives here also." 

Susan Bokan visited 10 minutes 
away last summer I hope that we 
can get together this year! She wrote 
me, "Curious where you are in the 
Adirondacks. I was just up at Keene 
Valley and the great Camps Uncas and 
Sagamore. Perhaps you are near my 
stomping grounds. I live in Saratoga 
Springs which is likely on your way. 
Christina Bacchiani Schieffelin was 
just here visiting. Life is so busy right 
now in Saratoga where I mostly enjoy 
the beauty of the horses In their early 
morning wori<outs rather then when they 

Helen Butler Cato: "We do have 
news. Next month, we will have been 
living in MA for 1 2 very happy years. 
We have, however, sold our old cape 
and move out at the end of July.. .almost 
to the day's anniversary of when we 
moved In. We arrived with a 14-year-old 
who went through high school, college 
(3), and more jobs, boyfriends and cars 
than I ever had and then moved back 
to England. She is happily working at 
London U., taking art courses, playing 
field hockey and looking after her big 
sister's south London house. Big sister 
and her partner are taking 6 months off 
to travel around the world. We keep track 
via their blog, e-mail and even telephone. 
My son Ben moved to Cambridge, MA, 
last Sept. in time to take his sister's 
furniture to his new flat and take his 
sister to the airport. Ben came to live 
here because his girlfriend is doing her 
Ph.D. in Boston. Sachiko is Japanese 
and her visa will run out soon. They are 
planning to travel in South America and 
then perhaps to live in Australia. We 
are planning to move back to England 
but not quite immediately. We have a 
friend in Scituate who is responsible for 
us moving to the South Shore and who 
did just about everything it takes to find 
and buy the house we have loved. We 
have been happier here than we could 
ever have imagined. However, we have 
Michael's 4 children and their families 
in England and the grandchildren are 
growing up quickly. Our visits to England 
become more exhausting as we try to 
fit everyone in and still don't manage to 
catch up with old friends or my family 
who live in the Midlands. Moving back, 
we hope, will allow us more leisurely 
visits back here and keep us in touch with 
our newest friends. I think that if I had 
to find a disappointment in the last 12 
years, it would be that I had not managed 
to reconnect with any Sweet Briar 
classmates in person. My good friend In 
Scituate is named Lynne, and it seems 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine • wv/w.alumnae, 

Fall 2006 • 49 

quite wonderful that through you, Lyme, 
I do have a sense of connection to those 
4 years and the many good memories 
I hold dear, I'il iet you l<now when we 
have a new home as perhaps people will 
find their way to England and we can 
meet there. All the best to all and happy 
summer wishes to you, Helen" 

Percy Clarke Gwinn: Greetings 
from the wilds of Jonesport, ME! Don't 
know if you still want any news and I 
can't remember when I sent some last 
but I am SURE it has been a while,., 
Michael and I bought a dading 'cottage' 
here in Jonesport which overiool<s 
Chandlers Bay and Roque Island.., it is 
'way down east' but 45 minutes from 
Bar Harbour is so lovely here and we 
plan on spending most of the summers 
and falls here... in between weddings, 
etc. Libby Harvey and her husband John 
are to visit us in Sept. Our son William 
got married last July '05 to Tricia Lyons, 
a wonderful girl from NY. They were 
married in Williamsburg at Wren Chapel 
with the reception at Kingsmill . . . even 
ail the families from TX and FL could not 
believe how HOT and HUMID it was there! 
William just got his Ph.D. in Immunology 
from GWU and is now doing a post-doc at 
Duke where he earned a Master's degree. 
Tricia is a graduate of GWU Law School 
and is now studying for the NC bar... they 
are living in Raleigh. Michael's firm Legg 
Mason was acquired by Smith Barney so 
he is now a financial advisor with them 
but hopes to "retire" in 3 or 4 years... 
I will then go back to work!!! I have now 
officially closed my gift business The 
Beehive after 1 5 or so years. For my BIG 
60* we are going to France. ..hope all is 
well with YOU and your family!" 

As for my news (Lynne Gardner 
Detmer) . . . not much is new. Still singing, 
still making jewelry, still farming in the 
summer in the Adirondacks and loving all 
activities. Body complains a little more, 
and I seem to need a little more time to 
do tasks than I used to, but, on the other 
hand, have not had to give up much of 
importance. No longer play tennis (rebuilt 
shoulder), don't jump off stone walls or 
ciimb trees, etc. (2 lovely metal knees), 
but still manage to keep very busy in my 
flower and vegetable gardens, go to trade 
shows, visit adorable grandchildren and 
otherwise stay in some sort of "trouble"! 
Lots of friends and famiiy to keep a smile 
on my face. 

Conover Hunt: "I returned to 
Hampton, VA, last year, found a little 
bungalow on the water, and am 
continuing to consult with museums and 
historical organizations on a variety of 

issues. It is good to be home. I had lunch 
with Lizzie IVIIIIer Green and Randy 

Brown in Williamsburg eariier this 
summer. Also, saw Lizzie and Janalee 
Bourne McDonald in Denver more than 
a year ago for dinner, when I was there to 
negotiate an exhibit venue. All seem well. 
Have a great summer and give me a note 
to meet for lunch in the Colonial Capital." 

Sally Paradise Ingber has lots of 
news. "Thanks for gathering class news. 
Our latest family milestone is daughter 
Katie's graduation from her Stanford 
Residency program in psychiatry; a 
change from all the previous ceremonies 
was having granddaughters Lily and 
Julia with us. They are the joy of our lives 
and I'm looking forward to a summer 
of fun with them. Lily (4 1/2) had her T^' 
golf lesson this week. We should have 
many happy hours on the practice putting 
green! I am still keeping my CPA license 
to stay informed but am not 'working.' 
This spring I went on a Smith College 
Alumnae trip to Prague, Budapest and 
Vienna with sister, Cilia, who is an alumna 
and found another Sweet Briar sister, 
Alice Minassian, there with her Smith 
sister, Gariand Mackroth!" 

Anne Kinsey Dinan: "We are 
expecting a granddaughter next month 
(finally!), and so we have been spending 
the last several weekends with Kinsey 
assembling baby furniture in Jackson 

Ann Peterson Griffin: "My life is 
fabulously dull. There's a new grandchild, 
Colin, but I overdid it on that subject 
last time. Just omit me from the newsy 

Pat Skarda: "I've moved to a 
condominium in Easthampton, MA 
01027 (2 Chantel Court), after renting 
from Smith College for more years than I 
care to count. Getting used to having my 
own property may take some time, but I 
think I'll be spoiled with air conditioning 
and all the new appliances. The books, 
alas, have to wait for the study to be 
constructed down cellar, but I trust 
that will be complete before summer 
is over So I'm reconstructing my life 
domestically My younger brother Greg 
died at the age of only 50 on Apr 1 5. He 
died in my arms at Baylor Medical Center 
in Dallas where he went to have a liver 
transplant. Double pneumonia took him 
from us. Since Greg was the one to be in 
Clovis, NM with Dad at the family bank, 
his death has thrown us all into disarray. 
I'm still teaching English at Smith College 
and am loving it." 


Nancy Crawford Bent 
14Dopping Brook Road 
Sherborn, MA 01770-1049 


Virginia 0. Eldridge Eaton 
461 Rittenhouse Boulevard 
Jeffersonville, PA 19403-3382 


Ms. Lynne Sprinsky 
The Old Smithy 
Montoursville, PA 17754 

Mrs. Eugene P. Whetzel 
Gale A. Hull Whetzel 
2696 Coventry Road 
Columbus, OH 43221-3226 


Jill Johnson 

2012 Wolftrap Oaks Ct 

Vienna, VA 22182 

Mary Heller 

3051 Idaho Avenue, #318 

Washington, DC 20016-5733 

'^^<.u<^ 3.007: 'Vja^- rS-aO, 3,007 

Ladies, I bet all of you think that I put the 
class notes together at the last minute. 
Old habits die hard and all that stuff. 
Well, you're right, but not because of 
my excellence in procrastination. I was 
actually hoping to hear from more of my 
wonderful classmates. If you're reading 
this, you know who you are. You might 
think no one is interested in what's 
happening with you. Not so. Think about 
it. You're reading what other people say 
because you want to read about them. 
So, it should be quid pro quo. Shouldn't 
it? Just what would it take to get you 
to write? Starting a blog? On Sweet 
Briar issues? Other relevant issues to 
SBC grads, of our age. I'm not kidding. 
Or, would you prefer that I get my act 
together and send e-mail reminders of 
the due dates of the notes. (The postcard 

reminders are no more, as you've 
probably realized.) OK, I will. I promise. 
But, that presumes i have everyone's 
e-mail address, which I don't. SO SEND 

Here's a question for you: how 
many of you still wear your SBC ring? 
In my case, I certainly would. I like it; 
it's an icebreaker in business and social 
situations, especially with other SBC 
graduates. But, I don't. Know why? I've 
grown. But, I do know where and how to 
get it resized. I'M NOTTELLING UNLESS I 

Enough. And, now the news.... 

First, let's hear from a few that I 
haven't heard from since graduation, or 
maybe even transfer! Charia Leonard 
Reynolds wrote (good giri!) as soon 
as she read the last edition of the class 
notes. Turns out she lives in Culpeper, VA, 
not so very far from my weekend place 
in Syria, Madison County, VA. (And, no, 
we still haven't hooked up, but we will. 
Who wants to join us?) Charia continues 
her Speech Pathology practice for the 
Culpeper Hospital Outpatient Center, 
making home visits all over the 3 counties 
of Culpeper, Madison and Rappahannock. 
Her husband is an anesthesiologist at 
the same hospital. Charia and Tom are 
typical middle-agers in that betwixt stage 
of caring for aging parents and young 
adults who they still consider "kids". 
Their 2 boys are now 24 and 26. The 
oldest graduated from the U. of Richmond 
and is living in the Short Pump area of 
Richmond, working at a BBT He lives with 
2 girls and they have their own rendition 
of the "Three's Company" song on their 
answering machine. Charia and husband 
are the landlords as they recently bought 
a condo in that area as an investment. 
Their younger son graduated from Duke, 
completing his Jr semester in Brisbane. 
He majored in environmental science 
and Charla's father calls him a "Tree 
Hugger". He plans to head to Seattle 
in the fall as his Duke girlfriend is from 
Vancouver and he has a thing about 
going to the Northwest. Charia looks 
forward to visiting an area she's never 
seen. Charia and Tom spend weekends 
at Wintergreen where they just upgraded 
to a bigger house with 2 other families. 
They've been property owners there for 
over 20 years and still ski even though 
she broke her pelvis and says she's just 
asking for trouble. In their community 
activities, Charia and Tom recently went 
to the Pulaski/Radford area to work on 
a habitat house with 20 members of 
their church. It was hot, muggy, sweaty, 

50 • Fall 2006 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine ' 


stinky, but they had great fun, laughing 
and enjoying their extended family while 
doing old-fashioned activities like roasting 
marshmallows, spitting watermelon 
seeds, playing cards and singing off key. 
Charia gets to see Kate Williams Cox 
on occasion. They recently got together 
In DC to take Kate's mother out for lunch, 
which was a great time to catch up. 

Rosie Brache Leparulo wants 
the award for the most negligent note- 
writing member of the class of 72! (Her 
news was very welcome, so maybe we'll 
consider it. . . .) Rosle's been married to 
former SBC Italian professor, William 
Leparulo, for 31 years, and she writes 
that, as schmaltzy as it may sound, they 
are blissfully happy still today William Is 
still teaching at FSU and Rosle has been 
teaching for the past 1 9 years at North 
Florida Community College in IVladlson, 
about an hour from Tallahassee, Just 3 
more years until retirement — actually 
2 years and 1 months, but who's 
counting? Rosie and William just returned 
from a few weeks in Italy. She reports 
you can take the Italian out of Italy but 
you can't take Italy out of the Italian! 
William needs his yearly fix, and of 
course, Rosie has no complaints. They 
have 2 wonderful boys, Willy (30) and 
Robert (28). The younger son married a 
wonderful nursing student a couple of 
years ago, and Rosie is delighted with 
her new daughter No grandchildren yet, 
but she thinks they're waiting for her to 
retire — could there be built-in-babysltter 

Vivian Finlay writes that she keeps 
up with Holly Smith in London, because 
she stayed with Vivian's family in India in 
the 70s, and since then has generously 
hosted her family off and on in London 
for years. Holly and her husband, Nell, 
came to Vivian's wedding In '97 In 
Ireland. Vivian and husband Clyde Boyer 
have 7 grown children between them, 
and 19 grandchildren! They have lived 
in AK, 50 miles from Anchorage for 
21 years, in a small house on a lake 
where she can ski In winter, and canoe 
and swim in summer. She's had her 
own Psychotherapy practice for the 
last 1 7 years and loves cross-country 
skiing In the winter, and hiking or taking 
wilderness canoe trips In the summer. If 
anyone heads up to AK, Vivian says she'll 
be glad to offer suggestions for where to 
go and what to see. 

David and Ella Ivey Marks live in 
Lynchburg where David owns his own 
real estate business. Ella used to do 
interior design but has cut back In order 
to pay daily visits to her mom, who had 

a massive stroke 1 years ago. Ella and 
David's oldest son lives in NYC and is a 
senior Investment analysL Their middle 
son got married a year ago and moved 
from Richmond back to the Lynchburg 
area In Aug., where he works In banking 
and his wife Is a pediatric nurse. The 
youngest son just graduated from VA 
Tech business school and has moved to 
VA Beach. 

Last Nov. Linda Odum hosted Cinda 
Lawrence Pierce and husband Mark In 
Green Turtle Cay in the Bahamas. Mark 
was crew on a friend's sailboat being 
delivered to the Bahamas from ME, so 
Cinda came to await his arrival, after 
which they stayed a couple of weeks.... 
even longer than Linda did as she had 
previous plans with friends In Denver to 
see THE ROLLING STONES in concert. 
(Linda's trying to make up for lost time 
after having had 4 back surgeries In 
recent years-ouch!) 

Anyway, Cinda and Mark were big 
fun and great help as Linda had just 
moved back into a cottage that needed to 
be rebuilt after Hurricanes Frances and 
Jeanne. And, she'd just had a brush with 
Hurricane Wllma,.,. she IS somewhat in 
the path after all. Cinda, Mark, and Linda 
hung curtains and painted furniture. 
"Sailor mon" Mark was all about the 
boats. ..splicing lines, etc. So, in addition 
to the fun of having them there to play, 
they were a huge help to Linda In getting 
settled. She expects to visit them in the 
fall In the San Juan Islands. 

Bev Home Dommerich writes that 
It's hot and muggy in Ft. Myers, but all's 
well. She's playing a ton of tennis (very 
early In the morning — otherwise, she 
couldn't stand the heat) and in genera! 
enjoying life. The boys are now self- 
sufficient — each getting ready for their 
senior years— John at the U. of FL and 
Stephen at Ft Myers high school. Bev, 
husband John, and the 2 boys took what 
will probably be the last mandated family 
vacation, a trip to Espana in July Flying 
to Madrid for a few days, taking the train 
to Pamplona to see the running of the 
bulls (It's the festival of St. Fermin) and 
then on to Barcelona. At least she had 
the language down pat on this one! Bev's 
trying to think "empty nest" as she has 
less than a year to acclimate. She hears 
It's not as bad as she expects. She has to 
think of things to do after 2 p.m., as that 
has been the witching hour for her for too 
many years. Any suggestions? 

Mary "MayMay" Bryan Gay's 
oldest daughtei, Elizabeth, received her 
MBA at Duke and Interned this past 
summer with Merrill Lynch in NYC. She 

had been working in DC for a non- 
profit consulting firm for 5 years after 
graduating from W&L. Middle daughter, 
Lucy, just got married In Oct. to Oliver, 
an independent contractor. They live In 
Lynchburg not far from MayMay and 
Gariand. Youngest daughter Margaret is a 
senior at Radford U. Husband Gariand Is 
still developing real estate and MayMay 
writes that they're both old and fat! 

Susan Desmet Bostic and husband 
Gordon still live in Shrewsbury, NJ, where 
Susan teaches 1" grade and hopes to 
retire In about 2 years. Gordon develops 
software for the government, but his 
real passion is soccer and he coaches 
4 different teams. Daughter Rosalie will 
graduate from college next May with a 
math and secondary education major. 

Cecile Lee Essrig just moved 
back to Tampa after 1 7 years. After 
graduation she returned home to 
Tampa to study gifted-child education 
and taught gifted children for several 
years. Then she decided to go to law 
school and after graduation clerked for 
a federal district court judge. She went 
to work for Honeywell as an In-house 
lawyer, first In FL, then on to Brussels 
(Belgium), and finally to Minneapolis 
when she became Honeywell's 1=' 
Ethics and Compliance Officer 10 years 
ago she moved to Boston to take a job 
with a health care company and later 
worked for a professional association 
for ethics and compliance officers. 
When Lee moved back to Tampa, she 
became Chief Ethics and Compliance 
Officer for an engineering consulting 
firm. She's delighted to be near family 
and old friends again, although she will 
miss being close enough to Pam Drake 
McCormick (in MA) and Kattiy Walsh 
Drake (in ME) to get together with them 
occasionally, Lee looks forward to finding 
out who else from SBC is In the Tampa 
Bay area. Help her! 

On Feb. 13, '06 Time Magazine's 
cover story on science, featured Nancy 
Jenkins with her husband and fellow 
cancer-researcher Neal Copeland. He 
was quoted as saying they are leaving the 
National Cancer Institute after 2 decades 
there to work In Singapore because. 
"There's plenty of funding and a lot less 
bureaucracy." Good luck to them both! 

Dale Shelly Graham and husband 
James still live In Bethesda, MO. Son, 
Fielding (19) just finished his freshman 
year at SMU in Dallas where he Is a 
music and business major. Daughter Lily 
really Is a "sweet 1 6" and will graduate 
In June '07 from Holton-Arms School. 

Dale's summer consisted of driving Lily 
to lacrosse camps, tournaments and 
college visits. Unfortunately Dale reported 
that Lily Is looking at coed institutions 
because she's already spent 10 years In 
an all-girls school. 

Barbara Tessin Derry will be 
starting her 14'" year working In the 
lower school library at Collegiate School 
In Richmond. It has been the perfect job 
for her, both when her children were at 
school there and even now that they are 
In college — Interesting work, great hours, 
summers off, congenial colleagues. 
Husband Bill is a lawyer specializing in 
public finance atTroutman Sanders, a 
law firm In Richmond. Son Will (21) was 
in Paris this past summer doing research 
at the Pasteur Institute and is a senior 
at Yale. Alice (1 9) has just finished her 
freshman year at Wake Forest. Barbara 
misses them when they are gone but 
the empty nest has its benefits — no one 
criticizes the food, there is practically 
no laundry, and she can go to bed at a 
decent hour and sleep through the night 
without worrying why the hall light Is still 
on at 2 a.m. She's sure they're still out 
then but they are not on her watch so she 
doesn't have to worry about It! 

Who saw the "Spotlight" section 
In the last SBC Alumnae Magazine? 
There was a lovely article on our Class 
President In Perpetuity Marion Walker! 
Here's what she didn't say: she had a 
hard recovery from a ruptured appendix 
that 2 doctors missed for a week In 
May, Despite temporary health Issues, 
she Is enjoying her new job at Ford & 
Harrison, a nationwide firm of labor and 
employment lawyers, where Marion 
handles all Issues concerning employees, 
including litigation. Her nephew now 
practices law in Birmingham and her 
niece Is there too! Marion loves having 
them around. Golf is still a passion along 
with reading, sailing and gardening. Last 
year, she traveled to Prague and then by 
train to France where the group got on 
a barge and traveled the canals through 
Lorraine and Alsace. It was glorious! 
Marlon's getting ready tor Reunion and 
hopes to see (read "strongly encourages") 
everyone at our 30th! 

Frankly admitting she doesn't write, 
but pulling through as a result of my 
plaintive e-mail, Eliza Walbridge reports 
that she Is back In PA on the family farm. 
She takes care of 7 horses, 19 acres 
of mowing, 2 miles of fences, and her 
parents (93 and 89) when they are at 
the farm. Eliza Is working on the long- 
term task ol preserving their 75 acres, 
and is very busy, as we can imagine. 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine • 

Fall 2006 '51 

For relaxation (when does she have the 
time?), she does tai chi, calligraphy, and 

Gail Garner Resch and husband 
Michael moved 3 years ago to an 1 870 
house on 4 acres in the country. They 
love it and have been renovating and 
gardening ever since. They have tal<en 
several bike trips with Backroads, going 
to Portugal in Sept. '04 and to Turkey this 
Sept. for a combo bike and boat trip. Son, 
Garner (20) just completed his freshman 
year at Trinity College in Hartford, CT and 
loves it. 

Sending greetings from Paris, 
Stephanie Harmon Simonard reports 
it's not easy being an American in Paris 
these days, but she continues to do 
her part to improve Franco-American 
relations. Stephanie's family is well: 
SBC graduate Sophie runs the Atlantic 
Partnership in DC. IVliddle daughter 
Vanessa works in Stephanie's tax firm. 
Youngest daughter Emilie is in the 9'" 
grade. Husband Baudoin works hard at 
his non-ferrous metals business and is 
now head of their large community sports 

Betty IVloricle keeps busy 
volunteering at her local museum 
in Reidsville, NC and also using her 
experiences from landscaping courses at 
the local community college. While she 
enjoys her time at the beach, she warns 
us all to use sunscreen, especially at 
our age. She also has been fortunate to 
participate in some of the arts weekends 
at SBC. Lucky Betty, to be able to spend 
time at SBC! 

In Feb. '05, IVIargaret Lyie married 
Don Samdahl. They now live in Lexington, 
VA, where Don is Head Librarian at VMI. 
While Margaret misses her lab at UAB, 
she really loves the small Southern 
college town of Lexington. 

After retiring from teaching in June 
05, IVIary Sue Morrison Thomas is 
finally beginning to get used to it! She 
writes that retirement may not be what 
it's cracked up to be, but it does have 
its advantages. For example, she had no 
idea that sleeping past 5 a.m. on purpose 
could be such a splendid option. Since 
she does have added time now, Mary Sue 
is able to spend more of it with her family 
and to help with the operation of a couple 
of family-owned businesses. She finds 
this really quite interesting and wishes 
she had gotten into it in more depth 
sooner She still enjoys writing and works 
on short stories and articles for some 
children's publications. Mary Sue looks 
forward to seeing everyone and renewing 
friendships at our next Reunion. She 

wrote that she's bringing her checkbook! 
Another retiree is Irish Neale Van 

Clief in Lexington, KY. She writes that 
she and husband DG are retiring from 
the horse business and joining Cami 
Crocker '71 and Chuck Wodehouse on 
many mutual early-retirement excursions. 
This means getting on their boat and 
going fishing in the Bahamas as soon as 
and as often as possible. Son Danny has 
been married for 5 years to his beautiful 
wife Anna Bowman, from Australia, and 
they are moving back there for 2 years 
in Dec. while he gets his MBA from the 
Australian Graduate School of Business 
in Sydney. Daughter Helen (28) has been 
married for 3 years to her handsome 
husband Chase Heard. Helen graduated 
from U. of TX Law School this past May 
and Chase finishes TX Architecture 
School in the fall. They will continue 
to live and work in Austin, which is an 
amazingly fun and busy city. As a family 
Trish feels grateful indeed, for their health 
and happiness. Trish and DG plan to stay 
in KY for another couple of years with a 
visit or 2 to Australia, and then move to 
Chariottesville, VA, where they still have 
family and some beloved farmland near 

And now, for the wedding reports: I'd 
hoped to hear from Karen Terstappen 
IVIorr but I think she was really busy 
with her daughter Heather's wedding 
in June in DC. Linda Odum reports 
it was fabulous: a nice Georgetown 
Presbyterian ceremony complete with 
lovely pipe organ music accompanied 
by a trumpet. Garden reception and 
seated dinner/dance at the Fairmont. 
Tres elegant, said Linda, with attention 
to every detail as you would imagine 
from Karen and Tom. Bride and Groom 
both simply adorable... met at Princeton 
and she's now at Yale grad school and 
he a recent graduate of Wharton and 
both living in NYC. Even though the 
wedding was lovely, Linda says the really 
fun part was the mini-sweetie reunion 
of Karen. Cutler Bellows Crockard, 
Penny Walsh Gilbert and Jeanie Mann 
Hardesty, all with husbands save Linda 
(the "lone ranger" who says her "Prince 
Charming is very late!"). Nevertheless, 
Linda really wants to comment on how 
GREAT everyone all looked and how it 
didn't seem to matter that there had been 
years in between. (Cinda Lawrence 
Pierce and Mark would have been in DC 
for the wedding, but they were on a barge 
trip in Europe!) 

Liz Clegg Woodard and Woody's 
middle daughter Catherine married Apr. 
8, '06, in Houston, and is now writing 

thank you notes and setting up house. 
Catherine's wedding was lots of fun 
and they enjoyed seeing W&L and SBC 
friends. Cutler Bellows Crockard, 
Susan Waller Nading, DeDe Conley, 
Ellen Moore Miller, Allyson Priest 
Cook, Brooke Thomas Dold '71 , and 
Kathy Keys Graham Cutler Bellows 
Crockard and Doug hosted the Nadings 
and Grahams and reports it was almost 
exactly like sophomore quad in Carson 
(minus Dale) and with the addition of 

Liz had a great visit with MayMay 
Bryan Gay and Ella Ivey Marks in 
May, while in VA for Woody's 35th W&L 
reunion. Updating Liz and Woody's family: 
oldest daughter, Mary (27) is studying for 
the TX Bar and joins Andrews Kurth as 
an associate in Sept. Julia, the baby, is 
applying to medical schools, shadowing 
docs, and doing epilepsy research in 
a lab. Woody and Liz are so happy to 
have all their daughters in Houston. 
Liz continues to volunteer for various 
activities, plus plan fabulous trips (also 
see Cutler's comments below) for Woody 
and her to enjoy Her niece Katharine 
Kokot from Brussels, Belgium, is entering 
SBC this fail as a freshman, so Liz hopes 
to be a frequent visitor to the campus. 

Cutler Bellows Crockard and 
Doug spent most of the last year and 
a half planning their daughter Callie's 
wedding, while caring for and mourning 
the loss of her father 2 weeks before the 
wedding. Despite the personal situation. 
Cutler and Doug were thrilled to have 
so many friends at Callie's wedding last 
Sept. Liz Clegg Woodard and Woody 
hosted a lovely brunch for the wedding 
along with keeping house guests Kathy 
Keys Graham and Bill, Jeanie Mann 
Hardesty and Ben, and Susan Waller 
Nading and Alex. (That was the place 
to be that weekend!). They were also 
honored to have Patricia Reardon 
Riggins and Mike, Karen Terstappen 
Morr and Tom, Brooke Thomas Dold '71 
and Wiley there as well. Callie and her 
new husband are living in San Antonio 
so Cutler and Doug try to head that way 
when schedules permit. Son Bradford is 
practicing law here in Houston and they 
see him as often as he allows. 

In addition to dodging hurricanes, 
cheering on the Houston Astros and 
catching up with SBC friends at 
weddings. Cutler and Doug take some 
interesting trips. They had such a good 
time in spring '05 on a W&L Alumni Club 
cruise up the Danube through Eastern 
Europe with Liz Clegg Woodard and 
Woody that they are joining them again 

this fall to cruise the Mediten'anean from 
Rome to Barcelona. Cutler thinks it would 
be nice to get a group of us together for 
one of the SBC trips sometime soon. 

Dale Shelley Graham organized a 
dinner with Cutler and Doug Crockard, 
Mary Heller, and me prior to Karen 
Terstappen Morr's daughter's festivities. 
After 30 something years. Cutler says 
it seemed like we had just enjoyed 
dinner in the Refectory the night before! 
The next day Dale, Mary and I joined 
Carter Frackelton, Ginnie B Payne 
Sasser and Janet Nelson Gibson for 
a long weekend at Karen Medford's 
beachhouse in Rehoboth, DE, where we 
partied hardy while celebrating Dale's 
birthday. . .a lot. You know Mary; she 
managed to get all the restaurants over 
a 3-day span to deliver a free dessert to 
Dale! Karen had a wondertully decorated 
"sea shore" cake to celebrate on the last 
day I only wish we could post pictures 
of the celebration so everyone could see 
Dale's fabulous haul of fun (and some 
goofy) gifts. We vowed to try to do this 
every year. 

Ladies, many thanks to all who 
sent messages. Please keep your news 
coming. If you'd prefer, please send 
comments to Mary Heller at HELLERM® 
MAIL.NIH.GOV We'd both love to hear 
from you. 


Louise A. Blakeslee Gilpin 
105 Centre St 
Milton, MA 02186 


Hannah L. Pillsbury 
7132 W Tamarack Ct 
Mequon,WI 53092-8517 

52 • Fall 2006 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine • 


Karin Lindgren 

124 LakevJew Avenue 

Lantana, FL 33462 

I am very sorry to report that Harold 
Bartlett "Bart" Whiteman III. son of former 
SBC President Harold Bartlett Whrteman, 
Jr., succumbed to heart failure on Mar. 
14, '06. A friend of many at SBC, Bart 
was on the 1 969 Yale champion football 
team. He studied theater in London 
and received his Master's degree from 
American U. Bart founded The Source 
Tlieater, DCs first non-equity theater, 
in a neighborhood torn by the riots 
of 1968. Bart often escorted theater 
patrons who were sl<ittish about entering 
that neighborhood to and from their 
vehicles. He is also remembered for 
taking Tennessee Williams' r/?e fi/ass 
Menagerie on a highly successful tour 
of England and eastern Europe. Most 
recently, Bart was a financier, obtaining 
workable mortgages for people who 
would have othen^/ise been unable to 
purchase homes. Bart is survived by his 
wife, Melinda Whiteman, two daughters, 
Elisabeth Monclin and Mary Bartlett 
Whiteman, sister Priscilla Kellert and 
brother Mac Whiteman. 

Betsy Brooks Jones and Tombo still 
live in Franklin, VA. Daughter Brownrigg 
was married to Robert Snow this past 
May. Brownrigg is a speech pathologist 
in DC. Son Thomas is working on his 
Master's degree in London and hopes 
to pursue a Ph.D. at Cambridge. Betsy 
and Tombo are planning to visit Thomas 
in England this fall. They often see Ellen 
Harrison Saunders. 

Carol Clement's youngest son, 
Derek, graduates from high school this 
year and heads off to Whittier College. 
Carol's older son, Louis, is taking off a 
year from college to help his father with 
his business while his dad is battling 
cancer, and will return to U. of CA Santa 
Barbara the following year. Carol quit her 
career as a vice president with a Fortune 
500 company almost 3 years ago and 
now enjoys teaching yoga. "It is a treat 
every day to know I have time to read, 
travel for pleasure, connect with friends, 
spend time with my sons and thoroughly 
enjoy my yoga practice after all those 
years of flying cross country for meetings 
and 50+ hour weeks." 

Sarah Clement has made 2 trips 
to Sweet Briar this spring: First, to 
see her niece, Sarah Mouri, graduate 
on May 1 3 and again 2 weeks later 

to see her mother Martha Mansfield 
Clement '48, be honored as this year's 
Outstanding Alumna. Sarah, her 2 
sisters, brother, niece and mother were 
lodged at the Elston Inn for the Reunion 
weekend. Also present to celebrate Mrs. 
Clement's award was Sarah's close 
friend, Maureen Hynes '74. Many of 
Mrs. Clement's classmates were there 
to see her be recognized for nearly 6 
decades of dedicated volunteer service 
for the College. (1 recall attending a tea 
for prospective SBC students at Mrs. 
Clement's house in 1970.) While at 
Reunion, Sarah visited with her favorite 
professor and mentor. Dr. Lee Piepho. 
The Clement party had the pleasure of 
visiting Lee's villa and touring his wife's 
gardens. Sarah continues to work at the 
U.S. Merit Systems Protection Board as 
an administrative judge, hearing appeals 
of government employees who have 
been terminated or demoted. Sarah 
is an avid cyclist and states that she 
has nearly outgrown her townhouse 
with her collection of CDs and licorice 
pizzas (LPs — remember those?) and 
her 5 (Yes, 5!) bicycles. "I wish I had a 
garage," muses Sarah, who keeps the 
music collection and bikes in the rec. 
room. Sarah's mother lives with her and, 
according to Sarah, is much more active 
and energetic: "She is always busy, and I 
am always ready to take a nap or rest!" 

Anne Coggswell Burris missed 
Reunion last year due to daughter 
Carrie's graduation from high school. She 
will be a sophomore at U. of SC this fall 
which allows Anne to stay in touch with 
Chris Hoefer Myers more. All 3 sons 
are out of school; Scott is in DC and has 
been working for SC Senator Lindsay 
Graham for 2 years. Ben is enjoying being 
back in Charleston after his 4 years at 
SMU in Dallas. He works for an uncle. 
Will, who finished Wofford in May, is also 
in Charieston waiting tables while he 
figures out what he wants to do. Anne 
and Lon have enjoyed their new empty 
nest status and hope to travel more with 
no one at home except the cat and dog! 
They received a visit from Wendy Wise 
Routh and Carlos in Feb. while they were 
in the area, 

Catherine Cranston Whitham 
tells us that there is "no huge news" 
from Richmond. She is as active as 
ever, dividing her time between several 
volunteer projects and looking after her 
folks "from afar". Catherine adds, "Son 
Craig is working on a congressional 
campaign in FL, with aspirations of 
getting to Capital Hill this fall; Daughter 
Ann is at UVA in a graduate program in 

Urban and Environmental Planning. Whit 
and I are happily and healthily chugging 
along." She had dinner with Randy 
Anderson Trainor and Libby Whitley 
on Randy's visit to Richmond in Apr. She 
bumped into Ceiia Robertson Queen 
in Augusta in Jan. Catherine also worked 
with Ellen Harrison Saunders on a 
major volunteer project for a statewide 
organization this past year. "SBC 
friendships are the glue of life." Catherine 
concludes. So true! 

Bonnie Damianos Rampone just 
returned from a trip to Egypt, where she 
and the friends who accompanied her 
saw the pyramids. They were escorted 
by a secret service guard who earned a 
uzzi under his suit jacket! Their tour bus 
was always guarded and had to pass 
through 4 checkpoints before they could 
enter the hotel. At one stop, dogs were 
used to sniff for bombs. At the hotel, 
they had to pass through a security 
checkpoint similar to those at airports. 
"They certainly know how to protect 
against terrorism," observes Bonnie. She 
found the Egyptians very accommodating 
and highly recommends Egypt as a 
vacation destination. Bonnie and Chuck 
also visited the British Virgin Islands on a 
rented, crewed catamaran. "The sailing 
is gentle; the water is exquisite and the 
snorkeling is out of this world!" If you 
take this trip, pack light, advises Bonnie. 
Son Chuck III (25) has recently become 
engaged. The Rampones have known 
his fiance, Michelle, and her family for 
6 years. A Gettysburg graduate. Chuck 
now works at the Hummer Store. He 
attended Hummer School a few months 
ago and learned to drive them up walls, 
down ravines, through water and over 
trees! Son Christopher (23) is in training 
for Ameritech Financial, a subsidiary of 
American Express. He lives in Hoboken, 
NJ with 2 friends from Drew U. Husband 
Chuck has been busy running the 
Chevrolet, Hummer, motorcycle and 
school bus business. He has been 
reananging some of his businesses in 
order to have more time off. Since he 
would like to retire in 6-8 years, he is 
starting to downsize. Bonnie and Chuck 
plan to travel to Africa in the fall. In the 
meantime, she is planning a family 
reunion for the 4th of July 

Helen Hodges Richards has had 
a busy year in TX. Last (all, she and her 
daughters vacationed in Jamaica. The 
trip home was a bit of a nightmare, since 
they traveled right after Hurricane Wilma 
went through the Yucatan and Miami. 
First the rain caused flooding, which 
made the road to the airport almost 

impassible. There was some trouble with 
people attacking one of the buses taking 
tourists to the airport, and that was hairy. 
"Fortunately our bus was not involved," 
Helen says, "but it took over 3 hours to 
travel the 1 5 km to the airport." In Dec, 
Helen's son, James, graduated from 
U. of Miami. He went to VA for about 6 
months, but is now back home figuring 
out what to do next. Daughter Sarah has 
started going back to school full-time, 
as well as holding down a full-time job. 
Helen's youngest, Amanda, graduated 
from high school! She is home for the 
summer, then will start college in the fall 
at the local community college. "As for 
me," Helen concludes, "I keep worthing at 
the hospital — 9 years now. Life is pretty 

Linda Lucas Steele is director of 
marketing (voice, long distance, and data 
products) for NTELOS, an innovative, 
regional telecommunications company. 
She is celebrating 29 years of marriage 
to Roger, who develops real estate and 
breeds Black Angus cattle. Daughter 
Molly plays soccer for Johns Hopkins 
U.; son Austin is a senior at Culver 
Academies, where he plays football and 
lacrosse; son Evan finished at Kansas 
State and operates his own livestock 
transportation business. 

Shari Mendelson Gallery lives in 
WV. Oldest son. Matt, graduated from 
USNA in May '05, is now in San Diego 
on USSAntietam. 2nd son, Nathan, 
graduates Duquesne/NROTC this May 
and will be commissioned in the US 
Navy. Twin daughters, Tory & Emily 
graduate high school also in May '06. 
Emily is off to WVU and Tory to Shepherd 
U. Business changed focus to Web 
design and local/regional clientele after 
1 7 years of handling state travel guide 
tourism advertising. Shari also operates 
Just Far Enough Getaway (http://www. vacation rental in 
the scenic hills of eastern WV. and a 
Christmas tree business that retails in 
Alexandria. VA each Dec. 

Our sincere condolences go to 
Denise Montgomery, whose brother 
succumbed to cancer on Jan. 15. '06. 
At the time of this writing. Denise had 
just been to Sweet Briar to see Chen 
Lux Cobb '76. who celebrated her 30th 
Reunion. Denise and Gerry went to 
Chicago in June '05 and to San Antonio 
in Jan. '06 for meetings of the American 
Library Association, They also traveled to 
London in Mar. for a long weekend and, 
in May. attended Bookexpo in DC. Denise 
returned to her home in Valdosta. GA with 
1 04 books! This spring. Denise has had 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine • 

Fall 2006 • 53 

some last-minute verification tasl<s in her 
role as 1 of 6 Senior Researcfi Editors on 
The Yale Dictionary of Quotations, wfiicfi 
is due to be published in Oct., and is 
already listed en Amazon. Doing this gave 
her the confidence to tackle a reference 
book on her own. She signed a contract 
with Scarecrow Press in Mar. to revise 
Ottemiller's Index to Plays in Collections, 
which will be in its 8" edition. Since it 
was last revised back in '88 and Denise 
is expected to cover 1 4 years in her 
revision, it is equivalent to doing a Ph.D. 
Denise, who seems to have a voracious 
appetite for travel, visited old friends in IN 
and Rl last summer. 

Lynn Norris Pteiffer is moving 
from Hudson, FL to Belleview by July 1 . 
She and John will celebrate their 30th 
anniversary in Oct, Lynn's father now lives 
with her, which is the main reason for 
the move into a gorgeous manufactured 
home retirement community on a lake. 

From Charlottesville, Anne Ross 
Shipe writes that son Ross graduated 
on iVlay 27 with honors from Randolph 
Macon College (his dad's Alma mater) 
with majors in business/econ., accounting 
and a minor in ethics. He is going to work 
for the University Foundation, a private 
group that handles ail of the University's 
non-academic property (Boars Head Inn, 
Morven, Birdwood Golf course, Cavalier 
Inn, etc). He interned with them in Jan. 
(RMC is set up like SBC) so he is really 
looking forward to that and moving into 
his condo in mid-June. Graduate school 
will be shortly forthcoming. Anne and 
Jim are doing well and invite anyone 
who goes through Charlottesville to give 
her a call. She sees Sandra and Maria 
Vonetes often and tries to keep in touch 
with others. 

In Philadelphia, all is well for Polly 
Shriver Kochan and family. Her oldest 
son graduated from UVA last May and is 
employed as a financial analyst at IMS, 
a large health care consortium. Andrew 
will graduate from The Haverford School 
in June and will enter Villanova this fall. 
Husband Jeff is still working at Temple 
U. Hospital, while Polly works at Temple 
Children's Hospital. Polly and Jeff look 
fonward to their retirement (in a couple 
years??) to Jackson, WY, where they 
purchased some land on a mountainside 
in "the most beautiful spot in the wodd!!" 
Also in Charlottesville, Cora Snyder 
is "still watching the geese on the lake 
and finding great peace from the scenery 
here." On the day Cora wrote, she was 
doing tax returns and spring cleaning. 
She also drove to Monticello, where she 
was the sole visitor. "It was wonderfully 

peaceful," says Cora. "I guess I am 
looking for that state of mind after all." 

Leslie Thornton was preparing to go 
on vacation when I heard from her She 
still lives in northern VA, where she works 
for the government. Leslie would very 
much like to hear from Claiborne Gooch 

Patti Tucker O'Desky has a niece, 
Mallory Sherwood, who just finished 
her 1=' year at SBC and absolutely loved 
it! Daughter Aly finished her 1 " year 
at Weliesley College. Son Charley has 
completed his sophomore year in high 
school. Patti and Billy enjoy their home, 
which they finished remodeling last year 
They play golf with fellow SBC classmate 
Linda Poole Maggard. Patti welcomes 
a visit from anyone heading Newport 
Beach way. 

Bonnie Walton Mayberry, who 
lives in Lynchburg, just retired from 
30 years of teaching 1" grade at Elon 
Elementary School. During her 1=' year of 
retirement, Bonnie tutored 2 mornings a 
week at Eion, volunteered at church one 
day a week and spent more time with 
her mother and daughter. Her daughter 
is now 25 and working with her dad 
at Areva in Lynchburg. She has been 
married for 4 years. She met her husband 
at Liberty U. Both of them were in Sounds 
of Liberty (a singing group in college). 
Husband, Jerry, is in his 33rd year at 
Areva with no plans of retiring anytime 

Carroll Waters Summerour 
announces that husband Toby has 
finished his 2"' year of seminary at 
Sewanee. They are spending the summer 
at their house in Lake Toxaway NC while 
Toby works at the Episcopal Church in 
Cashiers. Carroll's family and friends 
survived Katrina but New Orleans is still 
battered and bruised. Carroll and Toby 
hope that the Bishop will send them 
back to New Orleans when Toby finishes 
next May so they can help rebuild. They 
are expecting their 1 st grandchild at 
Christmas. Carroll has started a new 
ministry (LINK) at Sewanee, which links 
the undergrads with the seminarians. 
Carroll saw Wendy Wise Routh when 
her daughter, Lexie, was college shopping 
at Sewanee. 

I often see Worden Willis, who 
still runs FIND Dog Rescue. We enjoy 
reminiscing over lunch on the beach. I 
have weathered yet another hurricane 
and hope that this season will be a calm 
one. I am in the process of remodeling 
the duplex I have inherited from my 
grandmother. The larger apartment 
is finished. I am now at work on the 

apartment in which I live. I am active as a 
volunteer in my church and still swim 35 
or 40 laps in the YMCA pool every day 
Thanks to all who sent news! I'd love to 
hear from the rest of you! 



Ann Kevin Kiley Crenshaw 
1216 Cedar Point Dr 
Virginia Beach, VA 23451 


Suzan Marie Faist dagger 
Goshen, CT 06756 

•^^^euA^iot^ a.007: WjoM. 7S-a,0, a,007 


Paula Jennifer Brown Keiley 
10617 Donovans Hill Dr 
Fairfax Station, VA 22039 

Janet Marie Rakoczy 
10135 Glenmere Road 
Fairfax, VA 22032-1623 


Graham E. Hyslop Maxwell 
525 S Flagler Dr Apt 15A 
West Palm Beach, FL 33401 


Lillian Ferguson Sinks Sweeney 
74 Longuevue Dr 
Pittsburgh, PA 15228 

Claire McDonnell Purnell 
Four Thompson Street 
Annapolis, MD 21401 

Hello classmates! Thanks to everyone 
who sent her news to me. The next 
Alumnae Magazine comes out in Feb. '07 
and the deadline for class notes is Nov. 1 
'06. 1 would love to hear from you. 

Helen Masters Durham writes 
"I'm now living in Rochester, MN (yes, 
you can take a Southern girl just about 
anywhere!) where my husband Buck (25 
years in June) is on staff at the Mayo 
Clinic in Pediatric Cardiac Surgery. I 
have recently been promoted to Ticket 
Operations and Customer Services 
Relations Manager at the Mayo Civic 
Center. Arch (23) graduated a year ago 
from U. of the South and is now a media 
buyer at Universal McCann in NYC. Ann 
Husted (19) is studying Sports Medicine, 
and toying with the idea of Medical 
School at U. of ME. After about 8 months 
in a cast, it does not look like her life as a 
professional ballerina will happen, but she 
still dances for the love of it. Rob (1 6) is 
living on the soccer field like his brother 
and is now driving. I talk often with Mary 
Ware Gibson '83 and would love to hear 
from others. 

Tracy Drake Hamilton s most 
exciting news is she is a grandmother 
as of Nov '05, She writes "My step- 
daughter, Jennifer, had a beautiful little 
gid, Lauren. I help with babysitting since 
I am on medical leave from teaching. I 
spent last year recovering from cancer. 
God is good and I am in remission and 
feeling back to normal. I will teach 
nursery school again in the fall. The rest 
of my family is doing well, son Evin (1 3) 
and Caitlyn (9) and we won't mention my 
husband's age." Tracy also wrote that she 
would love to be a resource and support 
for anyone diagnosed with cancer. They 
are welcome to e-mail her since it helps 
to get in contact with someone who has 
been there. You can get Tracy's e-mail 
address from the Alumnae Office or 
contact me. 

Quinne Pokes is busy with her 
design business, Ouinne Design 
Associates, doing branding and 
marketing. Quinne writes "I've gone back 
to my fine arts roots, and have completed 
a number of drawings/paintings of 
animals, both human and othenA/ise. 
Most recent commission is of a mother 
and her 2 kids, which I enjoyed doing 
almost as much as a 3-year-old with the 

54 • Fall 2006 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine • wvAv.alumnae.5bc.e( 


family dog. My boyfriend is launching his 
new business later this year, branding by 
yours truly... I'm still riding Harley (a.k.a. 
Gimme A Break, my trainer's horse), as 
well as running and doing yoga." 

Erin Lynch lives in Gary, NC with 
her daughter Chase (9) who enjoys 
horseback riding and swimming. Erin 
has been in IS (Information Systems) 
tor 1 3 years with Affiliated Computer 
Services. She acquired a position at 
SAS Institute this past Feb. as a 
Development Tester and recently earned 
her SAS Base Programming Certification 
and plans to pursue advanced level 
certification in the fall. She stays in touch 
with Mary Staurt Boiling Smith and 
Kathleen Freemon 

Carrie Maynard Nichols said that 
she, her husband Tom and son Austin, 
had a blast at Reunion. "It was so nice to 
see everyone and to get the chance to 
sit down and catch-up. Everyone looked 
great — the only difference is that we 
have all grown-up a little bit. The band 
was amazing! THANK YOU ALLISON for 
the wonderful job you did as President. 
I hope that everyone will mark their 
calendars for the next Reunion." 

Barbara Bush lives in McLean, 
VA with husband Doug and daughter 
Sophie (7) who is entering 2"' grade 
(yahoo). Barbara is working 3/4 time 
doing fund raising special events for 
Community Residences, a local non-profit 
that helps individuals with disabilities 
live independently in the community. 
Barbara is "looking fonward to spending 
the summer on the Finger Lakes and 
Martha's Vineyard — enjoyed seeing 
everyone at Reunion." 

Susan Clay Russell has lived in 
Richmond, VA for the last 9 years. She 
and Fred have 3 children. Pricey (1 6), 
Libby (1 4) and William (1 2). Since moving 
to Richmond, Susan has reconnected 
with 2 members of our class, Barrie 
Jeffrey McDowell and Terrell Luck 
Harrigan. Susan writes "Last Nov, Barrie 
and I co-chaired the Children's Hospital 
Ball in Richmond. We were connected 
at the hip for a year. My family went 
on spring break to a small island in the 
Caribbean with Terrell and her family 
They have children almost the exact age 
of ours. The Harrigan 's are moving down 
the street from us this fall!" 

Florence Baldwin Langford and 
Tom are living in Darien, CT Tom is still 
with Morgan Stanley in NY, Florence 
writes "He has been asked to keep 
his duties here, but have additional 
responsibility in the southwest. SOOO, he 
will be running the Houston office. Yes, 

it's good for him but, we have a rising 
senior — terrible timing! Our daughter, 
Annie (15), has applied as a freshman to 
3 schools in Houston and our son, Byron 
(1 7) has applied to 2 of those. Won't 
know about the schools until mid-July 
then decisions, decisions." 

Dorothy "D.J." Stanhope was 
sorry to have missed Reunion but was 
very busy with work and travel. After 
having lived abroad since '96 in Korea, 
Japan, and Kuwait, D.J. now lives in 
Philadelphia. She is Executive Director for 
the USO of PA and So. NJ. She did get a 
chance to visit with old pal Leslie Hertz 
Firestone, '82 in San Antonio while on a 
business trip in May, She would love to 
get together with any other "vixens" in the 
region, so be sure to drop a line. 

Cornelia Kennedy Suskind wrote 
that Reunion was a blast and that it 
was so much fun to see so many great 
women from '81 . Husband, Ron Suskind's 
new book came out in June. " The One 
Percent Doctrine" is about terrorism and 
the Bush administration. Cornelia and 
Ron have 2 boys, Walter (1 7) and Owen 
(1 5). Walter will be a senior and is looking 
at colleges. They live in DC and VT in the 
summer and are hoping to get Molly 
Davis Garone and her family up to visit 
them this summer. 

Harriet Harrison Leavell's son 
Walton (1 8) graduated from Episcopal 
High School and will be attending Rhodes 
College in Memphis in the fall. He is 
working at a boat trailer business this 
summer and loves to wakeboard and sail. 
Daughter, Brooks (1 3) is going into 8th 
grade. She sails, runs cross-country, and 
plays soccer and her "new favorite sport" 
lacrosse. Harriet is the tax manager for a 
private company and plays tennis twice 
a week. Husband, Whitney, is still at 
Merrill Lynch. Harriet keeps up with Dana 
Painter Parkey and her family. Life is 
busy in Houston! 

Kearsley Rand Walsh writes "I am 
still living and working in Arlington, VA 
with my 2 very adolescent boys Angus 
(1 5) and Duncan (1 3). I get to spend time 
with Claire Purnell, Brendy Relter 
Hantzes, Mary Kate Ferguson and 
Lori Faust Graham fairly often. I also 
keep up with Mara and Carrie, but don't 
get to see them as often as I would like. I 
had a great time at Reunion and recently 
went on my first motorcycle trip to TN (as 
a passenger not a rider)." 

Deborah Donigan Bullett ran into 
Susan Richardson in Charlottesville and 
said that it was great to see her again. 
"We laughed about the fact we have 
known each other since the V grade and 

neither one of us have really changed." 
Son, Xavier (15) is in high school (finally) 
playing football and daughter Jax (1 2) 
will be starting the 8th grade. After 
finishing her MSEE, Debbie found a great 
job working for Aerospace Corporation. 
Debbie writes "My great husband, Robert, 
of 20 years (boy time went by fast) works 
for IBM. He spends a lot of time on the 
golf course, so of course 1 could not be 
beat so I am hitting my little pink ball 
everywhere. Actually I spend more time 
in the weeds than I do on the greens, but 
its fun!" 

Liz Seacord really enjoyed our 25th 
Reunion and had a great road trip to 
SBC with Stephanie Stitt Fitzpatrick 
Liz writes "I was so happily surprised by 
Leiee Frank Hazard's attendance, and 
it was great to see Genia Zenke. My 
daughter Iris (9) had a blast rocking out 
with the Chairmen of the Board. 1 spent a 
fabulous 4th of July weekend with Steph 
Stitt and her family at our weekend place 
in Woodstock (the Hippie/Counterculture 
answer to Colonial Williamsburg). The 
holiday visit has become a bit of a 
tradition, one which 1 look fonward to on 
those lucky years when we are able to 
coordinate it." 

New Class Co-President, Brendy 
Reiter Hantzes, writes "I had a terrific 
time at Reunion and loved seeing 
everyone. A big thanks to Allison, Carrie 
and Kearsley for all that you guys have 
done for our class." Brendy's son Will 
(1 8) graduated from high school in 
June and is off to WVU. Harrison (20) is 
a sophomore at Radford U. and Molly 
(1 5) is living in a residential care facility 
for kids with profound disabilities in VA 
Beach. "Nick and 1 are now empty 
nesters and the good news for everyone 
is that I will have plenty of time to work 
on the slide show for the next reunion." 

Co-President Mary Kate Ferguson 
"Had a wondertui time at Reunion and am 
very happy to be working with Claire and 
Brendy as class officers. I moved from 
West Palm Beach to Baltimore recently 
to be closer to family and (Sweet Briar) 
friends. Doing some bookkeeping for my 
father's company and opened a small 
antiques business. Hangin' out a lot with 
Claire, Kearsley Brendy, Eve, Mara. ..hope 
to add some more classmates to the list." 

Sarah Bennett Blankenship 
hopes that everyone had a good time at 
Reunion. She was traveling in Scotland 
and could not attend. 

Boo Major Duncan lives in SO and 
is coaching the USC Equestrian team. 
"Our team won the Hunt Seat National 
Title at the Varsity Equestrian National 

Championships this year and were 
second overall." Boo loves being involved 
in college athletics and horses. Son, Mac 
(6), will be starting 1=' grade. She often 
has lunch with Lisa Kean '80 who is 
doing well as a stockbroker in Columbia. 

Sophie Crysler Hart has been 
with Colonial Williamsburg for 1 2 years 
and made a career move from public 
relations to development as the director 
of corporate and foundation relations 
in the summer of '05. She continues to 
teach a Government class in Chinese 
and Japanese politics at W&M. Husband, 
Rick, and she are working on a small 
remodeling job in their house. Sophie 
added "Hope Keating. Alex Willson 
and I had a great road trip to Reunion in 
May, and it was really wonderful seeing 
all our classmates who returned for the 
25'" A big thank you to Allison Roberts 
and her cohorts for making it such a 
special weekend for all of us, and to my 
neighbors in Manson — you know who 
you are — for lending me hair dryers 
throughout the weekend," 

Mary Hedley Sipe Gunther and 
husband, Bill, live in Richmond, VA. 
Hedley writes "I'm busy with work (I 
have a Medical Education Consulting 
Company), Garden Club, DAR, and 
family — lovely daughter, Edie (11), and 
grown stepsons Christopher and Justin. 
1 see Holly Silsand Ulrich often, and 
keep up with Wendi Wood McAfee and 
Whitley Greene. 

Anne Grosvenor Evrard and 
Walter celebrated their 25th Wedding 
Anniversary (the weekend of Reunion) in 
Biarritz, where they have built a summer 
house. Anne writes "My oldest daughter, 
Anne-Marie, just graduated from the 
French business school, H.E.C, She 
majored in Art and Culture, so hopes 
to combine business and the world of 
art. My 2"" daughter, Helene, is already 
working as a bilingual assistant for 
another French university, Constance, 
daughter # 3. has finished her 1^ year 
in college majoring in psychology. Louis, 
Clotilde, and Bertrand, are all studying in 
high schools in Versailles, where we live." 
Anne has been teaching English to 9th 
and 10th graders in a private girl's 
school near Paris. She is finding it a 
challenge, and a pleasure, to try to create 
a positive image of American culture and 
lifestyle in a country that has become 
more and more negative about America 
in general. Husband, Walter, wori<s for a 
German printing company, specializing 
in direct mail and Anne accompanies 
him on trips to Bavaria, where his firm is 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine • 

Foil 2006 • 55 

K. Ellen Hagan writes "I didn't get to 
Reunion, because tliat was our last day 
of school. I am the guidance counselor at 
Banks Co. Elementary School in Homer, 
GA. I am president of the Pilot Club of 
Commerce, president of Delta Kappa 
Gamma and am active in my church in 
Commerce. I work with the youth of our 
church. Enjoy going to the beach at 
Fripp Island, SC which is near Hilton 

Allison Roberts Greene and 
Carson live in Barrington Hills, IL with 
their 3 children. She writes, "Meredith 
(7) had her kindergarten program and is 
excited to be a big 1 st grader in the fall 
'06. Meredith and I took a fun mother/ 
daughter trip to Vail with Carson's side 
of the family. This summer Mackenzie 
(1 1 ) attended Camp WeHaKee in Wl. She 
enjoyed her 2 weeks with the girls. The 
rest of the family enjoyed their visit to 
the cabin In Hayward, Wl located close 
to Lake Superior. Andrew and Meredith 
tried everyday to catch a "Big Musky". 
The trophy fish continues to be safe from 
our group. Andrew (9) loves pulling the 
little fish out of the Lake. Carson was 
busy being fishing guide, captain, driver, 
and pilot of our summer adventures. 
He did some Life Line Pilot Flights as 
well on his Cessna Caravan. In between 
family adventures, I continue to work on 
an equine assisted therapy program and 
facility. The WALK ON program should 
open late fall to clients." 

Allison, Carson and Mackenzie 
attended Reunion and Allison writes: 
"What a wonderful time! I would like 
to thank everyone who helped make 
it a success. . . especially the Reunion 
Committee. Thank you! Thank you! 
Congratulations to our new officers!!! 
After 25 years, I am happy to pass the 

As for me, I am living in Annapolis, 
MD with my husband, John, and our 
daughters Mary (12) and Elizabeth (9). 
John is a consultant in Aviation Security 
and traveling a great deal. Mary has just 
finished 6th grade, loves acting, and 
writing. Elizabeth will be in the 4th grade 
and also likes theater and has a head for 
math. I am still a "Mom Shop" working at 
my home-based graphic design business 
and have recently designed a few books 
for a museum InNC. 

Reunion was a lot of fun and a great 
chance to re-connect with classmates. 
As the class celebrating their 25'" 
Reunion, we got up on stage and sang 
an SBC version of "Give Me Just a Little 
More Time" (written by May Carter Barger, 
Brendy, Mary Kate and Allison) and we 

were pretty good. Thanks to the Reunion 
Co-chairs, Nancy Webb Corkery and 
Allison, who worked with their committee, 
including Nan Dabbs Loftin, Jane Terry 
K. Ellen Hagan, Carol Hayes Hunley, 
and Headley Sipe Gunther to plan the 
weekend. Thanks to our class, everyone 
was treated on Saturday night to a 
performance by "The Chairmen of the 
Board" and the dance floor was 
filled the whole time! Thank you Kearsley 
for making a souvenir CD filled with 
beach music. We listened to it the whole 
way home to Annapolis. Brendy made 
an awesome DVD slide show filled with 
many fun and memorable pictures. 
A very BIG thank you goes to 
Allison for serving so well as our 
class president for 25 years. Allison 
worked hard to make this Reunion 
(and past reunions) fun for everyone. 
Now you can relax at the 30"" Reunion! 
Congratulations to Brendy and Mary 
Kate for stepping up to serve as Co- 
Presidents. Thanks to Kearsley and Carrie 
for your hard work as Class Secretaries, 
the class scrapbooks were wonderful. 
I will be calling you for advice! Looking 
fon/vard to hearing from classmates by 
Nov. 1 St! Good-bye for now. 




Ethel Burwell Dowling 
906 Wedgewood Rd 
Statesville.NC 28677-3118 

'?\&<^^^t^-^ 2C07: ?/[a^- IS-a.0. 3.007 


Melissa Byrne Partington 
14441 Chepstow Rd 
Midlothian, VA 23113 

Cynthia Pike Gayiord 
33 Edgehill Ave 
Chatham, NJ 07928 

Janet Lewis Shepherd: We are living 
in Ponte Vedra, FL now and enjoying 
the beach life. Robert is 13; Grade 9; 
William 7; Anna 5. Jon's company is 
based in Boston, so he travels quite a bit. 
We still have our 2 cats and 4 cock-a- 
poo dogs, but the 2 oldest dogs are 1 7 
and probably enjoying their last year I 
stay busy w/ the kids and volunteer work 
in my "spare" time! I chaired a family 
fundraiser for the Jacksonville Zoo this 
spring. I ran the Disney 1/2 marathon 
and the Jacksonville marine core 1/2 
marathon. I am signed up to do the 
Disney full and 1/2 (to earn the Goofy 
medal) for '07, but have to train this 
time! I am also looking into a part-time 
job for the fall (as my youngest will be in 
Kindergarten!) being a district manager 
for a new line of clothing for Carlisile. 
My kids loved receiving The Wrinkled 
Egg packages from Viriginia Speigner's 
company while they were at camp in NC. 
I enjoy seeing SBC alumnae here. Look 
us up if you're in the area! 


Cecily Venable Schuiz Banks 
201 Carroll Ave 
Newport, Rl 02840-4390 


Charade Marquitta Boiling Estes 
245 Spyglass Ln 
Stafford, VA 22556-3659 


Jean Graceanne Lewis 
3641 Elderberry PI 
Fairfax, VA 22033 

Elizabeth Wiley Stoebner 
3900 Pete's Path 
Austin, TX 78731 

^^M^ii. 2007: '??la^ fS-20, 3,007 

Kelly lacobelli 

4764 Outlook Way NE 

Marietta, GA 30066 

Laura Ferrazzano is still in DC selling 
real estate and loving it! She is a partner 
with the very successful real estate team 
of Edward & Stewart. They changed 
brokerages a few months ago and are 
now affiliated with Coldwell Banker in 
their Four Seasons/Georgetown office. 
It was fun to discover that one of her 
new colleagues is SBC alum, Judy Mak 
49! She runs into Chrissy Tellalian 
every once in a while at the hot spots 
around town which is always a pleasure. 
Real estate keeps her very busy but she 
managed to find some time to travel to 
Provincetown, MA last Labor Day and 
Vieques, PR over Christmas. She plans 
to spend many more vacations in both 
places! Her partner of 7 years, Kirsten, is 
changing careers from practicing law to 
studying acupuncture. She's just starting 
a clinic and will be ready for patients by 
next year! Laura is an aunt with 2 nieces, 
Grace (4) and Faith (1), in Aiken, SC. She 
sees them as often as she can. Grace 
just started playing soccer so Aunt Laura 
will be visiting her a lot more to ensure 
she's ready for the US National Team 
in no time! Don't worry Crispen, she's 
learning lacrosse and hockey too! Laura 
invites classmates to look her up when 
visiting DC! 

In Oct. 05 Heidi Metzger Potter 
started working part-time for Junior 
Achievement in York, PA with a wonderful 
program for 5th and 6th graders called 
Exchange City. She is enjoying the 
summer with the kids Andrew (1 3) and 
Collin (9) and is looking forward to going 
back to JA in the fall. In addition, she 
does some substitute teaching when 
she can fit it in. Her husband, Kevin, left 
his family business last Nov. to partner 
with a new starf up company called 
Lifestyle Foods which is a grab-and-go 
salad concept. Things have been going 
well and he has been extremely busy. As 
many of you can relate, the boys keep 
her hopping and the schedule is packed 
with their sports and school activities. 
Both Andrew and Collin are wrapping up 
their travel baseball seasons, with football 
and hockey right around the corner. Collin 
joined a Jr golf league this year and is 
having a great time. 

Jennifer Bach Rosen has made 
a lot of progress on their house in 
New Orieans — they've completed 

56 • Fall 2006 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine • 

the remediation worl< from the fiood 
and finaily have the sheetrocl< and 
plasterworl< done. They have moved bacl< 
home and are currently living upstairs in 
the boys' bedrooms and using the rear 
house as a living space/l<itchenette until 
they finish up with the floors and painters, 
hopefully sometime over the next month 
or so. The big excitement was when they 
got grass a few weeks ago. Jennifer said 
"Who would have thought that something 
as simple as green grass could make us 
smile! Although this has been a really 
rough 1 months for New Orleans, 
Rob and I really are doing fine and feel 
grateful as we watch our city grow 
stronger day by day. Fingers (and toes) 
are crossed for an uneventful hurricane 
season." Jennifer accepted a position 
as Oir of Admissions at Isidore Newman 
School. Although she will be moving from 
part-time to full-time, she will still be at 
the same school as her boys Matthew 
(9) and Will (6) and she looks forward to 
both the challenges and rewards of her 
new role. 

Stacey Sickels Meckel reports 
that her sons Kent (1 0) and Leland 
(7) are introducing her to the passion 
Anne Arundel County has for lacrosse. 
In addition, both boys sing in the All 
Children's Chorus of Annapolis. Her 
Mom (you may remember they bought 
her home in Round Bay and are all living 
together) is an invaluable help with the 
boys. She is thrilled to say that, after a 6 
month search, she has been offered the 
Dir. of Development/Executive Dir. of the 
Foundation for Anne Arundel Community 
College. The College is just a few miles 
from home. She will NOT miss the 45 
minute commute, but is grateful for all 
she learned at St. Timothy's School. 
Her husband, David, has added some 
international projects to his work so he is 
gone a couple times a year (Indonesia). 
They swing dance for fun (and in 
competition) and now Kent has taken up 
lindy hop. Her synchronized figure skating 
team, on which she coaches and skates. 
Ice Force One, had a "silver season" 
finishing 2"" in the nation. 

Stacey had the pleasure of 
meeting up with Leslie Corrado in 
San Francisco last month. They had a 
great time together and they went to a 
housewarming party tor a W&L grad. 
she knew at SBC. Leslie divides her 
time happily between San Francisco 
and Rehoboth Beach, DE with her 
extraordinary photography business. 
Families and couples from all over the 
country seek her out for her portraits. 
Stacey got to meet her boyfriend, David, 

who adores her — and thought he was 

Heather Wltherspoon Buerger and 

Stacey attended a local Baltimore Sweet 
Briar event. Stacey reports — "WOW 
would it make you proud to hear what 
SBC is doing today The president is so 
impressive and there is so much good 
news. Our diplomas are worth more 
now than they perhaps were when we 
graduated." Heather's daughters are 
figure skaters and her son John Hay 
"Jack" is taking up hockey Heather and 
her husband, Kevin "K.B." have a place in 
NY now and those of you who remember 
Heather as a lover of art and successful 
Art History student will be delighted to 
know she is actively practicing art law. 
Stacey worked a Sweet Briar College 
Fair a few months ago. She reports that 
"It was amazing. I ran out of brochures 
and was really (happily) surprised to see 
how many parents and students were 
interested in Sweet Briar. I learned from 
one excited father that we have one of 
the 1 " engineering degrees at a women's 
college! Hilary Holbrooke just completed 
her freshman year at Sweet Briar. Hilary 
was the daughter of Stacey's work 
colleague and she suggested she look at 
SBC. She absolutely LOVES IT! 

Stephanie Wilt Smirnov is still 
living right outside NYC in Leonia, NJ with 
her husband. Max, and son, Terry (3 ¥2). 
Her work is going better than ever — she 
was recently promoted to Executive VP 
overseeing the Beauty and Healthcare 
divisions at DeVries Public Relations, 
a mid-sized communications agency 
in Manhattan. Now that the weather is 
finally better here in the Northeast, she 
has been spending lots of time with her 
husband on gardening and landscaping 
projects — she recently considered 
planting some boxwood hedges, the 
scent of which to this day reminds her of 
SBC! She invites anyone coming through 
the NYC area to visit her and would love 
to hear from people: ssmirnov@devries- . 

Brenda Payne has been busy at the 
Nelson County Dept. of Social Services 
as a Social Worker. She can not believe 
she has been at this job for 1 7 years. Her 
family is doing well. Her daughter, Kristy, 
has moved back to Lynchburg and her 
son, John, is in CA with his wife Susan 
and dog. Ruby. She and her husband, 
John, still live in Amherst Co. 

Chrlssy Tellallan reports that 
everything is great with her world. She 
is still Sony's lobbyist in DC and lives in 
Georgetown. Her exciting news is that 
she recently purchased a vacation home 

in beautiful Kiawah Island, SC. Let her 
know if there are any SBCers down there. 
She'd love to get together with them. 
She is going to take a quick trip to Great 
Exuma in the Bahamas, and planning 
on trying to hit Greece in Aug. Recently, 
she ran into Heather Gregory Skeens' 
dad, former astronaut Fred Gregory, at 
a charity event for the Smithsonian. He 
put them back in touch, which is great. 
She also has heard from Allison Flint 
Nicholson. She is married to a fabulous 
guy and her daughter, Annie, is just 
beautiful. She is also in touch with Paige 
Shiller Okun, who lives this glamorous 
life in Singapore, where her husband has 
been running the UPS office. They had 
a great little trip to the Air and Space 
Museum with her 2 adorable sons when 
they were here in DC. 

Susan Detweller enjoys hearing 
from SBC friends, as usual. She and her 
partner returned directly from Antarctica 
this time instead of traveling, so that 
they could ski in the Tetons in WY, her 
home base. The rest of the spring she 
visited family and friends, did a lot of 
yoga, and caught up on life. She's about 
to begin her 4th season guiding climbers 
in the Tetons. Recently she made it 
back to the MD-VA area when she gave 
a presentation on Antarctica for the 
National Conservation Training Center. 
This was her 1 =' time back to the area 
in 16 years and she enjoyed seeing that 
landscape again. Susan remains under 
the magic spell of Antarctica, so in Sept., 
she'll head south for her 4th season 
working as a Field Instructor 

Denise Landau Blind can't believe 
she's 40! Her husband threw her a 
surprise party, and it was great to have 
Cameron Cox-Hirtz there! She ran her 
1 " 1 0K race. Last Aug., her gidfriend quit 
smoking, and so they started walking 
every day. They turned the walks into 
running 5 miles a day a few times a 
week. They finished the 6.2 mile race, in 
the 90 degree heat with big smiles! Her 
family is great, busy as usual. 

Kathryn Deriso-Schwartz met 
Katrina Evans Gatti when she was on 
Miami Beach for a lovely brunch. The 
kids are doing great. Kacki graduated 
from junior high and the twins, Burgen 
and Webb, graduated from elementary. 
Chandler will be in 2nd grade. Kathryn is 
still recovering from a bad car accident. 
She hopes to have her last surgery this 
summer and work on some medical 
problems so she can get back to being as 
active as she once was. Kathryn 
would like to plan a small reunion at 
her beach house sometime for anyone 

who Is Interested. Let her know at if you are interested in 
helping to organize something. 

I am enjoying my role on the Alumnae 
Board. I attended my 1=' board meeting 
in Apr. and I was so thrilled to see the 
College in the spring time again. I loved 
meeting the '06 graduates and learning 
where they are heading (grad school, 
exciting careers, adventures). My job 
is still keeping me busy. I am a senior 
marketing manager for EarthLink, and I 
am working on our new voice products. I 
call on Circuit City, OfficeMax and several 
other large accounts to develop programs 
to promote our products in store. I find 
the package design and advertising 
components to be the most fun. Our 
4-year-old daughter, Kathleen, is a real 
delight! We just had 1 2 of her friends 
over for a Dora the Explorer adventure for 
her birthday. We read maps and marched 
all over the house to make bracelets, 
dance and solve puzzles. I think I am 
still tired! I'd love to include more of our 
classmates in these updates — please 
send e-mail addresses to me at Kelly_ 


Emmy Sau Han Leung 
7102 Wynnewood Court 
Richmond, VA 23235-5619 


Jean Louise Spillane Benning 
1506 N Bethlehem Pike 
Lower Gwynedd, PA 19002 


Victoria Campo Byrd 

2800 NE 22nd St 

Fort Lauderdale, PL 33305-2804 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine • 

Foil 2006 • 57 


Kimberly Olmstead Calhoun 
545 Highbrook Dr 
Atlanta, GA 30342 

^t.«-i^(.^ SIOOT: i/ioM- 'iS-20, 3.0Q7 

Hello Friends! As always it was great to 
hear from so many of you. For those of 
you reading this, who did not get the 
e-mail asking for notes — SBC (or I) must 
have your wrong e-mail address. Also 
please remember that you can always 
send your latest news directly to the 
Alumnae Office and they will forward it 
to me. As for our news, Clay and I are 
doing well in Atlanta. We have lots of pink 
around here with Lily (6), Caroline (4), and 
Margaret (2). (Drama, drama, drama!) i 
am home schooling the girls and enjoying 
it. It has been wonderful for our famiiy 
Don't forget that our 1 5'" (yikes!) Reunion 
is May 1 8-20 2007— i hope that many of 
you will be able to make it! Until then take 
care! Here is the latest from our friends: 

Margaret McClellan Orlscoll writes 
that everything is great in Williamsburg. 
McRae and Parker enjoyed school this 
year and are having fun this summer. 
Sean is staying busy with work and she 
is staying busy with their schedules and 
various Boards. She was recently eiected 
to serve on the Vestry at Bruton Parish 
Church aiong with Isabel "Ware" Burch 
'60! Margaret has found a new hobby, 
rowing, and is enjoying being on the 
water and just won her 1=^' race! She is 
looking forward to seeing everyone at 
Reunion in '07! 

Cara Ardemagnl LaRoche's big 
news is that Francesca Lucia was born 
on Oct. 6. She is beautiful and full of joy, 
and they are thrilled and blessed to have 
her in their lives. They recently enjoyed 
seeing Trienel Ahearn Hickman and 
their beautiful daughter Lawson in 
Mar. The cherry blossoms in DC were 
gorgeous! She tells everyone to "Holler If 
you're in Pittsburgh!" 

Katherlne "Rin" Bradley-Black 
still ilves in Manassas, VA in an old log 
cabin on a lake. She and her partner just 
welcomed their 2"" child, a son, in Apr. 
Katherine works as an administrator for 
special education programs at the central 
office for the local school district. She 
claims that life is busy, but life is well! 

Amy Dickson Riddell writes, "Hey 
everyone! Greetings from LA! The past 
year has been a busy one for those of 
us down in New Orleans and the Gulf 
Coast. Thanks to everyone who called to 
check on us after the storm. (Especially 

Trisha Pollock Best and Leigh Matzdorf 
Chancier '91). We fared very well and 
our town is back up and functioning as 
normal. New Orleans is coming back 
slowly but surely and the Gulf Coast is 
fighting to get back on its feet as well. 
As I am writing this, we have just entered 
hurricane season (June 1) so we are 
all just praying this season shows us a 
little mercy. As for my family news, Tim 
still works as a Family Practice Doctor in 
Mandeville and loves what he does. He 
was one of the first few Doctors to return 
after the storm and helped get the clinic 
up and running tending to patients 3 days 
after Katrina hit. Lauren (1 0) is very much 
into dance. Emily (8) has developed a 
love of soccer and is really pretty good! 
Grace (5) likes to do anything that her 
big sisters do, so she takes dance AND 
plays soccer. As for me, I am still working 
as a preschool teacher and I don't think 
I will ever quit. The kids really are sweet! 
I swear I have the best job in the worid! 
i have aiso become a fuil-blown "PTA 
Mom" as I was elected PTA Co-President 
at the elementary school. It was a great 
opportunity to get more involved in the 
gids' school. In my free time (yeah right) 
I still play volleyball and soccer and will 
probably continue to do so until I can't 
walk anymore! If anyone is ever in the 
area, please look me up. I would love to 
get together." 

Diana Bradford Walsh and Nick 
welcomed twins on June 22"°, a son 
Carter Andrew and a iittle giri Tatum 
Ainsley. The twins are sure to have fun 
with their 2 older brothers, Spencer and 
Gordon! They are still enjoying life in NYC. 
Lori Saraniero writes that everybody is 
doing well. The kids just finished school 
and Madison is going to 6th grade and 
Mason to 2nd. She got to see Charlotte 
and Tree at her 35th Surprise B-day 
party this year and she had so much 
fun. She is getting sad that Tree will be 
moving this summer. Matt & Lon got their 
Scuba certification and are headed to 
Tahiti in Dec! They are counting down 
the days! Lori is still working for Merck 
selling cardiovascular products and 
loving the job. She was promoted this 
year to Senior Professional Rep. Nora 
Oney lives in DC and teaches 7th grade 
English in Fairfax County. She completed 
the National Board Certification this year. 
And she noted that she is "still gloriously 
single... :)" 

Holly Caswell King and her 
husband David are in Atlanta with their 
two children, Caswell (6) and CJ (3). I am 
lucky enough to call her a neighbor — 
right around the comer! 

Rabin "Cricket" Katalevsky and 

Kirill are all well in CO. They welcomed 
Jasper York in Apr. and big sister Pippin 
has welcomed him with open arms and 
has not asked them to return him (yet!) 
Cricket tells us that life with 2 kids and 
a dog is a fun ride! Book club with Ann 
Lindquist is going strong and she is 
excited to go to her wedding this July 
Cricket is able to visit with Trienel 
Ahearn Hickman when they are in town. 
She keeps in touch with Jennifer Gregg 
'91 who is riding her bicycle from Boston 
to NYC this spring for AIDS. 

Kathleen Davis Willis still enjoys 
time in Southern VT with her growing 
famiiy Their 3'" child and 2™ daughter, 
Carter Evelyn was born Nov. 19, '05. Mom 
and Dad barely made it to the hospital 
she arrived in less than 2 hours. Her older 
sister, Morgan (6) said that Carter wanted 
to be here before Thanksgiving. And, 
big brother Field (3) was pleased. They 
are taking full advantage of the Green 
Mountains with all family members skiing 
this past winter. 

Elizabeth Conyers is in the Roanoke 
area living in Eagle Rock, VA working 
as a Physician Assistant in Emergency 
Services in the Chest Pain Center. She 
is also doing some part-time work in 
Lexington, VA in the ER as a Physician 
Assistant. Elizabeth still rides and has a 
couple of horses. One Is in Atlanta hoping 
to find a new Equitation/Junior hunter 
home and the other one Is with her doing 
some jumper classes. She has been 
traveling around trail riding and showing 
and looks forward to doing more this 
summer. When she has free time, she 
volunteers with the Eagle Rock Rescue 
Squad as an EMT-Cardiac Tech. (go gid!) 

Harriet Farmer Hoffman just 
returned to CO after taking a year off in 
Rincon, Puerto Rico. They are totally in 
love with their 1" child, a daughter, Lucia 
Saussy born in Mayaguez, PR on Mar. 
21 , '06. They are back in Breckenridge 
now and hoping to take a break from the 
winter and snow and visit their home in 
Rincon. She invites everyone to come 

Kelly Arden Friedman and her 
husband still live in Atlanta. She still 
works full-time as a pharmaceutical 
sale's representative with Schering- 
Plough Corporation. She is involved in the 
Jr. League of Atlanta and volunteers with 
Children's Healthcare of Atlanta. They 
have a 20-month-old son. Carter and 
they hope to expand their family soon. 
Kelly keeps in touch with Lisa Newman 
Francisco, Pam Shea and Erinne 
Guthrie Zohlman 

Margaret Gibson was married 
on July 8th to Alan Evereft. Catherine 
Gornto Freeman, Leise Scheppe 
Hammer, Elizabeth Roane and 
Marilyn Adams were all bridesmaids. 

Amy Peck Driscoll and Paul are 
now the proud parents of Matthew (3) 
and Constance (1 6 months). They keep 
her on her toes! She enjoys the prospect 
of having a 3"" generation of her family 
attend SBC! (Amy's mom is class of 
'61). They are getting ready to move 
to another house in Virginia Beach and 
are overwhelmed with how much stuff 
can accumulate In a small, 3 bedroom 
house. She is still at home with Matt and 
Consie. Amy keeps in close touch with 
Jaimie Del Monte Galbreath who lives 
in McLean. Jaimie's oldest daughter, 
Katherine, is Amy's Goddaughter and is 
always such a big help with Matt and 

Julie Brideweser Wingard Is 
expecting their 4'* child in the middle of 
Dec. Her other children are keeping her 
busy (4, 2.5 and 15 months). Julie still 
works in the Pediatric Intensive Care unit 
and loves it. 

Kimberly McGraw Euston and 
Greg relocated their family to Marietta, 
GA in July. Alex and Christopher are in 
Kindergarten and Katherine is almost 3. 
Kimberley has left Wall Street and now 
works as an executive recruiter and 
consultant with ExecuZen. They are sad 
to leave NY especially Chistopher, since 
Kate Haw is his Godmother. 

Angela Hickman lives in Kansas 
City, MO and started a new job last 
Dec. working for Bank of America. Her 
daughter Kristina is about to turn 14 and 
she also has a cute 2-yr-old cat named 
Rex. Life is good and they are looking 
forward to summer. She hopes to go on 
a real vacation and she also hopes that 
everyone is doing great and enjoying a 
happy blessed life. 

Lisa Newman Francisco is still 
enjoying being in touch with her Sweet 
Briar friends and most recently visited 
with Stephanie Edens Van Horn and 
precious new baby boy! Lisa loves being 
in business for herself; the silk wraps she 
designs are sold in boutiques and resorts 
across the States. 

Jennifer Toomey Driscoll and 
Charies are still enjoying Hagerstown, 
MD with Kate (8), Betsy (5) and Charlie 
(3). Jen stays busy with the kids and 
volunteering for local charities. Looking 
fonward to a lazy summer — no school, 
ballet, piano, soccer or lacrosse — 
whatever will she do with herself? 
Enjoyed visiting with Diana Bradford 

58 • Fall 2006 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine • 

Walsh in NYC. Family get-togethers are 
always fun with Margaret McClellan 

Driscoll at her side. Lool^ing forward to 
a kid-filled vacation with her sister Cathy 
Toomey Gregorie '84 in Isle of Palms, SO 
this summer 

Alex Hanson Huebner and her 
husband John live in Alexandria, VA. They 
are looking for a house in nearby Falls 
Church. She is the finance manager for 
Grant Thornton's Global Public Sector 
—loving her job! Since having her 2"" 
round of back surgery in Sept., she has 
fully recovered and has resumed "duties" 
as captain of the volleyball team. She 
is also working on her 20th high school 
reunion — as a member of the reunion 
committee, she has been researching 
the whereabouts of her lost classmates. 
Have found most of them; she hopes the 
reunion will be a success! Other than 
all that, she is just enjoying time with 
her husband and friends. John was just 
named Executive Chef at Purple Onion 
Catering Co. 

Jennifer McCallum Fulton has 
moved again to Aledo, TX. They are in the 
process of building a full-scale equestrian 
facility. Jennifer raises llamas and goats, 
as well. She still has a whole herd of 
adopted greyhounds, but no human 
children. She continues to work as a 
supervising Pharmacy Technician in a 
mail order pharmacy; however, she hopes 
to be able to stay home on the farm full- 
time before the year is over. 

Ginger Marks Collier reports that 
all is well with her and her husband in 
Memphis. Their daughters Stuart (6) 
and Dabney (4) attend Hutchison School 
and are active with soccer, gymnastics, 
choir, dance and art. Their baby girl 
Claiborne turned 2 in Apr. and spends 
her time with Ginger taking her sisters to 
activities! They are constantly working 
on their house and have started the 3"*, 
and last, construction project. Life is 
hectic but fun! They are looking forward to 
relaxing at the lake and pool this summer. 

Charlotte Bonini has settled into 
DC and loves it! She recently started a 
new position with the National Trust and 
Historic Preservation. She feels like she 
couldn't be a better fit for It. She will be 
working on the educational sessions for 
the national conference. This year they 
will go to Pittsburgh and she hopes to 
visit with Cara Ardemagnl LaRoche. 
She also got to see Trienel Ahearn 
Hickman, Meg Moss Guegan and Lori 

Stacey Simpson works in the 
Animal Health industry tor a Diagnostics 
company and loves it. She actively 

competes and has 2 event horses. She 
saw Joan Clickner Dabney '91 and her 
family when they came out to see them at 
an event in Culpeper. Stacey sees Tracey 
Loftus Keller '92 every now and again for 
a catch-up meal. She would love to stay 
in touch with more of the SBC friends. 
You can e-mail her at staceysimpson® 


Michelle Constable 
335 Radnor Chester Rd 
Villanova, PA 19085 


Mary-Linda "Molly" Morris 
6452 Cranston Way 
Dublin, Ohio 43017 

Lee McEachern Collins writes that in 
'04, after 6 years in the work force, she 
became a stay-at-home mom to twins 
Elizabeth Lee ("Lilly") and Robert Carl, Jr 
("Bobby"). She and Bob are enjoying their 
latest home improvement project, finished 
in Aug. She stays in touch by phone with 
Patricia Geets Hathaway and Laura 
Greene Sllsbee, and visited with Cakki 
Latimore Namarato '96 at a Christmas 
party last Dec. 

Robyn Barto Knauss and her 
husband, Peter welcomed baby girl 
Madeline Axelle on Mar. 24, '06. 

Katie Blaik James has closed 
her law office and is now the Dir of 
Development for the Oklahoma School of 
Science and Mathematics. 

Lesley Byers Bush is having a great 
time in Denver, CO with her husband 
Jeff and son Bradford (4) and daughter 
Madison (2). She still serves as President 
of the Sweet Briar Colorado Club and 
enjoys working closely with the College 
and getting together with fellow alumnae. 
She often sees Sarah Young Bass '95 and 
Kelly Schmitt Molique. 

Courtney O'Dea Plaisted wrote that 
her daughter Abigail Elizabeth was born 
on 7/8/06. She thanks her wonderful 
husband (and a fantastic epidural). Her 
twin boys are very excited about baby 

Liz Gilgan announced that after 
1 2 years of dating, she and Dave 
Bianco got married! On 5/6/06, she and 
Dave tied the knot in Ipswich, MA on a 
historic estate — very appropriate for a 

couple that met on an archeological dig! 
The engagement was memorable — a 
message in a bottle — and occurred 
while Lia De Simone Colbert and her 
daughters were visiting. Lia also did a 
reading at the wedding — a letter Liz's 
grandfather wrote to her grandmother 
70 yrs ago. There were many members 
of the class of '94 at her wedding. The 
couple continued their adventure on their 
honeymoon in the South Pacific. Liz has 
returned to SBC to give a guest lecture 
to Professors Chang and Rainville's 
Anthropology classes. 

Betsy Lanard Sullivan is teaching 
in Philadelphia and teaches for Alvernia 
College in the summer. Her daughter 
Mariey (1 7 mos.) is wonderful. She's 
growing so fast! 

I hope everyone is enjoying their 
summer and fall — please continue to 
send your class notes to me anytime via 
the e-mail address listed above! 


Holly Miller Mallos 
14 Barrow Court 
Towson.MD 21204 

Sounds like it's been a busy summer 
for everyone! Again, please contact 
me if you're not getting my class note 
requests and deadlines. Speaking of 
which, Lucy de Oliveira Bosworth — 
where are you? Please let us know 
how you, Claude, and the little ones 
are doing! 

Speaking of little ones. . .Lyssa 
Vaught and her partner, Michelle, 
are enjoying being V time parents. 
Their son. Jack Wyatt Smith, was born 
6/1 9/06. Maggie and Miller, their 2 
dogs, are adjusting well to Jack in their 
Keswick, VA home. They've had tons of 
support and help from Leslie Toro and 
Polly Crawford '93. 

KImberly Roda Moorehead, 
husband Tim (W&L), and daughter 
Georgia (3), welcomed Claire Rosalie 
on 5/24/06. KImberly says she's a 
sweet baby and very easy going. I've 
seen her. . .she is absolutely gorgeous! 
Dark complexion and dark hair just like 
her mamn! 

Lucile Page Martin, husband Roy. 
and son Carter (2 in 8/06), welcomed 
Mary Wingfield on 6/16/06. Lucile says 
Mary looks like Carter, but has dark 
hair like the milkman. Lucile seems 
amazingly calm and says Carter has 
not tried to beat up the baby yet. 

Meredith Williams Melmed 

and husband, Lynden, had Caroline 
on 3/28/06. She weighed 8 pounds. 
Meredith says they're doing well in DC, 
and getting used to sleepless nights. 
Meredith is off for 6 months, and will 
return to work this fall. 

Carson Scheppe Hobby had 
better get used to those sleepless 
nights again. . .she and husband, Scott, 
are expecting their 2"^ child around 
Christmas. She, Scott, and daughter, 
Mackie, are trying to get some R&R in 
before the baby arrives, and took off 
for a week in Harbor Island with family 
in eariy summer. She said Maren 
Howard Leggett came to visit her in 
Jacksonville over Maren's spring 
break. And Carson also went to DC this 
winter with Mackie to see Meredith, 
Maren, and Eileen Yates Von 

Holly Elkins Marshall has 
had a busy few years since we've 
heard from her. . .no wonder. . . she's 
received an MBA, gotten mamed, 
and had a baby! Holly received her 
MBA from Johns Hopkins in 5/02. 
She married her husband, Stephen 
Marshall, on 4/05/03 at the Wren 
Chapel at William and Mary. Katie 
Maxwell Schellhammer Anna 
Reilly and Heather Aspinwall 
were all bridesmaids. Catherine Orr 
NIhem. Sarah Young Bass and NIkkl 
Stewart Fowler attended. She and 
Stephen had a baby girl. Madison Rose 
Marshall, on 3/30/06! Holly currently 
lives in Ashburn, VA and vyorks as 
a Marketing Manager for Rydex 
Invesments in Rockville. MD. 

Bergen Hall Daley reports "My 
family and I are doing very well here 
in Beverly, MA. Currently, my full-time 
position is that of stay-at-home mother 
to our son, Michael Scott Jr., (8/5/03), 
but I do sub in as a relief counselor at 
a local home for traumatized children 
that specializes in art therapy. I love my 
role as a mother, but I also volunteer 
in our community thrift shop to keep 
a connection with the world outside 
of playgroups and swim classes! My 
husband works for Looniis Sayles & Co. 
in Boston and we really look forward to 
our summer weekends together, often 
spent enjoying the sunshine with family 
and friends in Boothbay Harbor. ME 
and the White Mountains in NH." This 
summer she plans to attend the SBC 
picnic (New England chapter) at Green 
Meadows Farm in Hamilton, and hopes 
to see Joanne Holbrook Patton '52 and 
more Sweet Briar alumnae! 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine • 

Fall 2006 • 59 

Bergen and Gwen Hickey 

Babcock were also bridesmaids in 
Beverley Stone Dale's wedding to 
Jeff Dale in Richmond on 4/29/06. 
Beverly said she loved celebrating her 
big event with Gwen and Bergen. And 
both Bergen and Gwen raved about 
how gorgeous Beverley looked. Rumor 
has it Bergen's son Scott, and Gwen's 
daughter, Kaeden, took quite a likin' to 
one another and danced the night way 

Not sure how much dancing Gwen 
did. . . as in Jan. she had her 2nd back 
surgery. She said her recovery was 
much harder this time, especially with 
an active, almost 4-year-old underfoot. 
In Apr, Gwen was also asked to serve 
on the Alumnae Association Board as 
Co-Chair of Young Alumnae Giving. 
Gwen says, "I just can't stop asking 
you guys for money and I love it!" Gwen 
looks forward to July I'^'when she 
takes a trip to CA to visit family, and 
also starts a new part-time job with her 
church as a Youth Director. 

Paige Tomberlln Jobe still works 
at Nationwide Insurance and loves it. 
Her husband is a stay-at-home dad. 
They have 2 wonderful boys, Jonathan 
(born 2/8/05), and Thomas (born 
1/17/06). Paige lives in Gainesville, GA, 
and is enjoying her 1" house, which 
they bought in 08/05. 

Sarah Clifford Weaver sells her 
paintings and pottery in home craft 
shows twice a year in Dec. and May 
while painting children's rooms on the 
side. She enjoys raising her 2 boys 
RJ (6), who just finished kindergarten 
and Tyler, (4), who begins preschool in 
the fall. 

Margaret Bruha is now 
working for NeoPharm Inc., based 
in Lake Forest, IL. NeoPharm is a 
biopharmaceutical company dedicated 
to the research, development and 
commercialization of new and 
innovative cancer drugs for therapeutic 

Andie Knost Thomas reports life 
in Durham, NC has been busy! She 
and her husband recently celebrated 
their 4th anniversary, and have been 
busy landscaping and painting their 
home. Andie is the VP of Programs for 
Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Triangle, 
which she says is a very exciting 
position. Her agency has experienced 
tremendous growth and success, and 
is on track for reaching their goal of 
servicing 1 ,1 00 children by the end of 
'06. She keeps in touch with Jennifer 
Smith '96 and Yoland Lynn Davis 
Saunders '96. She hopes to have 

Jennifer, Yoland, and Reneca Rose- 
Atkinson '97 down for a giri's night 
before the end of the summer. 
Dr. Kelly "Pepper" A. Coggshall 

spent this last year teaching Chemistry 
and Biochemistry at Piedmont Virginia 
Community College in Chariottesville — 
and loved it! Her husband took a job 
with the US Patent and Trademark 
Agency They also bought their 1^' 
home in Burke, VA! Their Australian 
Shepherd (Sunbear) is doing great 
and enjoying their new fenced-in yard. 
Sunbear will start running competition 
level classes again soon! Pepper asks 
anyone in the DC area to drop her an 
e-mail at: 

Jill Goolsby Baumhover writes, 
"Brian and I are moving back to the 
States from Japan in early fall. Brian 
is getting out of the Navy and we're 
looking forward to starting a new 
chapter. Not sure exactly where we'll 
settle, but it looks like Fort Worth, TX is 
a real possibility. Our daughter Aubrey 
is doing well. She's 7-months-old and 
isverybusy..andsoam I." 

Christy Patten Hundertpfund 
and husband, Jan, bought a house 
near Greenwich, London which they 
are slowly renovating. Christy still 
works at SweatyBetty, a women's 
active-wear shop, doing training, HR, 
etc. She's also started a new job with 
Eurostar. She says she's excited to be 
going home this summer to see family 
at Lake Powell. If you're in London, 
look Christy up — she says she and Jan 
love visitors! 

Katie Maxwell Schellhammer 
and her husband Scott celebrated 
their son William's 1=' birthday and 
son Maxwell's 3rd birthday To 
keep one foot in the professional 
worid, this summer Katie organized 
the community's July 4'" festival 
and parade for 900 residents for 
the Brambleton, VA Homeowners 
Association. She keeps in touch with 
Holly Elkins, Heather Aspinwall, 
Christy Patten, Kelly Hall, Kathy 
Whitby, and Anna Reilly. 

Jennifer Wissman Rosenkranz 
and husband, David, live in Franklin, TN 
with son, Joel (6), and Sophia (3). Jen 
is home schooling both kids, and she 
and Joel just finished kindergarten. She 
also works with David, building custom 
homes and remodeling. 

Tory McClintock Wade works 
at the Chamber of Commerce in 
Farmville, VA, and was just appointed 
to the Board of the Hampden-Sydney 
Music Festival, and to the Classics, 

Philosophy & Religion Advisory Board 
for SBC. She still teaches cotillion — 
etiquette and ballroom dance to 6th 
and 7th graders — which she says 
is an awesome experience. Her son, 
Benjamin, will be 10 on 6/30/06 
and is going into the 5th grade. Her 
husband, Rob, is medical director 
of the community health center in 
Chadotte Court House. Tory went to the 
'96 Reunion and saw Jen Beck Locke 
'96, Hunter and Thomas. She also 
met her husband's good friend. Penny 
Tadler '91 . 

Kara Dickey Moore is still 
with UBS heading up their Cultural 
sponsorships and events and went to 
Switzeriand in 06/06 for Art Basel... 
a huge contemporary art fair. Kara 
got together with Gretchen Vida, 
Liz Dunck Hayes and Catherine 
Orr Nihem in FL in 05/06 for a girl's 

Yana Wagg Gardephe, 
husband Chris, son Charles Wesley 
born 5/11 /02 and baby daughter 
Madeleine Grace born 10/21/05 live 
in NYC (Park Slope, Brooklyn to be 
more precise). Sweet Briar Art History 
and JYF program have had a great 
influence; Yana's son is in a French 
immersion preschool and she brings 
him to Sotheby's Contemporary Art 
exhibitions where Yana worked before 
he was born. Yana is a stay-at-home- 
mom and in her quieter moments (ha! 
if there are any) loves to paint and do 
copperplate calligraphy addressing 
wedding invitations for friends, like 
Christy Holterman Zeigler '01 . Yana is 
President of the Sweet Briar Club of 
New York City, serves on the Board of 
Friends of Art, and is a member of a 
book club with Diana Bradford Walsh 
'92. She enjoys seeing Kate Haw '92 at 
St. Bartholomew's. 

Kelly Hall is back off to England 
this summer to do manuscript 
research, and to Paris for a bit of fun. 
She saw Karen Giorgetti Boruchi in 
late spring and got to see her adorable 
new twin boys (3 1/2 mos). 

Jessica John Ponce says things 
are going great in Vero Beach, FL, but 
she's gearing up for another hurricane 
season. Jessica has 3 children, Treatt 
(4), Gabrielle (2) and John (1). She has 
2 successful home-based businesses: 
one with Creative Memories 
Scrapbooking, and the other with 
Usborne Children's books. She and 
husband, Steve, just celebrated their 
5th anniversary in 01/06, and Steve is 
getting ready to celebrate 1 years as 

Youth Pastor of their church at the end 
of '06! Jessica says she is so excited 
about what God is doing among the 
youth in her community, loves being 
home with her kids, and is thrilled to 
start her home schooling journey this 
fall with Treatt. 

As for me, I'm enjoying life in 
Baltimore with husband Paul (W&L 
'93), and son Walker (2). Never a more 
active child will you meet. I hope to 
visit Lucile Page Martin and her 
new munchkin in Atlanta soon (but will 
unfortunately miss Carter's 2" birthday 
bash with special guest, Nick Lachey). 
I'm also trying to convince Cathy 
Cummings to make a trip to lovely 
Baltimore this summer to take in an 
O's game and a bushel of crabs. 

Also, since Cathy would never 
write or brag about this (I will), she 
was recently promoted to SVP in 
Bank of America's Media Group, 
which is huge. . .as is her most recent 
accomplishment. . .As many of you 
may remember, Cathy suffered a biking 
accident back in the fall of '05, when 
she was hit by a car while training 
for an Ironman. I cannot begin to tell 
you how lucky she was, and also how 
strong and stubborn this woman is. 
Despite all of us kicking and screaming 
for her to slow down and to wait 
until she was completely healed to 
begin training for another Ironman, 
Cathy trained, competed and easily 
completed an Ironman this June.... 
only 1 months after her accident. Her 
dedication moved me, among many 
others, and proved to me that with hard 
work, dedication and desire we can all 
do just about anything. 

Finally and unfortunately, Mary Byrd 
Schroeder Braun passed away on July 
4, '06. She leaves behind her husband, 
John Braun, and her 2-year-old son, 
Andrew "Drew." Mary Byrd was greatly 
loved and admired by all in the Sweet 
Briar community — not just the class of 
'95. She will be remembered as a true 
class leader, a dedicated teammate, and 
a loving friend that touched so many 
lives. She will be missed. There is an 
on-line obituary and guest book available 
on-line for one year (perhaps more) for 
you to sign at http://www.legacycom/ 
uestbook&PersonlD=1 8375682 

Take good care friends, Holly 

60 • Fall 2006 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine • 


Mrs. Amy Daugherty Michel 
8185 E. Smooth Sumac Lane 
Tucson, AZ 85710 

It's hard to believe that 1 years have 
passed since we left Sweet Briar, but 
what a wonderful Reunion we had! 30 
women were in attendance, many with 
their husbands and children. For those 
of you who couldn't make it, you were 
missed, but I hope to see you at our 1 5'"! 

Paige Vaught Campion writes 
that she saw Jill Trzupek Pala and 
Mary Copeland Dellinger in Nov. for 
Amy Daugherty Michels wedding in 
Tucson. It was a wonderful weekend! In 
Mar., Paige and her daughter Ellie Grace, 
who turned 2 in Apr., traveled to Sweet 
Briar and stayed at the Inn for the night. 
"What a magical place Sweet Briar still 
is for me!" says Paige. She returned to 
Sweet Briar for our 1 0-year Reunion over 
Memorial Day weekend, and says how 
wonderful it was to see all her old friends, 
live the dorm life again, and walk around 
campus remembering good old times 
from 10 years ago! 

Marie Bandy Wall was unable to 
attend Reunion, as she was due to give 
biith to her 2"" daughter on July 3rd! 
Eldest daughter Sophie is almost 2. In 
Aug., Marie and her husband (both are 
dentists) moved their family to Heidelberg, 
Germany for 3 years, for his final tour as 
an Army orfhodontist. 

Julie Hildebrand is currently 
keeping the SBC spirit alive in Northern 
VA by being part of the steering 
committee for the local chapter of the 
SBC Alumnae Club, along with Imogen 
Slade and Katrina Balding Bills '97. She 
is enjoying life working in the accounting 
profession, playing with the horses and 
laughing with her boyfriend, Brett, who 
attended Reunion with her. 

Beth Ike has lots of happy 
news to share! Beth married Jules 
latum 10/07/06 in Greenwood, VA, 
In attendance were Leigh Mason, 
Susie Gross Leroy, Ashley Harper 
Matthews, Alex Davis, Anna Welton 
Martin and Margaret Brodie Williams 
'97, Beth and Jules continue to make 
their home in Charlottesville, where Beth 
works for the Boys & Girls Club and loves 
it! Beth tells me that Leigh wed her beau 
Greg Kelly 7/29/06 in Charlottesville, 
where they also continue to live. Leigh 
teaches at the Chariottesville Waldorf 
School and Greg is an artist. Alex, too, 
had a wedding celebration, marrying Clay 

McGeorge 10/21/06 in their hometown of 
Little Rock, AR. Susie is a nurse at Martha 
Jefferson Hospital in Chariottesville, and 
Ashley recently graduated from Bastyr U. 
in Seattle with a doctorate in Naturopathic 
Medicine. Anna and her husband Wes 
reside in Chariotte, NC. 

Jessica Gindlesperger Hubbell 
lives in Atlanta with her husband Brian 
and son Jackson (2). Rachel Briers 
Bell, her husband Ed, and their sons 
Chariie (3) and Jack (1) flew from their 
home in Ft, Myers, FL to Chariotte, NC 
where they met up with Jessica's family 
for a great road trip to Sweet Briar for 
Reunion. Jessica says how much she 
enjoyed seeing everyone, and tells me 
that both Rachael Boyd Belmonte 
and Amelia Dudman Atwill had 
planned to attend but had to cancel due 
to "under the weather" children. Jessica 
hoped to see Rachael over the summer 
when she traveled to Atlanta. She also 
keeps in touch with JoAnna Reynolds 
Mathena, who lives in a WV ski town and 
is working on opening a coffee/dessert 
shop, and Claire Myers, who still loves 
living in TX. 

Annie Pankoski Sherman and 
her husband Peter are living in Tiburon, 
CA where they welcomed their son, 
Maximilian Joseph Sherman 3/10/06! 
Annie says she was sorry to miss 
Reunion, but things are good with her 

Robyn Peckol Filimaua and her 
husband Ami have 2 chiidren, Kyieene 
(almost 2) and Jourdin who was born in 
Mar. She has just completed her Master's 
degree in Education, and continues to 
teach Fitness & Health to K-8"' graders, 
while also officiating volleyball for the 
Pro Beach Volleyball Tour. Robyn also 
coaches both a high school team and her 
Volleyball Club, the Northshore Juniors. 
Although their lifestyle is very busy, Robyn 
says the children go everywhere with 
them. Robyn stays in contact with Angle 
Conklin Abell, who attended Reunion 
and filled her in on the fun weekend. 
Angle continues to live and sell real 
estate on Chincoteague, where she lives 
with her husband Barry and their children 
Taulman and Hope. 

Robin Bettger Fishburne and her 
husband Joe are living in Greenville, 
SC, where they welcomed a beautiful 
daughter Addison Gibbs 3/1 0/05! Sarah 
Betz Bucciero '97 is her wonderful 
godmother. Robin is still with Ryland 
Homes as a Sales Counselor, and Joe 
is an Art Director for TTI Technologies in 
Anderson. Robin was sad to have missed 
Reunion, but says if anyone Is ever in 

town to please call her or e-mail at robin. 

Leah Jorgensen continues to 
love living in and exploring OR and 
the Northwest. She is still working 
for Earth Vineyards and has had the 
distinguished honor to serve as a 
founding Board member for the Dundee 
Hills Winegrowers Association. Leah plays 
lacrosse on a Portland women's club 
team, hits the golf course regularly, and 
snowshoes during the winter months. 
She just published her first collection of 
poetry. Basking, and hopes to finish her 
first novel. The Vale ofEnna. over the 
summer of '06. She sees Vinca Swanson 
'94 every now and again up in Seattle. 

Catharine King Laufer enjoyed 
being at Reunion and catching up 
with everyone. It was fun to see all the 
husbands and children there enjoying 
SBC! She and Jordan celebrated their 1 - 
year anniversary in DC July 4th. She saw 
Jesse Durham Strauss while there and 
was thrilled to learn in person that she 
and husband Oron are expecting their 1st 
baby in Dec! 

Sarah Chatfee Paris, husband Jon, 
and daughter Isabella (2/13/03) loved 
seeing all the girls and their families 
at Reunion! The Paris famiiy is living in 
Boston, MA where they will stay at least 1 
more year, as Jon was promoted to COO 
of the MA Sports Comm. Sarah loves 
being home with Bella, where she also 
does some freelance proofreading and 
works on her own writing. In Aug., Sarah 
traveled to NYC to hear a reading by J.K. 

Sarah Dennis Roberts writes that 
she, Hayden and Jackson (3) took 2 fun 
trips this summer, first to CO and another 
to Branson, MO, which was a hoot! 
Jackson will begin preschool in the fall, 
and Hayden continues to work at the U. of 
Phoenix while pursuing his Ph.D. at the U. 
of OK. Sarah is still thrilled to be working 
for Inasmuch Foundation, and says that 
living back in Oklahoma City near family 
and old friends has been a dream come 

Katie Campbell Brumley and her 
husband Rob are living in Richmond, VA 
with their daughter Grayson, who turned 
2 on 6/29/06. Katie resigned from the 
National Trust for Historic Preservation 
right after Grayson arrived, and has been 
a stay-at-home mom ever since. She 
sees Wynn Cole Burr and her children 
and Buff Barkley Ramsey on a fairly 
regular basis, and also sees Lee Foley 
Dolan and Jesse Durham Strauss 
as often as possible (Jesse is Grayson's 
godmother). Katie and Rob had a ball at 

Reunion, and can't wait for the next one! 

Kelly Collins Lear writes that she 
and her family enjoyed a busy summer! 
They took a 2-week vacation to SC, 
where daughter Evelyn (2 next Apr.) and 
the dogs loved the water Her husband, 
Aaron completed his residency in Family 
Practice, and starts a Sports Medicine 
Fellowship this fall at the Cleveland Clinic. 
They are happy to be staying in Cleveland 
for at least another year, where Kelly is 
tutoring while staying home with Evelyn. 

Jill Trzupek Pala writes that her 
youngest son, Carter James, was 2 in 
Sept. and older son Harrison James 
will be 4 in Dec. — time flies! She and 
husband Jim have been taking the boys 
on trips around the state and country. 
Last Feb. they went to Indianapolis to an 
indoor water park and the Indianapolis 
Children's Museum, and in Apr., she 
took Harrison on his first plane trip to 
CA, which he loved! Jill has joined a 
MOMS Club, which is an international 
club for stay-at-home moms, where she 
was recently elected Vice President of 
Membership for the Northwest IN area. 
It has been a great opportunity to meet 
other stay-at-home moms, and to take 
the boys on outings with new friends to 
play with, as well as the weekly group 
activities they attend. In May, Jill flew 
to Raleigh to stay with Paige Vaught 
Campion before traveling to Sweet Briar 
for our 10-year Reunion. Jill says she had 
a great time, and that it was terrific to see 
all of you again! She thanks everyone for 
electing her Class President for the next 
5 years and can't wait to see everyone 
in 2011! 

April Collins Potterfield is currently 
in her 3'" year of a tenure-track assistant 
professorship and is Dir of the Allied 
Health Science program at Westminster 
College in MO. She started a Gross 
Anatomy program this year, which was 
highly successful as she was invited to 
speak about it at both a regional and 
national scientific meeting. Great fun, but 
tiring! Luckily, her position gives her the 
advantage of spending summers with 
son Benjamin (2 M) and husband Russell 
(when he's not busy with work himself). 
The Potterfield family was blessed to 
see many SBC giris this year, and to 
take many trips together. Benjamin has 
become quite the world traveler, with his 
trips for '06 including Napa Valley, Belize, 
Key West. Oriando, DC. the Outer Banks, 
and 3 weeks in Italy — not to mention his 
1" trip to SBC for Reunion! 

Jennifer "G" Smith writes that 
she is going into her 4'" year as DIr.of 
Guidance and School Counseling at a 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine • 

Fall 2006 • 61 

Richmond, VA high school. She enjoys 
her job immensely and is wori<ing hard 
to recruit students to SBC! Although 
Jennifer was unable to attend Reunion, 
she recently had an opportunity to visit 
campus on a college counselor tour She 
tells me that SBC Admissions and the 
president did a great job promoting the 
many opportunities Sweet Briar has to 
offer, and that the other counselors from 
across the country, were very impressed. 
Jennifer continues to enjoy her time in 
Richmond, and often talks to Yolanda 
Davis Saunders, Reneca Rose Atkinson 
'97, Kate Hail Lombard! '97 and Andie 
Thomas Young '95. In family news, 
Jennifer says that her mom Carrie, who 
we remember from our days at the old 
Bistro, is retired from Sweet Briar after 
40 years, and is enjoying a much needed 
and much deserved rest — lite is great! 

As for me, Amy Daugherty Michel, 
this year has been amazing! i married 
Sam Michel 11/13/05, in a beautiful 
garden ceremony at a Victorian mansion 
here in Tucson. Paige Vauglit Campion 
was a bridesmaid, and Mary Copeland 
Dellinger (who I was so glad to see 
again at Reunion) and Jill Trzupek 
Pala were also in attendance. In Jan., 
we adopted Rogue, a black lab/German 
shepherd mix puppy with blue-green 
eyes, who keeps us quite busy I saw Jill 
in CA in Apr., for my sister Jaime's baby 
shower (my niece Graysen Olivia was 
born 6/1 8/06, a wonderful Father's Day 
present!), and then again in May when 
she and I flew to NC and stayed with 
Paige before we all traveled together to 
Sweet Briar for Reunion, i had a great 
time catching up with old friends from 
our class, and my weekend was made 
even more memorable by spending time 
with Betty Sales, my dear friend and 
co-worker from the Bistro, who retired 2 
years ago, and Carson Warrick, another 
dear friend who has been taking care of 
Sweet Briar giris in the dining hall for 40 
years! It was such a wonderful weekend! 
In Aug., Sam and I traveled east (his 
first trip), where we spent a weekend 
in Wake Forest, NC with Paige and her 
whole family before heading to DC to be 
tourists. We even made it to Sweet Briar, 
so Sam finally has a visual for all these 
places he's heard me talk about. It was 
a wonderful year and I look forward to 
what the next will bring to each of us. I 
wish all of you the best, and look fonward 
to hearing from you often over the next 5 
years! Take care, and keep in touch! 


Kerri Ann Rawlings Burtner 
601 N Rosina Ave 
Somerset, PA 15501-1327 

^^\§ufM,^a,d07: 7?iau, fS-SO, 3,007 


Cynthia Bumgardner Puckett 
183 Country Mill Lane 
Stockbridge, GA 30281 

Reunion is 1 .5 years away; put it on your 
calendar! We are eager for everyone to 
attend, and it is great to hear from so 
many of you. Keep in touch! If you aren't 
already on the e-mail list for our class, 
contact to 
be included, and Dawn Everett Grobe 
has put together a fantastic map at www. 
frapprcom/sbcl 998 to track us ail. Drop 
by and sign in and include a picture if 
able: 36 classmates and counting! 

Cady Thomas is working in the 
corporate practice group at Kilpatrick 
Stockton LLP in Raleigh, NC and loves 
it. She has completed work on her 
house and swears her puppy Oscar is 
the most precious dog you have ever 
seen. She keeps in touch with Susan 
Barney, Serena Putegnat, Bronwyn 
Beard, Katie Martin, Angela Elliott 
Merrick, Emily Busse, Lindsay Gulp, 
and Elizabeth Davis Baker '00. She and 
Lindsay have spent good times together 
in Atlanta since Cady's work has sent her 
there often. 

Serena is living in her hometown 
of Brownsville, TX and working as in- 
house legal counsel for the U. of TX at 
Brownsville. She keeps in touch with 
many classmates including Lucinda 
Polley Howe '97, who has a little girl 
named Anne. Angela and husband Justin 
(H-SC '97) have been living in Mobile, 
AL for a few years now. She has a little 
girl named Virginia, and Angela is still 
teaching school. Tiffiney Whitmire 
Graham hears from Serena and Cady 
too, and she keeps in touch with Molly 
Cameron Dreux '97, Cakki Latimore 
Namoratto '96, and Julia ingelido Kellner 
'97. Tiffiney is still practicing real estate 
and enjoys spending time with her son 

Gretchen Gravley Tucker passes on 
that things are going well in SBC Land. "I 
enjoyed seeing many classmates and SB 
friends while the Advisory Councils met 
at SBC in Mar. I want to encourage all my 

classmates to come visit for Homecoming! 
We will have an amazing campaign 
celebration as you know and many fun 
activities for folks to reconnect with the 
College and current students. I look 
forward to a mini-reunion at that time!" 

Alison Burnett '97 enjoys home- 
ownership in Springfield, IL where 
she works as a lobbyist for doctors, in 
addition to some great birthday travels, 
she participated in July's RAGBRAl [The 
Des Moines Register's annual bike ride 
across lA). 

Cyndi Hague Hineline and husband 
Shawn are excitedly anticipating their 
1 St baby in early Oct. They are still in 
Fremont, OH where Shawn teaches 
school. Cyndi has officially become 
a homemaker after there were some 
problems in her early pregnancy. She 
loves being at home full-time. She is still 
involved with the teens at the community 
theatre where they performed Footloose 
this summer She keeps in touch with 
Heather Thomas Armbruster and 
Kelli Rogowski '99. Emily Virkus Calle 
changed careers, too! After 8 years as 
a Software Engineer for MITRE, she 
switched to teaching and competing in 
ballroom dance full-time. 

Pam Fine Auble finished coaching 
her 3rd season of Girls on tiie Run and 
started working for the AIDS Marathon 
Training Program on Sundays. She ran 
marathon #5 in Jan. and participated 
in Goofy's Race-and-a-half Challenge 
in Disney Worid (1/2 marathon on Sat 
and full marathon on Sun). She and 
husband Brent adopted 2 Great Pyrenees 
former show dogs in Feb. And Pam 
was promoted to Lead LAN (Microsoft) 
Engineer at NeuStar, which indicates 
higher-level work, plus an acquisition of 
another company that Includes extensive 
travel to complete the integration. She 
talks with Emily and Kelli Rogowski '99 

Kelly Bowman Greenwood 
graduated in May from UC Berkeley with 
a certificate in Landscape Architecture. 
Next stop is the landscape contractor's 
exam and license, then the landscape 
architecture exam and license. She is 
happily married and working hard. (www. 

Dana Bordvick Poleski is 
developing her 34-acre farm in Monroe, 
VA into a riding center. "Got quite a ways 
to go, but it is neat to see it take shape! 
My horse is 4 now and doing well under 
saddle. I'm looking forward to taking her 
to some dressage shows and hunter 
trials next year and exploring some mtn. 
trails with my other "horsey" friends. 

My husband Mark is doing well and his 
business has been very busy. Lots of our 
friends are having babies, which is fun! I 
recently accepted a new position as Dir. 
of Marketing and Communications at 
United Way of Central Virginia and love it!" 
She keeps in touch with Kelly Greenwood 
'99 and Misty Donathan ("both of 
whom I don't talk to nearly enough as 
I should! But 1 love those ladies!") She 
hopes to see everyone at Reunion in '08! 

Anna Meres Wade graduated 
with a M.S. in Family Studies: Marriage 
and Family Therapy in Sept. '05 and 
worked at a NH community mental health 
agency as a youth and family therapist, 
specifically with children (3-18) and 
their families. She recently moved to 
Fayetteville, AR where her husband 
Patrick and is now in law school at the U. 
of AR. They are closer to Patrick's family 
in Memphis. "I love new adventures and 
experiences so these next few years are 
going to be a real treat." Brigette Laib 
moved west to Houston, TX where her 
job with Drew Marine Safety relocated. 
And Susan Aronhalt relocated to 
Charlottesville to work at the UVA hospital 
as a social worker. 

TC Weiseman Kennedy loves 
her work at SunTrust Bank as a Vice 
President in Product Management. She 
and husband Burke took their son Loki 
to the DC area and spent time with 
Janine Paris Schofieid '96, Erin Wortley 
Valliere, and Joanne Hopkins. As she 
mentioned, it's "so weird when your kids 
meet and play together." They also caught 
up with Gretchen at SBC. Joanne 
went to Majorca with some friends for 
"spring training" in Mar The scenery 
was spectacular They hiked all over the 
island with a group of British and Scottish 
cyclists they met the 1 =' day and went 
swimming in the Mediterranean. In June, 
she participated in the MS ride, biking 
from Richmond to Williamsburg and back 
to raise money to find a cure. 

Rush Harris is finishing her Master's 
degree in Wildlife Ecology at Utah St. U. 
She lives "quietly at home in the desert 
with 3 dogs, 4 cats and my boyfriend 
Jory" She finished 3'^ place in her 1st 
NORBA women's downhill mtn. bike race 
at Crested Butte, CO (Jory took 6'" in the 
men's). And she has been in touch with 
Carolyn Leddy and hopes to attend 
the SBC wedding of Sarah Elkins '99 in 
July and Kate Rinehart's OR wedding 
in Sept. 

Valerie Walston still lives In Santa 
Barbara and recently participated in 
the 70-mile "LIVESTRONG" bike ride to 
benefit the Lance Armstrong Foundation. 

62 • Fall 2006 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine • 

She trained since IVlar., and the ride went 
all over the OC and up a 4,200' peak to 
the Saddleback IVItns, She can't wait to 
do it next year! Marnie Tokaruk Bates s 
baby Connor is keeping her busy. She 
lives and works in Richmond, volunteering 
with the Junior League, and looks forward 
to attending Dareile's wedding in Nov. 

Mary Ann Gheen Bennett is at 
home taking care of Liam (3) and Cora 
(15-mos). She visited her sister Becca 
'03 out in Seattle, WA this year for a 
week without the children! (Yea, Tim!) 
Liam starts preschool this fall, and 
Tim was honored as the VA Single A 
Track and Field Coach of the year! She 
keeps in touch with Susan Aronhalt 
and Nichi Benson Knox as well as 
seeing Gretchen at the Amherst Junior 
Woman's Club. 

Melissa Coffey is in her 7th year 
working in the Alumnae Office at SBC and 
hears from alumnae from all classes on a 
daily basis! She recently saw Christina 
Cotter in La Carreta and reports that 
Christina is still teaching and looked 
great! Melissa enjoyed her trip to Maui 
with Jennifer Anderson and Rhonda 
Tyree to celebrate the arrival of their 
30th birthdays and is looking forward to 
a family vacation in Mazatlan, Mexico in 
Aug and a girls' getaway in Sept. She still 
serves as the Treasurer of the Humane 
Society of Amherst County and hopes that 
you will adopt a shelter pet (petfinder 

Jennifer Toler Ober (married; abroad 
to Germany for 3 semesters; returned to 
graduate with us) has moved between 
the States and Germany twice and is 
now working for an IT Systems Integrator 
called Unilog Avinci as Consultant for 
Document Management Systems. Her 
husband, a freelance Composer and 
Music Teacher and she celebrated their 
10th anniversary this year 

BABY NEWS; Our class welcomes 
Caleb Barton 8/24/05 to Tiffiney 
Whitmire Graham and Bart; Cody 
Alexander 4/19/06 to Lesya Shroades 
Yeatman and Ken; Beckett Ford 5/4/06 
to Jayme Calabrese Pomroy; Jackson 
Hawke 5/21/06 to Suzy O'Loughlin 
Noyes and Jason; and Robert David 
6/9/06 to Nichi Benson Knox and 

Hague Hineline, Gretchen Gravley 
Tucker, and TC Weiseman Kennedy. 

CLASS OFFICERS; If you want to be 
involved as a class officer or a volunteer 
for the Annual Fund and Reunion Giving 
committees, contact Cynthia for more 


Lindsay Neef 
15012 Ashby Way E 
Carrollton.VA 23314-2825 

In May '06, Kristine Bria became 
engaged to Andrew C. Brown of Norwalk, 
CT They got engaged in Chicago; Kristine 
then relocated back to CT and began 
a new position at Silver Hill Hospital in 
New Canaan, CT as the Case Manager 
on the acute care unit. Kristine's wedding 
is planned for Mar 30, '07, and the 
planning is hectic but going well. Sarah 
Dean and Julie Harju are bridesmaids. 
Her future husband is in construction as 
well as real estate, and just purchased 
Kristine a new Landrover which she 
loves. The transition from Chicago to 
CT has been challenging, but she is 
enjoying a new city. . .Manhattan that is 
very close to where Kristine and Andrew 
live. By the end of the summer, Kristine 
will be eligible to take her LCSW exam 
to become a Licensed Clinical Social 
Worker Kristine will continue at Silver Hill 
and start preparations to go into private 


Margaret Elizabeth Davis Baker 
1008 S Walnut Dr 
Smithfleld, NC 27577 


Amanda Wright 
19304 Anna Kate Court 
Pflugerville, TX 78660 

It was great seeing so many people at 
Reunion over Memorial Day weekend! 
Everyone who attended had a great 
time catching up with friends in air- 
conditioned Reid! It seems that while 
we were at Reunion with each other we 
missed out on some other big news from 
our classmates. If I am still missing news 
from you, please send any e-mail and 
address changes, along with the latest 
happenings in your life to my e-mail at 
sbcclassnotes2001 © 

After having spent 10 months living 
in Yokosuka, Japan, Cristina Paolicchi 
has now begun a course of study at 
the U. of MD, College Park to acquire a 
Master's degree of Professional Studies 

in Leadership and Ethical Development; 
after which she will spend 2 years 
teaching and mentoring students at 
the United States Naval Academy in 
Annapolis, MD. 

Christine Rangel is still in NYC. 
She recently accepted the position of 
Marketing Dir. at Felissimo Universal 
Corporation of America, and is active 
in the NY Alumnae Club of NYC. She 
recently visited Megan Beley in Naples, 
FL, Chanel Smith in Miami, FL, and also 
has seen Kim Martin '02, Meghan Pollard 
'99, and All Buffham '04 in NY She went 
back to SBC in May to watch her sister 
Jane '06, graduate. Meghan Frier was 
there for her sister's ceremony too. She 
and Kim Martin are looking forward to 
being bridesmaids in Megan Beley's 
wedding in Quepos, Costa Rica, in Aug. 

Mariana Souza works as an 
attorney in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Last 
Apr she made a trip to Seville, Spain, 
and got to see Rocio Guerrero, who 
was an exchange student at SBC. Rocio 
works with the SBC Year Abroad program, 
and got married 2 years ago. Mariana 
also reports that she got an invitation to 
attend Leslie Farinas' '98 Sept. wedding 
in Spain. 

Nia Fonow is sharing a Northern VA 
home with her long time boyfriend, noted 
artist and sculptor Matthew Ravenstahl 
and his 2 sons Maris (1 2) and Seth (8). 
She hosted Ariana Wolynec-Werner on 
her most recent trip to the Washington 
Area and is looking forward to hosting 
Kim Schmidt-Miscavage and her 
husband Brian over the summer 

Elizabeth Finch became engaged to 
her fiance, Corbitt Wright, on Christmas 
night. Corbitt is a '94 graduate of JMU. 
An Oct. wedding is planned. Cameron 
Theodores Neuhauser '00 will be a 
bridesmaid and many SBC friends will be 
in attendance. 

Congratulations and Best Wishes to 
everyone on a very eventful year already! 


Arney Elizabeth Walker 
1310 Princess St 
Alexandria, VA 22314-2212 

awvcoi^ c^UU/ : 


Kimberly Dawn Martin 
2411 SW 35th PI Apt 233 
Gainesville, FL 32608-3263 

Grace Anna Farnsworth 

PO Box 73 

Sweet Briar, VA 24595 


Amanda Jane Watts 
4223 S 12th Rd Apt 1 
Arlington, VA 22204-3762 


Victoria Alexandra Chappell 

350 S Country Rd 

No 102 

Palm Beach, FL 33480 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine • 

Foil 2006 • 63 


. Mm%' 

Below is a select list of events for the upcoming year, piease review the 
online caiendar at for ALL upcoming events. 
(Note dates are subject to change). 

November 1 -December 10: Sweet Briar Galleries: Wolfgang Jasper, 
paintings and drawings 

November-December 3: Sweet Briar Galleries: "Anonymous 
America" — foll<; art and quilts 

November 2-4: Sweet Briar College Board of Directors' meetings 

November 2-December 14: Sweet Briar Galleries: "Beyond Katrina... 
Healing Through Poetry and Art. Sponsored by the Arts Council of Central 
Louisiana, Arts & Healthcare Initiative 

November 5: Fall Equitrlai Horse Show Competition 

November 13-14: SBC Real Life Visit: Admissions Open House 

November 14: Babcock Season: Koresh Dance Company 
Renowned for their powerful stage presence and high-energy style, 
Philadelphia's Koresh Dance Company has been hailed as an extraordinary 
and vital force in the national dance scene. 

November 30: Sweet Briar Chamber Orchestra Concert 

,».«L December 2-3: Fail Open Horse Show Competition 

January 18-February 25: Sweet Briar Galleries: Eleanor Dlcl<enson, 

Lprintmaking, and Holly Wilmeth, photographs 
January 25-April 8: Sweet Briar Galleries; Sweet Briar College Art 
Faculty Show 
January 30: Babcock Season: L.A. Theatre Works, Susan Albert 
|»Loewenberg Producing Director, presents "Private Lives" by Noel Coward. 
j|rhe foremost radio theatre company in the United States performs one of 
^*Coward's most Insightful and witty comedies. 

■■February 8-10: Sweet Briar College Board of Directors' meetings 

February 9: Women's History Lecture/Jamestown 2007: "A Perfect 
Union: Dolly Madison and the Creation of the American Nation" by 
Catherine Aligor 

February 10: IHSA Horse Show Competition 

^^February 15-17: Spring Theatre Performance: "Endgame" 

{■^'February 17: Winter Horse Show Competition 

'March 1: Women's History Lecture/Jamestown 2007: "Martha Jefferson 
1^ Randolph: Virginian" by Cynthia Kierner 

March 24: Sphng Horse Show Competition 
M March 25-26: Annual Meetings of the Advisory Councils 
f' 'March 31: Spring Equltrial Horse Show Competition 

April 1-2: Sweet Briar Bound: Admissions Accepted Applicants' Weekend 
SApril 13-14: Spring Dance Concert 

April 13: Sweet Future Ahead: Sophomore/Junior Admissions Open House 

April 14: 80th Annual Horse Show Competition 

OiC eV€4nyt6y 

April 15-16: Sweet Briar Bound: Admissions Accepted Applicants' 

April 26: Women's History Lecture/Jamestown 2007: "Gendered Strife and 
Disunion: A New Look at the Origins of the Civil War" by Elizabeth Varon 

April 26: Sweet Briar Choir's Spring Concert 

April 26-28: Sweet Briar College Board of Directors and Alumnae 
Association Board meetings 

May 12: Commencement 

May 18-20: Sweet Briar Galleries: Selections from the Sweet Briar 
College Collection 

May 18-20: Alumnae Reunion 

Bateman '08, for whom academic 
pursuit is important, but secondary to 
knowing the Lord. IVIay it ever be so 
for her! and 1 would like to think it was 
true for others at SBC too. Perhaps yoi 
would pass on my good wishes for her 
future. Thanks, 
— ^Jemfe/'Erickson Smith 74 

Super Presentation Of Our 
Students And What Sweet Briar 
Means To Them 

I have just spent the most wonderful 
hour and a half reading reading 
reading the latest magazine [Sphng/ 
Summer 06] and our class notes. The 
magazine is outstanding — what a 
super presentation of our students and 
what Sweet Bhar means to them. And 
the class notes! Incredible job, Carol 
Fowler, and such fun to read!! 
— Nannette McBumey Crowdus '57 

Those Student Bios Are 

Congratulations on the latest issue 
of the Alumnae Magazine [Spring/ 
Summer '06]. I read it cover-to-cover 
in one sitting when it arrived this week 
Those student bios are something. ; 
WlUat a mixture of sophistication and 
naivete. Impressive and touching. The ' 
college shows up very well. 

Well, the Class of '57 notes are 
certainly something. All that energy 
is going to produce the Best 50th 
Reunion of all times! Have a wonderful 
time, '57! 

And again, thanks for a very 
meaningful issue. 
— Paf Brown Boyer'49 


(Boxwood Alumnae House, 

Box E, Sweet Briar, VA 24595) 

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or Telephone! (434-381-6131) 

IVIy Heart Was Warmed 

I believe this is my first ever 
communication with the alumnae 
magazine. I usually find something 
interesting in your well-produced 
publication and I am always amazed 
at the fantastic achievements of some 
alumnae. However my heart was 
warmed when 1 read about Natalie 

64 • Fall 2006 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine " 




L-R: Susan Snodgrass Wynne, Rhonda Griffin Durham, 
Katherine Upcburch Takvorian, Virginia Upchurch Collier. 

Decked out as Flower Children of the '70s at 1972's 2Sth 
Reunion in 1997. 

"It's a privilege to give. 
There is a sense oj 
responsibility. Somebody 
else gave so that we could 
have the experience we 
did at Sweet Briar I value 
women's education — my 
mother and her great- 
aunt did as well — and 
it's important that we 
contribute so that others 
can follow that same path." 

^ Our alumnae say that 
@ friendships mode at Sweet 
^ Briar span a lifetime. The 
^ story of these two families, 
3 however, spans generations. 
Margaret Potts Williams 
was one of Sweet Briar's 
earliest graduates, back 
when the College was still 
an "academy." Later in 
life she helped raise her 
great-niece, Eleanor Lee 
Potts Snodgrass. Eleanor 
"followed" her great-aunt to 
Sweet Briar, having heard 
stories about the school for 
so many years. 

Eleanor — or "Pottsie" as 
she was better known — graduated from Sweet Briar 
in 1948. Pottsie was great friends with Ann Samford 
Upchurch, who was in her some class. Sports were 
an important part of their lives, and the two young 
women particularly enjoyed athletics together. 

Another generation comes into the story with 
Pottsie's daughters, Susan Snodgrass Wynne '72 
and Julia Snodgrass Walker '83, who are Sweet 
Briar graduates as well. Early in their college years, 
Susan became close friends with Ann Upchurch's 
twin daughters. Ginger Upchurch Collier and 
Kothy Upchurch Takvorian (Class of '72). Ginger 
and Kathy were part of Susan's wedding, and 
the women still keep in close touch. To these two 
families, like so many others, life at the College is an 
inheritance passed down through generations. 

"My mother and sister and I were attracted by 
the quality and the personal nature of the education 
that the College could provide," explains Kathy 
Takvorian, "as well as the physical beauty of 
the campus. We were definitely swayed by our 
mother's love of Sweet Briar and hod heard about 
it throughout our childhoods. After visits to other 
schools, the choice was an easy one. We both 
applied to Sweet Briar." 

Since graduation, Susan, Kothy and Ginger 
have been ver/ active and supportive alumnae, all 
three having served ot different times on the Board 
of Directors. All hove given generous gifts to the 
College, with particular focus on the fitness and 
athletics facilities. 

Ginger, who currently chairs Sweet Briar's Board 
of Directors, is vice chair, director of education, 
and chief of the general internal medicine section at 
Christiana Care Health System in Delaware. Kathy, 
associate chief of the department of rheumatology 
and associate professor at UMoss Memorial Health 
Care, explains why their gifts and the bequest from 
their mother focused on the new fitness and athletics 
center. "Clearly physical fitness enhances health and 
personal well-being and lowers the risk of disease 
— not just for men, who have long pursued athletics, 
but for women as well. Educational institutions have 
a responsibility to provide the means by which this 
goal con be pursued. A modern fitness and athletic 
facility is tangible indication that Sweet Briar 
endorses the importance of physical health and is 
committed to providing quality facilities not only 
for students engaging in competitive sports, but for 
every member of the community. Furthermore, a 
modern athletic facility is important as we seek to 
attract bright young women to Sweet Briar, since 
many have already established a pattern of regular 
participation in sports." 

For these women, providing for Sweet Briar's 
future in memory of their mothers, and for Susan in 
her great-aunt's memory as well, is like taking core 
of another member of the family — in on especially 
meaningful way, they hove given not only their 
own commitment but their mothers' commitment to a 
lifelong enjoyment of athletics. 

"It's a privilege to give," says Susan Wynne, 
who participates at a leadership level v\'ith many 
philanthropic organizations in the Virginia Beach 
area and has an extensive giving history with 
Sweet Briar, both financially and through her work 
on a number of committees. "There is a sense of 
responsibility. Somebody else gave so that we could 
hove the experience we did at Sweet Briar. I value 
women's education — my mother and her great-cunt 
did as well — and it's important that we contribute so 
that others can follow that same path." 

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